Stranger things Parody Location: Oak Park MI Type: Student films We start at Camp Hero in the autumn of 1980, a couple of months prior to the base will be shut under by the U.S. Government. A secret experiment has gone horribly awry. And also something has gained out. Top top this an extremely night, a young boy, will certainly Byers, <…>

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Casting contact for Teens and Adults in Atlanta for Stranger points TV display Extras


Extras spreading call because that Stranger Things. If friend live in the Atlanta area and also can pull off an 80’s look, here is your chance to get cast in a small role on the hugely well-known streaming television series. The present is ramping up manufacturing and likewise has a general casting call because that Stranger things extras <…>

Open Auditions / spreading Call for Stranger things in ATL


Get a role on Stranger points season 4. The show is gearing up because that season 4 and also is in require of Atlanta area locals the would favor to occupational on set as extras. That’s right, it’s 2020 and also the Netflix fight is in manufacturing of the brand-new season that will premier on Netflix later this <…>

New spreading Call for Stranger points in The ATL

Are you trying to find a small function on Stranger Things? If so, the show is currently in manufacturing in Atlanta, Georgia and is right now casting because that extras roles. Love Stranger Things? would you love to audition for a role on Stranger Things? would certainly you resolve for a small, non-speaking role? Stranger points is in search of <…>

New spreading Call because that “Stranger Things” in Atlanta – Extras


Get cast in a small function on Stranger Things. Netflix, science fiction, supernatural drama, “Stranger Things” is now casting extras in the Atlanta area. Now, this is a spreading for extras fairly than a basic audition because that a speaking role, yet fans the the display who live in the area may have the ability to get <…>

Get cast in Stranger things Season 2, Extras want in the ATL

“Stranger Things” now spreading in Atlanta? casting directors in the Atlanta area space now casting both kids and also adults for what watch to be the popular Netflix mythological themed collection “Stranger Things.” spreading Taylor Made, The “Stranger Things” extras casting directors have actually a new call the end for youngsters to play the youngsters of actors in <…>

New Netflix show “Stranger Things” casting Call for kid Extras in ATL

New Netflix TV present “Stranger Things” is spreading military varieties in Atlanta The collection has to be filming in the Atlanta area because the fall and is reserved to film through April 2016. Casting Taylor Made, The show’s extras casting directors have a new call out for 2 Caucasian kids, a boy and also a girl, between <…>

Casting Featured roles and feasible Principal roles in GA for Netflix “Stranger Things”

New Netflix present “Stranger Things” has actually a call out for actors in Georgia. The new Netflix collection is currently in production and also will it is in holding auditions for experienced actors to play a mother, father and also tween (ages 11 to 13) girl. The functions are featured and there is a good chance that roles will it is in <…>

Netflix new Series “Stanger Things” spreading For Recurring Featured Character duty in ATL

The brand-new Netflix present “Stranger Things” is currently filming in the Atlanta area and is spring to cast an actor to to fill a featured, recurring role. Casting directors through Taylor Made room seeking a Caucasian male v acne in between the ages of 18 and also 30 for what they define as a good “character role”. The <…>

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