Rafael Nadal collection up a momentous last clash with long-term devil Roger Federer together he downed Grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (5), 6-7 (4), 6-4 in a gruelling semi-final in ~ the 2017 Australian open up on Friday. 

Having to be pegged back twice through the Bulgarian after taking the first and third sets, Nadal damaged at the an important time in the fifth and also deciding collection before serving out to case victory after 4 hours and 56 minute of mesmerising action in Melbourne. 

The Australian Open listed the moment Nadal sealed a momentous win:


HE'S excellent IT! Rafael #Nadal is v to the #AusOpen final versus Roger #Federer! https://t.co/ZnIqKdO5ei

Nadal to be last in a grand Slam final when he winner the 2014 French Open. The 30-year-old Spaniard will face Federer, 35, for the eighth time in a significant final.

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Per Nick Harris of Sporting Intelligence, there is a distinctly retro feeling to both the men"s and women"s finals at this year"s Australian Open:

Nick Harris

Party favor it's 2008! ripe years after singles finals at Wimbledon were...Venus v SerenaFederer v Nadal... Australian open up 2017 repeats

In the opening set it looked together though Nadal can make easy job-related of people No. 15 Dimitrov, 25.


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He broke for 3-1 and took benefit of a variety of Dimitrov errors to see out the set, every the New York Times" Ben Rothenberg:

However, the 2nd set was a different story altogether. Dimitrov broke the civilization No. 9 because that a 3-1 lead prior to double-faulting in the seventh game to hand the rest back.

A handful of Nadal errors then witnessed Dimitrov rest again to serve for the collection at 5-3, yet he could not complete the job and also the Spaniard was ago in it. 

At 5-4 and Nadal serving, the 14-time grand Slam winner was compelled to save four set points come finally draw level again at 5-5.

Impressively native Dimitrov, though, despite absent numerous opportunities, he held his nerve at 6-5 front to break Nadal again and seal a messy collection as his opponent went long, per tennis commentator David Law:

David legislation

Dimitrov levels. 3-6, 7-5. Deserved. Some sensational tennis, athleticism.
5liveSport commentary - https://t.co/e7QHuFfpLf

A mammoth 70-minute third collection then ensued with each player earning a rest apiece at an early stage on before reaching a tiebreak.

Nadal"s experience and also defence verified the distinction as that exploited Dimitrov"s forehand to relocate within a set of the final.

However, after trading six holds apiece there is no conceding a break suggest between them to pressure a tiebreak again in the 4th set, it to be Dimitrov who prevailed to watch the complement into a decider, per BBC 5 live Sport:

BBC 5 live sport

"He's playing prefer a future Slam champion now!"Could that come as shortly as Sunday? Dimitrov take away us right into a decider!#AusOpen https://t.co/A6ShEkGos1

The serves of both guys remained unbreakable in the fifth despite countless early opportunities until Nadal pounced in ~ arguably the perfect moment, edging 5-4 ahead to serve for the match.

The excellent Dimitrov conserved one match point, and also then another, but Nadal sealed his location in Sunday"s final at the 3rd opportunity as soon as his opponent ultimately cracked and also went long.

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