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A 50-year-old man was utilizing an ATM Sunday when police say he to be randomly struck with a hatchet.

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As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reports, surveillance video show the 50-year-old monarchs resident using the ATM an equipment inside a Chase bank on Broadway close to Morris Street after ~ 5 p.m., when all of a suddenly he’s struck repeatedly through a male with a hatchet.

Police speak the doubt is 37-year-old Aaron Garcia, who has a criminal past.

No words were exchanged and also no money taken, even after Garcia accused smashed the machines.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” claimed Chelsea resident Satya Polisetti.

The victim is at Bellevue Hospital in steady condition.

Police arrested Garcia Tuesday night about 9:30 p.m. Follow me 8th Avenue. The NYPD says he menaced someone the bumped into him through a hammer, and also broke the windows of parked cars.


Hatchet attack At lower Manhattan ATMThe victim stands at the ATM as the doubt approaches. (credit: CBS2)

Hatchet assault At lower Manhattan ATMThe suspect, wielding a hatchet, to walk behind the victim. (credit: CBS2)

Hatchet assault At reduced Manhattan ATMOut of nowhere, the suspect strikes the victim, swinging at his leg. (credit: CBS2)

Hatchet strike At lower Manhattan ATMThe victim transforms to challenge his attacker. (credit: CBS2)

Hatchet strike At lower Manhattan ATMThe two face off if the victim tries to protect himself. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet strike At lower Manhattan ATMThe suspect continues his unprovoked attack. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet strike At reduced Manhattan ATMThe two struggle, when the victim tries come get regulate of the hatchet. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet strike At lower Manhattan ATMThe victim clutches the hatchet, trying to gain control of it and also stop the attack. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet attack At reduced Manhattan ATMThe suspect proceeds to confront and also attack the victim, that tries to obtain away. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet attack At lower Manhattan ATMThe suspect then transforms his attention to the ATMs. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet strike At reduced Manhattan ATMThe doubt smashes the ATMs. (credit: CBS)
Hatchet strike At lower Manhattan ATMHe moves under the line, wrecking each ATM. (credit: CBS2)
Hatchet attack At reduced Manhattan ATMThe suspect drops the hatchet at the conclusion of his rampage. (credit: CBS2)

“It obviously makes me feel unsafe and also on edge,” claimed Chelsea resident Matana LaPlae.

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“It’s a shame. I an alert a lot an ext violence in this city,” said Leon Toeroek.

A police resource says Garcia to be the topic of 5 previous emotionally disturbed human calls dating ago to July 2020 and has to be hospitalized before. And in Yonkers, police to speak he has eight former arrests for stalking, harassment, and also violating an stimulate of protection. Police have an energetic warrant there because that his arrest.

Wednesday, mayor Bill de Blasio there are campaigns to address those with serious mental illness.

“And ensuring that if we require those dilemm teams, us have an ext of them accessible than ever before before,” de Blasio said.

The Republican candidate for market criticized him.

“Where are they act outreach? Who have actually they lugged to a psychiatric facility? Who have actually they carried to renew the prescriptions this men and women desperately need?” Curtis Sliwa said.

“This horrifying assault is the an outcome of lot of failures of a dysfunctional federal government that fail to safeguard an innocent new Yorker indigenous unimaginable violence. This danger assailant must be discovered as quickly as possible—but staying clear of these occurrences — and also not reacting to castle — should be the immediate goal of law enforcement and also our mental health and wellness services,” said Democratic candidate for mayor Eric Adams.

“This shows me that the criminal device is not a location that has ever been proven come be great to deliver these type of services, mental wellness services or social services,” claimed Cynthia Godsoe, a professor in ~ Brooklyn legislation School.

“Police, at this point, are only doing violent crimes and also guns in brand-new York,” said Hermann Walz that CUNY man Jay university of Criminal Justice.

Garcia is charged with attempted murder and attempted assault.

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Editor’s note: This story very first appeared on august 18.