I"m exhausted of hooking up my coiled hose to the lavatory come water my balcony plants. I never use the shower head in the guest bath and also I would certainly love come hook my hose approximately the shower head arm. I can just leave it attached every the time.

I"ve tried to find such one adapter/coupler. Does anyone know of together a device?

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I to be scanning about it looks prefer a "standard" shower neck is 1/2". Hoses tend to come as 1/2", 3/4", or 5/8" size and you deserve to often uncover faucet adapters packaged v a myriad the sizes and also thread configurations in ~ a regional hardware store. I ended up acquiring adapters as soon as I purchase a Pur filter cartridge for my kitchen sink and also that had adapters through it the let me use either the cartridge or my water tap on the sink. Make certain to measure the inside diameter of the shower neck and the hose connector come make certain of what they are so you can acquire the best combo.


We offered up on trying to uncover something that would attach to our bathtub faucet, and just this particular day hooked it as much as the toilet sink. Over there is a kitchen/bath architecture place top top Lincoln close to Irving Park the may have stuff, but my husband referred to as them and also they didn"t think castle could aid us. I have the right to ask him the name if you"re interested.

I will be act what you"re tired of - reattaching every time i water. And also then snaking the hose down to the reduced balcony to carry out that one. And then pulling it ago up again and detaching! however it"s gonna be better than hand-carrying, because that sure!


Thanks to both that you. Ns asked at home Depot"s plumbing department and I to be standing ideal in front of it. It"s a 1/2" to 3/4" adapter. I was walk to perform the SKU, yet I lost the bag. Make sure the "gender" is ideal on the fittings. I hooked it up easily (you"ll need to acquire Teflon tape and washers when you"re there). I love it. It provides my watering time much easier. Not only do ns not need to tie up the vanity faucet, the height of the shower arm helps store the water tap from banging ~ above the floor and annoying my below neighbors. The fitting is unpolished brass, for this reason it"s not as well attractive.

I found a rapid connect an equipment that girlfriend could include to the over fitting that would let you switch from the water tap to a shower head head instantly. Http://www.plumbersurplus.com/Prod/Alsons-750-Adaptor-Chrome/10135/Cat/868 Unfortunately, you"ll should buy two. This adapter appears to be for moving a shower head from bathtub to tub, instead of changing what is attached come one specific shower arm. You could instead use a diverter to attach both a shower head head and also garden hose, however then you"d still have actually to deal with the hose being in the way.

BTW, container girl, that keep is community Plumbing. I love the place--it"s obtained everything. Once my place was being built, i spent hrs there fantasizing about what i wanted and figuring the end what I can afford.


11 year ago

Based on your posting, I likewise found the component I necessary at residence Depot. In ~ my store, in IL, it is a watt A-668 water tap Adapter, 3/4" MH x 1/2" FIP. That is no in the pipes aisle, however is beside the section with the hoses and also hardware because that hooking increase a dishwasher and/or rubbish disposal. Hope that helps!


10 year ago

scottsdale plumbing has an adapter that fits on the shower head pipe, the costs about 8-10 bucks. Look at it up on google, scottsdale plumbing. Lowes may carry it too yet even if girlfriend live out of az, call scottsdale pipes to ask wherein might bring it whereby you are, or call your pipes store in your area


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10 years ago

I"ve offered a quick-connect machine for a restroom sink. Once disconnected, it enables water through and also looks choose an plain faucet. The components were obtainable at an plain hardware store.