Disney Cruise Lineis a premium cruise line. Farestend to be higher than thoseofmainstream lines, however they space also an ext inclusive. A prime instance of this is soft drinks had in Disney Cruise heat fares however not on many mainstream cruise lines.

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Disney Cruise Line includes a few things in that is fares that costextra on other lines. Because that example, over there is no extr charge for soft drinks on Disney ships in ~ meals and also at the self-serve “taps” by the pool.

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The 5 Disney Cruise Ships

There are five ships in the Disney Cruise line fleet. Each ship has actually its own unique features and base of operations, but they all offer comparable services and amenities

Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder is home to 11 decks overflowing through restaurants, pools, recreation and also more. The Disney Wonder travels v Alaska, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. She to be the 2nd ship to join the Disney fleet top top entering service in 1999

Disney Magic

Disney Magicis the firstcruise shipowned and also operated byDisney Cruise Line. She has 11 public decks, can accommodate 2,700 passengers in 875 staterooms. The interior ofDisney Magicis decorated in theArt Decostyle. The Disney Magic mainly sails v the Bahamas and the Caribbean in the winter months, and also Europe in the summer months.

Disney Dream

She at this time sails three-day, four-day, and also occasional five-day cruises tothe Bahamas. She entered company in 2011 and also has 1,250 staterooms, carries 2,500 passengers (double occupancy) or a maximum of 4,000 passengers, and also a crew that 1,458.

Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasyis the 4th ship in thecruise line. She sails the Eastern and also Western Caribbean cruises.

Disney great (Summer 2022)

Launching Summer 2022, signature experiences await, dining in Arendelle, come lounging in a Galaxy, Far, Far, away. Themed as a lock at sea finish with the very first Disney attraction in ~ sea.

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What’s consisted of in the Price of her Disney Cruise?

Stateroom Accommodations

When booking a Disney Cruise, many would assume that all that they are purchasing is a stateroom for the expression of the cruise. This is regularly true of various other cruise lines, however Disney is a cut above.

Disney staterooms space designed for households with extra room and storage, sit area, and split bathtub to allow an ext people to obtain ready in ~ the same time.

Not only are you acquiring an elegant stateroom, but you are also getting access to 24-hour room business at no extra cost.


Broadway Musicals & an initial Run Movies

Also contained in the price of her Disney Cruise is totally free access come nightly Broadway-style musicals and also movie screenings, consisting of first-run and 3-D films.

Each dining seating is perfectly time to ensure that all guests will certainly have access to the exceptional Broadway-style music aboard every ship, so guest don’t need to choose between an remarkable meal and also an impressive theatrical experience.

Pools & Recreation

Splash it increase in freshwater pools and also water slides in ~ sea. There is a myriad of family activities including trivia games, live musicians and also other entertainers, poolside movies, computer animation workshops,and more.

Nightclubs, Lounges & Celebrations

Adults-only areas that encompass a range of bars and also pubs and also lounges, plus adult-only swimming areas.

Throughout the cruise, guests have the right to expect deck parties and also fireworks at sea, unique to Disney Cruise. One-of-a-kind events and also parties also feature many extra activities and shows during Halloween and also the holiday season

Variety the Dining Options

Enjoy upscale restaurants, buffets, poolside snacks, and 24-hour room service. Guests can dineat 3 sit-down meals a work plus casual buffets and snacks (soft-serve ice cream cream, burgers, pizza, wraps, hot dogs, etc)

Not just is the dining amazing, but it’s rotational. This means that not just guests lugged to each tremendous restaurant, yet the wait staff will certainly follow from restaurant to restaurant, offering guests the possibility to shot all that the no-fee dining rooms without any interruptions in service.

Tap water, coffee, tea, milk, juice, and also soft drinks are also complimentary of fee throughout the ship.

Imaginative Youth Clubs

Play in themed clubs for children ages 3 come 17, staffed by particularly trained Disney counsellors.

Character Experiences

Disney character experiences transparent the day and also evening. Examine out the Cruise Navigator because that timings and locations. Transparent the cruise, you will find the same personalities running around the ship but in assorted costumes come be sure to visit characters often.

Castaway Cay

Relax in paradise v beach chairs, umbrellas, waterslides and a buffet having lunch (on many Bahamian and also Caribbean cruises).

On Castaway Cay, Disney’s personal island (Bahamas): barbecue buffet lunch, non-alcoholic soft drinks, soft-serve ice cream, youth activities, character experiences, coast access

How much is a Disney Cruise?

There is so much that goes right into the expense of a Disney cruise; depending upon the length of vacation, wherein you space staying/sailing, and the form of room friend book. The most vital factor to save in mind is the true worth of her vacation: what girlfriend are obtaining for the price.

For a well balanced cost the a cruise, the is for sure to say that the average expense is roughly $1000 every person, for a 4-night cruise. The cost does no drop much per human being when you include a 2nd person to a single stateroom, unequal Walt Disney world resorts, though it is cheaper than selecting two staterooms.

Once a cruise itinerary is announced, this is the shortest price a cruise will certainly cost. The price just goes up, the closer one it s okay to the cruised date. A few months before sailing, Disney will have actually ‘sales’ or certain discounts available for details demographics – like active Military members or Canadian residents. By the time discounts are added to the total, girlfriend are about at the very same price as initial launch date, therefore it is finest to purchase as soon as the itineraries are very first announced or wait until your corresponding discounts end up being available.

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Extra prices to account for: What isn’t contained in mine cruise fare?

This is particularly important for those unfamiliar with cruising or family members that room trying to stick come a tight budget. With that in mind, here’s a perform of optional extras that you would have to pay for if cruising with Disney.

Gratuities and extras

Gratuities foryour stateroom host and designated dining servers, including thehead server, key server and also assistant server are expected.There is a minimum that Disney requests guest pay, however you are encouraged to give an ext if you feeling the organization warrents it.

It is not immediately included in her cruise fare. Because that those opting not to pre-pay, it is feasible to salary on her last day, the Cruise heat will provide you v tipping envelopes and suggestions.

Disney does market the option of pre-paying for your gratuities because that $12 per night per person, this amount gets split amongst the employee that work with you during your time in ~ sea.

Internet Usage

Disney Cruise does have wi-fi access, starting at $19 for 100MB, for those in need, v theexception the the freeDisney Cruise line Navigator app.

Each stateroom is offered 50MB totally free Wifi on embarkation day. But once the is used up guests either have actually the option of paying for consumption at a rate of $.25 per MB or to buy a bundle. There are three sizes, 100 MB because that $19, 300MB for $39 or 1000mb for $89.

Ground Transfers

Ground transportation from the airport come the port and also vice versa. The price is $35 per person each means or $70 round trip. There is additionally a charge for Disney Cruise transportation to and from Walt Disney World.


Port Adventures & top top Cruise Experiences

The price for optional tasks at the harbor of speak to can variety anywhere native a $14 intertube rental come $500 per human for an Alaskan dog-sledding experience.

Also, remember the Port Adventures aren’t mandatory. There is so much to perform on the delivery that numerous guests have actually chosen to remain aboard. For one, the pools and pool deck are nearly empty the guests.

Spa Servies

Senses Spa aboard her ship wherein adults have the right to indulge in an amazing variety of spa therapies from facials to wraps come massages. However, relying on the therapy you can quickly expect to invest upwards the $100.

Pirate and also Princess Makeovers

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique provides Princess Makeovers that range from $64 – $199 depending upon the package or pirate makeovers the run all over from $44 -$100 every guest.


Alcohol and Fine Dining at Palo or Remy

Remy can be uncovered aboard the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy and also you’ll discover Palo on all four ships. Premium adult-only dining in Palo or Remyis an $25/person upcharge and is not contained in the price of her cruise.

Alcoholic beverages, smoothiesand non-alcoholic specialty drinks, specialty coffees,plusgratuity (15% automatically added).


For households with children between 6 months of age and 3 years, Disney does fee a fee for the nursery services. The expense is $9 per hour for the an initial child and also $8 because that any additional children.This demands to be booked in breakthrough and space is limited.


Shutters: The Onboard Photography Shop is where you can buy all of your remarkable Disney photos take away by Disney photographers. Cruise picture packages can be to buy in advance, on your cruise or one photograph at a time.

Guests have the alternative of prepaying for photo packages by visitngMyCruisePhotos.comwhere options start at around $200.

Optional Snacks

Vanellope’s Sweets and also Treats on the Disney Dream is a sweet extra but purchasing something in this shop is extra. The very same goes because that the concession stands just outside the theaters wherein you will be charged for popcorn or various other snacks.

Be sure to have actually a souvenirs budget

There space so numerous goodies top top board any type of Disney Cruise the you will want to purchase everything. Be sure to have actually plenty that extra room in your suitcase for second treasures, and also extra money in your budget plan for souvenirs and unexpected purchases, like the Disney Cruise rechargeable Beer Mug.


How to save Money ~ above a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise deals – unique Offers

Every once in a while, Disney provides special deals and discounts on their cruises.

Book in the off season

The turn off season, when school is in session, is significantly cheaper and also less overfilled than during school breaks.

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Book Early

Booking right away, when itineraries are very first released, is the cheapest a cruise will certainly be. Also with offers and also discounts, cruises become an ext expensive the much longer you wait come book.

Book when on a Cruise

Booking a cruise while at this time on a cruise, there room two services alone that deserve to save guests numerous dollars top top your next cruise.

10% turn off of the detailed far that your desired cruise.Guests will only have to put down a 10% deposit, rather of the typical 20%, ~ above cruises the 7 nights or longer