Rumors that a half on the Fox News Channel in Australia and new Zealand it seems ~ to have actually materialized top top Facebook and Twitter out of thin air.

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Published26 January 2018

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We discovered no write-ups citing any type of sources come corroborate this claim.

We were also unable to check the underlying assertion that Fox News has been deemed “propaganda” by officials of one of two people country, no one did we uncover precedents for the banning of details news organizations on the ground.

Although no Australia nor brand-new Zealand assures the freedom of the push as a constitutional right, the High Court the Australia has actually ruled that an “implied right” under that country’s constitution and in brand-new Zealand freedom of the press is guaranteed by “convention and also statute,” follow to the human being rights watchdog group flexibility House. 

We asked Ursula Cheer, a brand-new Zealand legislation professor specializing in censorship and also media issues, if over there is any basis in the country’s laws for banning a news terminal outright, and she assured us there is not:

Our broadcasters space bound by password which incorporate requirements that accuracy and also fairness and also require content to it is in lawful and also not discriminate or denigrate, however the codes run to permit public complaint after a programme has actually gone to air, no before. Successful complaints have actually been made versus one or 2 of our fundamentalist TV channels for develops of incitement. The Broadcasting criter Authority which deals with broadcasting complaints actually has the power to shut down a channel for approximately 24 hours, however that is the worst it deserve to do, and it has only exercised that strength twice in the history. Otherwise it is reprimands, fines and also compensation.

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We also took a simple step to check the channel listings of the key pay television carriers in Australia and brand-new Zealand. Fox News Channel is still amongst their offerings. Australia’s Foxtel cable and satellite television firm offers Fox News ~ above channel 604. New Zealand’s skies Network tv offers it ~ above channel 088. We contacted representatives of both suppliers who to be kind sufficient to confirm that they do, in fact, carry the channel.

“Such-and-such a nation banned Fox News” has end up being a acquainted social media trope in recent years. A 2011 different of the rumor held (falsely) that the Fox News Channel to be banned in Canada for running afoul of Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications commission (CTRC) regulations prohibiting the broadcasting of “false or misleading news.”

Rumors that Fox News to be banned in the united Kingdom have been circulating ever because November 2017, when it to be reported that the U.K.’s communications regulator Ofcom had established that some of the that company programming remained in breach of the country’s impartiality rules. However although that true the Fox News Channel was off the air in the U.K. By the time, that was due to the fact that its parental company, 21st Century Fox, made decision to stop broadcasting because the channel had actually failed to entice an audience there.