A masculine chest has actually been vote his most essential asset, in a brand-new survey that 3000 people by a British health care company.

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A how amazing result, a highlight 24 every cent of women surveyed deemed the chest a man’s most attractive quality, through hair coming in a close second with 22 per cent, and arms round off out the optimal three through 19 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, only 1 every cent that those surveyed discovered a man’s legs to it is in his most attractive feature, with 3 per cent citing his eyes and also a shocking 2 per cent providing priority come his as whole face.

13 every cent chose a masculine abs were most important, and also 9 per cent vested the V-cut – muscular reduced abdominals – the title of many attractive physical feature.

But whilst the results might look cut and dry, DrFelix – the company behind the inspection – go one step further and explored whether or no women value the physics traits of males differently depending upon their age and income.

It was uncovered that women with low and also median incomes uncover men v muscular eight the many attractive, conversely, women who have higher incomes favor a male with characterized abs and also a larger chest.

Younger ladies were discovered to worth the V-cut considerably more than older women, with the challenge being least essential to those in the 25-34 year old period bracket. A preference for arms was continuous throughout the years.

Turning the tables, that was also found that guys regard the challenge the most crucial physical properties of a woman, with 46 per cent placing it on top. This was adhered to by bum at 18 per cent, hair at 11 every cent, legs at 9 every cent and also boobs at 8 every cent.

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