Vincent valve Gogh to be a dutch painter associated with the Post-Impressionist activity who came to be one that the most famous artists in history – if not the most – producing over two thousand artworks during around a te of production. Van Gogh concluded an astounding quantity of paintings throughout his reasonably brief career. A deep afflicted person, valve Gogh's biography one of the most emblematic examples of a "tortured artist."


Vincent van Gogh was a netherlands painter connected with the Post-Impressionist movement who became one that the most well known artists in history – if no the many – developing over two thousand artworks during around a decade of production. Van Gogh concluded an astounding lot of paintings during his fairly brief career. A deep afflicted person, valve Gogh's biography one of the most emblematic examples of a "tortured artist."

Early Life

Vincent Willem valve Gogh, mostly well-known as Vincent van Gogh, to be born in the southerly Netherlands, in a town referred to as Zundert, in in march of 1853. The artist thrived up in a spiritual household, and his father was a minister of the dutch Reformed Church, a path Van Gogh was passionate around and began to examine after his occupational as an arts dealer through his uncle.

Following a duration spent lodged with a miner, van Gogh's earliest artistic inspiration became scenes and people that surrounded him. Complying with his brother Theo's encouragement to go after a career together an artist, it was only at twenty-seven years of period that van Gogh started following his own creative career. In 1880, that enrolled in ~ the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts situated in Brussels, Belgium.

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He went back to the city that Etten in 1881, wherein he continued to sketch, often using the next-door neighbors as subjects. At some point, the artist saw The Hague to market paintings and also meet Anton Mauve, his second cousin, that promptly invite Van Gogh come a 2nd visit, and in the meantime, Mauve suggested that valve Gogh should work on charcoal and pastels, which the did. Soon, Mauve take it Van Gogh together an apprentice and also introduced the artist to watercolor, and also later, oil painting. The teacher would also lend him money to establish a studio.

Becoming an Artist

Always struggling financially, the artist can not bought models, hiring only people from the street as his subjects. Soon, aided by his brother, valve Gogh started to paint in oils, a medium he promptly ended up being fond of, utilizing deliberately thick paint surfaces, which that scraped off from the canvas and reworked with the brush. Lot of the artist's story is known through valve Gogh's letters sent to his brother.

During two years in Neuen, between 1883 and also 1885, valve Gogh was highly prolific, creating several watercolors, drawing, and virtually two-hundred oil paintings. In 1885, the artist created numerous still-lifes. During this period, van Gogh's color pension was fairly charged v somber tones, substantially different from the extreme colors the would define his later on production.

Also in 1885, the dutch artist break up his first masterpiece entitled The Potato Eaters, an oil painting depicting a family of peasants sitting at the table in a dark room. This composition, in addition to many various other of valve Gogh's early production, was affected by the previous Dutch masters of the Baroque motion like Peter Paul Rubens, through its dramatic shadows, and the Realists, whose artworks often portrayed workers that the landscape areas.

Expanding Palette and Japonaiserie

The artist soon began to study color theory, i beg your pardon would expand his color pension by making use of cobalt blue, carmine, and emerald green, and also spending lot time in museum studying various other artists, especially Peter Paul Rubens' artworks. Van Gogh was additionally exposed to and bought Japanese ukiyo-e woodcuts, an influence that manifested later on in his paintings, more than likely the most symbolic of them is Flowering Plum Tree, enforcement after Utagawa Hiroshige's Plum Garden over Shin-Ohashi. One more notable cite of van Gogh's beforehand Japonaiserie is Japonaiserie: Oiran, make after Keisai Eisen's artworks the the exact same name.

After see a portrait by the French artist Adolphe Monticelli, who artworks were executed thick layers that paint, valve Gogh was inspired to experiment with a brighter shade palette and also employ them v boldly enforcement brushstrokes. An excellent example of together a procedure is Seascape in ~ Saintes-Maries.Van Gogh worked for a short period at the studio the Fernand Cormon. There, the artist met the Australian artist man Peter Russell, who ended up being a lifelong friend. He also met other artists such as Louis Anquetin, Emile Bernard, and especially Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Despite conference Impressionist artists and his brothers Theo van Gogh keeping a big stock the Impressionist artworks in his gallery, van Gogh was quite slow the companion the brand-new developments in art. By 1887, the artist met the Neo-Impressionist painter Paul Signac, who Pointillist an approach influenced valve Gogh's production. If in Paris, the artist developed over 200 paintings.

Arles and also The Yellow House

In 1888, the artist moved to the city that Arles. This period proved to be fairly prolific, as the completed 200 oil paintings, and also several drawings and also watercolors. The artist was enchanted through the city and also its countryside and lights. His manufacturing from this period is especially marked by the hefty use that the colour mauve, ultramarine, and also yellow. There are several remarkable mentions indigenous this period. However, his many iconic paintings of the time are more than likely Bedroom in Arles, cafe Terrace on the ar Du Forum, and Starry Night end the Rhone.

After consistent pleads by valve Gogh, Paul Gauguin agreed come move, live, and work through Van Gogh in his Yellow home in Arles, where the artist to plan to construct an artist nest in the city and also saw Gauguin as a pivotal figure to that. Throughout this period, complying with Gauguin's suggestion, van Gogh started to paint from memory, bring about artworks such together the breathtaking Memory the the Garden at Etten. Throughout his time with Van Gogh, Gauguin would only complete one canvas, Vincent van Gogh paint Sun Flowers.

Soon, valve Gogh's connection with Gauguin would certainly deteriorate. Van Gogh admired the latter and also wanted to it is in seen and treated as equal. However, Gauguin was domineering and arrogant, which deep disturbed valve Gogh. The quarrels became more constant as van Gogh increasingly felt his other artist would abandon him, resulting quickly in dire consequences.

The psychological Breakdown

Possibly the most well known moment in the artist's life to be the episode he severed his ear v a razor; accounts different whether in part or wholly. Just how the succession of events happened that resulted in such a allude is unclear. However, the main create to the case was the abovementioned fear he felt the Gauguin abandoning him. He most likely learned Gauguin's intentions to leave, i m sorry led to an additional quarrel.

Following your altercation, van Gogh went back to his room, wherein he became afflicted through voice hallucinations, leading to the cut of his ear. Subsequently, the artist had the ability to bandage the wound, plunder his ear in a paper, and also deliver it to a brothel both artist frequented. Van Gogh was discovered unconscious the next morning, Christmas Day, v no recollection that what happened, suggesting a major mental malfunction that to be diagnosed in ~ the hospital together acute mania with generalized delirium.

Within a couple of days, the policed bespeak the van Gogh have to be put under hospital care. Gauguin left Arles and would never see van Gogh again. However, they would certainly still preserve their friendship and exchanged correspondences. Return the artist constantly had a troubled mind, this event proved to be a turning point for Van Gogh's as whole mental health and also art production.

Despite receiving a cynical diagnosis, van Gogh went back to the Yellow residence on January 7, 1889. However, valve Gogh would invest the adhering to month in between home and hospital, experiencing bouts that hallucinations and poisoning delusions. Shortly after, in March, the police closeup of the door his house adhering to a petition by 30 townspeople who defined him as "the redheaded madman." Thereafter, valve Gogh returned to the hospital. Paul Signac went to the artist double that month.

During this process, valve Gogh to be under the treatment of Dr. Felix Rey. Together a token of gratitude, the artist provided his Portrait of doctor Felix Rey. The physician was no amused by the portrait and would even use it to repair a chicken coup and then provided it away. In 2016, the said painting was approximated to worth end 50 million dollars.

Artworks in Confinement

Soon, van Gogh left the city the Arles and also entered one asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, voluntarily. There, the artist stayed in two cells through barred windows, which one he provided as a studio. During this period, valve Gogh's main subjects focused on the clinic and also its garden, developing several sketches the the clinic's interior.

The use of swirly brushstrokes characterizes this period's production, leading to striking compositions, such as Cypresses, The Alpilles with Olive trees in the Foreground, Wheatfield with Cypresses, and probably the many iconic of castle is Starry Night, among his most well known artworks.

The limited liberty led to a shortage of valve Gogh's topic matters. Instead, the artist worked on reimagining various other artists' artworks, such as Jean-Francois Millet's Noonday Rest and The Sower. Van Gogh also painted Prisoners Exercising, ~ an engraving by Gustave Dore. Scholars indicate that the main figure looking at the observer is van Gogh himself.

For a few months during 1890, van Gogh endured an acute relapse, which hurry him right into depression, and also was barely able come paint. Scholar state the this was the only period that his mental instability hindered valve Gogh's production.

Van Gogh request Theo and his mommy to send the sketches he developed during the 1880s so that he could turn lock into completely realized paintings, such as Old male in Sorrow. Throughout his last weeks, van Gogh's artworks show reminiscence of years past, throughout his duration painting in the Netherlands. He additionally painted numerous portraits the his medical professional Dr. Paul Gachet.

Suicide Attempt and Death

In late July 1890, valve Gogh attempted self-destruction by shooting himself in the chest. However, the bullet did not cause any type of apparent damage to his interior organs. He was also able to walk earlier to the hostel he to be lodged. Theo timeless rushed to his brother's side. The physicians tended to him the best they could; however, without a surgeon, the bullet stayed lodged in his body, which led to a severe infection the victimized the artist.

According come Theo, a profoundly melancholic and troubled soul, van Gogh's last words, "The sadness will certainly last forever." ~ above July 29, 1890, Vincent Willem valve Gogh passed away after complications from the cartridge wound. Back he was commercially unsuccessful and also significantly neglected during his life, van Gogh became one the the many influential and also one the a type artists of the 19th century. He affected generations that artists because that years to come.

Vincent valve Gogh's Legacy

Although the life that Vincent van Gogh raises interest by itself, because of its turbulence and intensity, one have the right to not stress sufficient the artist's relationship for modern painting and also art as a whole, especially concerning his rather short period of activity.

Van Gogh's artworks immediately influenced the manufacturing of immediate subsequent artists, and his visibility would it is in felt for generations to come. His motivated use of shade was an influence on the Fauvist movement and the German Expressionists.

Van Gogh's loose and expressive brushstrokes affected the works of the abstract Expressionists during the mid-20th century and even that Neo-Expressionists during the 1980s, through artists such together Eric Fischl and also Julian Schnabel.

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