Minecraft is just one of our favourite 3D sandbox gamings of all time. It to be released ago in 2011 and a te later, the video game is even an ext popular than it offered to be. A wonderful way to celebrate the game would it is in the best Minecraft LEGO 2021. ✅ Now, just how many people play Minecraft in 2021 exactly? You’re here to uncover out the latest Minecraft statistics 2021. Sign up with us!

Find the end the latest statistics indigenous the video gaming sector in 2021 ~ above vxcialistoufjg.com. Today we decided to dive deeper right into the 3D civilization of Minecraft and check the end if civilization are quiet interested in among the many successful gamings of the last decade. The answer may surprise you!

Latest Minecraft statistics 2021

It’s true that the game ended up being wildly popular throughout the years after the release. However we’re right here to discover out much more about the audience attention in the game in 2021. The allure that the 3D-generated infinite civilization is undeniable and also is tho going strong in 2021. Right here we go: 

1. In 2020, 126 million human being played Minecraft monthly. 

(Source: The Verge)

Sandbox video games are still an extremely popular in 2021. The other popular sandbox game is Terraria and also it’s at this time the 20th most renowned game of heavy steam in 2021. According to the recent Terraria statistics, more than 24 million world have play Terraria top top Steam. If we compare those numbers v Minecraft it’s evident that Minecraft is the an ext popular sandbox game. 

Now, speaking of sandbox video clip games, there is a new big name in the industry called Valheim. Early accessibility to the game was exit in February 2021, and also in the very same month more than 500,000 people played the video game concurrently ~ above Steam. Follow to the latest Valheim player count, the game currently ranks #3 ~ above Steam. Human being love sandbox games and this one currently entered the history of the video game industry.

2. The Minecraft application has been downloaded more than 10 million time on Google Play. 

(Source: Google Play) 

Minecraft is ~ above the list of most-downloaded Google pat applications of every time. It’s likewise the most-downloaded paid gaming application on the save - the app was downloaded on an ext than 10 million unique devices, and also this is an application that right now costs $6.99 ~ above Google Play. Of course, that’s nothing in comparison to mobile video game titans like Candy Crush and also Subway Surfers i m sorry both have roughly 1 exchange rate downloads ~ above Google beat Store. 

3. By respectable 2020, a total of 5.43 million Minecraft duplicates were offered for XBox One in 2020 worldwide. 

(Source: Statista)

Out of every 5.43 million full copies, more than 3.20 million were marketed in the united state only. Another 1.71 million were offered in Europe, and also 490,000 - in the remainder of the world. According to the latest MC statistics, the game is most popular in the US.

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4. In November 2020, gamers all over the people watched a full of 76.5 million hours of Minecraft gameplay top top Twitch.

(Source: Statista)

A record variety of hours of Minecraft gameplay were watched on Twitch in November 2020. The sudden attention in the game after so numerous years more than likely came ~ the Minecraft upgrade that month. 


Minecraft revenue statistics

After a te on the video game market, Minecraft’s revenue is still on the rise and it’s still one of the best-selling video clip games of all time. The video game is still farming in users and also as a an outcome it made much more money in 2020 than ever before before. Have a look: 

5. In 2020, the full revenue that Minecraft amounted to $415 million.

(Source: company of Apps)

According to the latest Minecraft revenue statistics, the revenue of the game is ever increasing in 2021. Annually Minecraft has actually made much more money than the vault one. The still increasing popularity of the video game is astonishing after 11 years on the market. We have the right to safely say that the coronavirus pandemic is among the main reasons because that the increase of interest in many video games in 2020 and also 2021.

6. In might 2020, 200 million Minecraft duplicates were sold worldwide.

(Source: Statista)

Minecraft is already on the list of the best video clip games of every time. Another old-but-gold video game that received a most attention in 2020 to be CS:GO. According to the recent Counter-Strike statistics, more than 23 million human being played CS:GO in January 2021. The an enig is always in the diversity that modes and the frequency of updating the the developers schedule. Lock keep expanding the Minecraft universe and also gamers store coming earlier for more! 

7. In 2020, Minecraft $200 million indigenous sales.

(Source: business of Apps)

Minecraft is one of the most renowned paid cell phone apps top top the market. The huge popularity that the video game with kids has made it a absent star top top the stage of video gaming. And also the revenues are increasing every year. 

8. Earlier in 2018, Minecraft earn $110 million only from the mobile app.

(Source: Sensor Tower)

In 2018, the worldwide player security on Minecraft amounted to the astonishing $110 million. There to be a 7% increase over the previous year - in 2017, the video game made $103 million.


Minecraft player statistics

According come the Minecraft demographics, the video game is exceptionally popular amongst younger players. Children love Minecraft and are still playing it in 2021. Let’s have a great look in ~ the recent Minecraft player statistics and also check out which is the most famous Minecraft device:

9. Many Minecraft gamers pat on PS4.

(Source: Gamestat)

The video game is currently accessible on PC/Mac OS, Android and also iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, playstations (3,4,5), and Xbox (360, One, collection X/S). The popularity of Minecraft top top consoles is not abating. There are so countless Minecraft mods the keep civilization exploring the game ever before more.

10. As of November 2020, a full of 71 million human being have play Minecraft on any device. 

(Source: Gamestat)

The video game is accessible on plenty of platforms (excluding Steam, that course), and also an astonishing amount of civilization have already played the game. Having actually in mind the the average period of the Minecraft gamer is 24, we deserve to safely say that many of those 71 million space kids and also teenagers. 

11. In 2020, there were 132 million Minecraft monthly active users. 

(Source: cell phone Marketing Reads) 

Counting the monthly energetic users the each video game is among the ways to placed things in perspective. In 2020, just about the time of the coronavirus outburst in Q1, there to be 24 million CS:GO monthly energetic users. Now, compare that to the 132 million Minecraft monthly energetic users! 

12. 255 job is the typical retention period of Minecraft players. 

(Source: Gamestat)

With much more than 120 million people playing the game after so plenty of years after ~ the initial release, that hardly surprising that world like come hang out in the open civilization of Minecraft so much. 

13. 36% of every Minecraft football player come from the US. 

(Source: Gamestat)

It’s a well-known reality that video gaming is well-known in the US. However, the game quickly ended up being popular in China as well - in 2018, a year after ~ the Minecraft relax in China, there were already more than 100 million downloads of the game. 

The learning-focused video game is popular amongst kids all over the world, and China is no exception. 

14. 68% of boys between 6 and 8 years-old play Minecraft. 

(Source: The Conversation)

The Minecraft world-building is famous amongst the younger audience. In fact, it’s so renowned that almost 70% of boys in between 6 and 8 years of period play Minecraft. The game offers a among a kind people to explore your creativity and it’s kids-friendly. 


Minecraft truth 2021

Let’s dig in some exciting Minecraft truth to spice points up, shall we? 

15. You deserve to play Minecraft ~ above a hogwarts map. 

(Source: PCGamesN)

There are plenty of Minecraft games accessible in 2021. Together it transforms out, the bother Potter world is no the only one you have the right to dive in as soon as playing Minecraft. Civilization can enter Minas Tirith and also enjoy the 3D splendor of Middle earth at the old keep. The renowned Minecraft structures never disappoint. And there’s additionally Minecraft Jurassic World. It’s no wonder the video game is act so fine nowadays! exploring the Minecraft realms has never been an ext fun!

16. Videos around Minecraft have been watched much more than 201 billion time on YouTube. 

(Source: Forbes)

The game is very popular top top Twitch and apparently, on YouTube as well. Human being love play Minecraft, but apparently - they love watching other people play together well. Minecraft videos are famous on YouTube and also maybe among the reasons is the there are countless mods come choose and also people desire some understanding on how to play much better as well. 

17. In 2021, Minecraft players will have actually to obtain a Microsoft account in bespeak to save playing the game.

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(Source: mobile Marketing Reads)

Users require to create a Mincrosoft account in 2021, if they want to save playing Minecraft. The developer Mojang compare this migration to the logistics of moving your house. They promise to administer users help and assistance in order to make certain everyone has actually moved on successfully. 

18. Ago in 2014, Microsoft got Minecraft because that $2.5 billion. 

(Source: Microsoft)

The current owner that Minecraft is Microsoft (through Xbox). The developer Mojang marketed the video game to Microsoft in 2014 because that the remarkable $2.5 billion. Follow to the recent Minecraft revenue statistics, the video game made more than $400 million in 2020 therefore we have the right to safely speak it was a an excellent investment. 

19. Minecraft is a winner of 3 BAFTA awards. 

(Source: Imdb)

The open-world sandbox game has won three BAFTA awards so far. Over there were two BAFTAs for best Kid’s poll - game in 2014 and also 2016. And one BAFTA for best Family video game (for the console editions) in 2015.

Wrap up

Minecraft football player can develop 3D frameworks out of blocks and unleash their creativity in one open-world sandbox game. This day we gathered every the latest Minecraft statistics so us know just how many civilization play Minecraft in 2021. There are an ext than 120 million people who play Minecraft in Q4 2020 and the revenue of the game is higher every year since the early stage release.