Avengers: Endgame returning to Theaters next Week With brand-new Post-Credits scene Kevin Feige expose Avengers: Endgame is return to theaters following week and also will have extra scene and additional surprises after ~ the credits.

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Kevin Feige reveals Avengers: Endgame will return to theaters next week with additional post-credit surprises. The recent Marvel Cinematic universe blockbuster originally premiered in late April, and had one of the most incredible box office runs ever. Debuting v a whopping $1.2 billion worldwide, the film quickly rose up the all-time charts and also only newly saw its business slow down. Currently, Endgame is the 2nd highest-grossing movie globally and also domestically, with $2.743 billion earned.

Endgame to be a legitimate challenger to Avatar"s all-time global record that $2.788 billion, however ultimately fell short of pass it due to the vain summer movie season. Would-be tentpoles like Dark Phoenix and Men in Black: International may have bombed, however they quiet took away screens and repeat viewings from Endgame. It would appear the only way Endgame can potentially beat Avatar is if it it s okay a re-release, and also that is in the cards.

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In one interview with screen Rant during the Spider-Man: much From Home junket, Feige confirmed Endgame will certainly be re-released top top June 28. While the isn"t prolonged cut the the 3-hour epic, the will have extra surprises for human being who stick around:

Not prolonged cut, yet there will be a variation going right into theaters v a little bit of a marketing press with a couple of new things at the finish of the movie. If friend stay and watch the movie, after ~ the credits, there’ll it is in a turned off scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises. Which will be following weekend.

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The timing of this re-release renders a lot of sense. Endgame re-opens just a few days former to Far native Home"s premiere, giving fans the possibility to rewatch Endgame before catching up v Peter Parker on his following solo adventure. Those two movies space linked; Far indigenous Home marketing has made it an extremely clear Peter is still mourning the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark, and also has to climb up come the difficulty of becoming "the following Iron Man" come keep planet safe. V that in mind, Endgame and Far native Home must make because that a compelling dual feature, together they work together to close out Phase 3. Together for the "new things" after the credits, the sounds choose they will basically be Blu-ray bonus attributes on the huge screen. Endgame"s home media release will undoubtedly include deleted scenes and fun surprises. It"ll be interesting to view if the tribute is because that the so late Stan Lee, who passed far in November 2018.

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As the this writing, Endgame is about $45 million away from matching Avatar"s record. The re-release will assist close that gap somewhat, but it still might not be enough to make Endgame the king of package office world. Die-hard fans of the MCU will certainly want to check Endgame out again, but there might not be incentive for basic audiences - specifically since Toy Story 4 will be the blockbuster the the moment and Far indigenous Home is on the horizon. Coincidentally, Avatar had a re-release of its own, i beg your pardon tallied $10.7 million domestically. That"s barely a blip top top the radar compared to its overall total, so Endgame may still be a close 2nd when it"s all said and also done.