Exclusive: files released to Guardian reveal federal government photographer cropped space ‘where group ended’


A combination of photos reflects the crowds attending the inauguration ceremonies of Donald Trump, left, and also Barack Obama. These pictures were taken by Reuters, and were not the edited NPS images. Photograph: Staff/Reuters
A mix of photos reflects the crowds attending the inauguration ceremonies that Donald Trump, left, and Barack Obama. These pictures were bring away by Reuters, and were no the edited NPS images. Photograph: Staff/Reuters

A federal government photographer edited official photos of Donald Trump’s inauguration to make the crowd show up bigger complying with a personal intervention indigenous the president, follow to recently released documents.

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The photographer cropped the end empty an are “where the group ended” because that a new set of images requested by trump card on the an initial morning the his presidency, after ~ he was angered by images showing his audience was smaller than Barack Obama’s in 2009.

The detail was revealed in investigative reports released to the Guardian under the freedom of information Act through the inspector basic of the US interior department. Lock shed brand-new light top top the an initial self-inflicted dilemm of Trump’s presidency, when his White home falsely declared he had attracted the biggest ever inauguration audience.

The records detail a scramble in ~ the national Park business (NPS) top top 21 January 2017 after an early-morning call call in between Trump and also the acting NPS director, Michael Reynolds. They additionally state that Sean Spicer, then White home press secretary, called NPS officials consistently that day in pursuit of the an ext flattering photographs.

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It was not clear native the documents which photographs were edited and whether they were released publicly.

The freshly disclosed details were not contained in the inspector general’s office’s final report on its inquiry into the saga, which was published in June critical year and also gave a different account that the NPS photographer’s actions.

By the time Trump speak on the telephone with Reynolds top top the morning after the inauguration, then-and-now pictures of the national mall were circulating online mirroring that Trump’s group fell brief of Obama’s. A reporter’s tweet comprise one such pair of pictures was retweeted by the main NPS Twitter account.

An NPS interactions official, whose surname was redacted in the released files, said investigators the Reynolds dubbed her after speaking with the president and also said trump card wanted photos from the inauguration. She said “she gained the impression that President Trump wanted to see photos that showed up to depict more spectators in the crowd”, and that the pictures released so far showed “a lot of empty areas”.


Sean Spicer it is provided a statement on 21 January 2017 if a television display shows a snapshot of Trump’s inauguration. Photograph: Carlos Barria/ReutersThe interactions official claimed she “assumed” the photographs Trump was requesting “needed to it is in cropped”, yet that Reynolds did no ask for this specifically. She then contacted the NPS photographer who had actually covered the occasion the job before.

A 2nd official, indigenous the NPS windy affairs department, called investigators the Spicer referred to as her office on the morning that 21 January and asked for photos that “accurately represented the inauguration group size”.

In this official’s view, Spicer’s request amounted to “a inquiry for NPS to provide photographs in which it appeared the inauguration crowd filled the bulk of the an are in the photograph”. She told investigators the she, too, contacted the NPS photographer to ask for additional shots.

The NPS photographer, whose name was also redacted, called investigators he to be contacted by one unidentified main who asked for “any photographs that showed the inauguration crowd sizes”. Having actually filed 25 photographs top top inauguration day, he to be asked come go back to his office and “edit a few more” for a second submission.

“He stated he edited the inauguration photographs to make them look an ext symmetrical by cropping out the sky and cropping out the bottom where the group ended,” the investigators reported, adding: “He stated he did so to present that there had actually been more of a crowd.”

The investigators stated the photographer believed the cropping was what the official “had want him to do”, but that the official “had not especially asked him to crop the photographs come show more of a crowd”.

A review in the inspector general’s final report claimed the photographer told investigators “he selected a number of photos, based upon his professional judgment, that concentrated on the area of the national mall where most of the crowd was standing”.

Asked come account for the discrepancy, Nancy DiPaolo, a spokeswoman for the inspector general, claimed the cropping was not pointed out in the last report since the photographer said investigators this was his “standard artistic practice”. But investigators walk not keep in mind this in the write-up of your interview.

The freshly released records said Spicer was closely connected in the effort to obtain much more favourable photographs. He called Reynolds automatically after the exhilaration director spoke v Trump and then again at 3pm shortly before the brand-new set that photographs was sent to the White House, investigators heard. One more official reported being dubbed by Spicer.

At about 5.40pm that day, Spicer started a now well known press briefing at the White home in which he falsely stated: “This was the largest audience to ever before witness one inauguration – period.” A spokeswoman for Spicer did not respond to a inquiry for comment.

The inspector general’s inspection was triggered by a February 2017 complaint v the office’s website, alleging NPS officials tried to threaten Trump and also leaked details the Trump’s call with Reynolds come the Washington Post, where it was first reported. The inspector general uncovered no evidence to substantiate the allegations.

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The Guardian request in its June 2017 liberty of details request for the identification of the complainant who sparked the inspector general’s inquiry. But this, and also the whole complaint, was redacted in the released documents.