A fiberglass pool prices $47,000 top top average, with most homeowners spending between $24,333 and $70,000.

Fiberglass pools cost $47,000 on average, with most homeowners spending between $24,333 come $70,000. When you pick a fiberglass swimming pool for her outdoor oasis, you’ll spend less money on maintenance, conserve on power bills, and also enjoy the pool for years to come.

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The total cost to download a fiberglass swimming swimming pool will vary depending on many factors, including the pool’s size and installation site. Owning a pool and also keeping the in working condition will likewise accrue prices over time.

Want extra amenities prefer a diving board or pool lighting? We’ve gained those expenses covered, too. Examine out our pricing guide listed below to far better estimate exactly how much installation a fiberglass swimming pool will price you.

How much Does a Fiberglass swimming pool Cost?

Average national Cost: $47,000Typical price Range: $24,333 to $70,000

The average expense to build a fiberglass in-ground swimming swimming pool is $47,000. The median price selection is typically between $24,333 and $70,000.

Your full costs might vary depending on your details pool project. Huge pools the require extensive land preparation may price above $70,000 come build. If you’re plan to add pool amenities, such together a deck, pool house, or privacy fence, then suppose your full bill to increase.

Remember: friend might additionally want to budget for the extr costs of owning a pool, together as regimen pool maintenance, enhanced homeowner’s insurance, and increased property taxes.

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Throw in an extra sheep of fun v a diving plank or swimming pool slide. Installation a diving board starts at about $366, with luxury diving board projects costing as lot as $5,000.

Pool slides differ in price, typically ranging between $883 and also $16,000 to install.

Water Features

Need to wind under in your swimming pool after a stressful day? The sound the water from waterfall or fountains will certainly calm friend down.

Pool water attributes often start approximately $1,500, with elaborate custom designs costing as lot as $21,666 come install.

Pool Cover

Adding a swimming pool cover to her fiberglass pool will serve many benefits. Pool covers help to:

Retain heat in the waterPrevent drownings (these covers are recognized as security covers)Keep debris and small animals from obtaining into the water

Pool cover prices typically selection from $392 to $2,400. High-end automatic, retractable swimming pool covers space on the expensive side, ranging in between $4,600 and $13,666.

Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures space usually do of wood, plastic, vinyl, or glass and also can it is in screened-in. Swimming pool owners commonly spend $6,333 to $19,666 or as lot as $200 per square foot to build a swimming pool enclosure around their pool.

A pool enclosure offers plenty of of the very same benefits together an at home pool:

Protectsn versus sun exposure.Keeps the end insects and also debris.Gives you regulate over swim pool access to assist ensure safety.Enables year-round swimming, depending upon the design.

Pool House

A pool residence is both a luxurious and practical feature for any kind of pool, and a pool residence can considerably enhance her swimming experience. Structure a pool house prices most homeowners between $100 and $600 every square foot.

Here are seven ways to utilize your pool house:

Changing Room: When changing out of your swimwear, you no longer have to worry around tracking mud and also grass into the home. An accessible an altering room outdoors way less clean up for you.Guest House: Transforming her pool house into a small guest house method you’ll have actually family and also friends visiting every weekend. They’ll love having actually full accessibility to the pool, and also you’ll reap the added privacy.Bathroom: Nature is calling! run to the practically pool residence bathroom so that you don’t miss out on out on the fun with a lengthy trip ago to the main house.Storage: With a brand-new pool comes swimming pool floaties, cleaning supplies, and water volleyball nets. A swimming pool house can act as a roomy warehouse space.Outdoor Shower: Need a quick rinse prior to swimming in the pool? wash up in the out shower and also jump best in!Outdoor life Space: A pool house can carry out shelter and also shade for her outdoor entertain areas, such as an out kitchen, drink bar, or lounge.

Saltwater Conversion

Saltwater pools market a lot smoother swim than chlorinated pools. Salt is softer top top the skin and won’t damage your hair and also swimwear as lot as chlorine will. Costs variety between $908 and also $2,393 to convert a freshwater swimming pool to a saltwater system.

Fiberglass Pools contrasted to various other Pool Types

Besides fiberglass, two other usual pool varieties are vinyl liner and concrete. Fiberglass has many benefits, as carry out vinyl and concrete pools. Let’s take a look listed below at just how these three species of pools compare:

Vinyl Liner$24,000 to $44,000
Fiberglass$24,333 to $70,000
Concrete / Gunite / Shotcrete$31,000 to $71,666

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liners pools are typically the many affordable alternative for homeowners. Top top average, installation a vinyl liner swimming pool costs in between $24,000 and also $44,000. Vinyl-lined pools have actually a smooth surface ar that’s tenderness on the feet, and also you deserve to customize lock into any type of shape girlfriend want.

Pool owners will should replace the vinyl liner every 7 to 10 years, usually costing $3,000 to $4,200 every replacement.


✓ less expensive 보다 fiberglass and concrete pools✓ Takes about 2 come 5 weeks to install✓ Smooth surface✓ moderate maintenance✓ Customizable✓ daunting for algae to flourish on the surface


✗ not as resilient as concrete or fiberglass pools✗ no compatible through saltwater systems.✗ Vinyl demands to be replaced every 7 to 10 years.✗ no as visually appealing together concrete or fiberglass pools.


Fiberglass pools variety from $24,333 come $70,000 on average. These pools room low maintenance, room not vulnerable to algae growth, and require low power levels come run.

Most fiberglass swimming pool owners won’t have to resurface the gel coat of your pool, however if the pool shell is low top quality or you treat the pool with many chemicals, you might need to rental a pro to resurface it. Mean to pay in between $3,500 to $10,000 come resurface a fiberglass pool.

Among the pros and also cons the fiberglass pools are:


✓ Resists algae growth✓ short maintenance✓ installation takes much less than 2 weeks.✓ Smooth surface✓ generally does not have to be resurfaced.✓ Conserves heat far better than vinyl-lined or concrete pools✓ Compatible v saltwater systems✓ No acid washing or liner instead of is required.✓ needs low quantities of electricity to run✓Lasts for almost 25 years.


✗ not customizable✗ Surface deserve to be slippery.✗ gel coat might need resurfacing relying on the shell’s quality and also exposure to harsh chemicals.

Concrete / Gunite / Shotcrete

Concrete pools, also known together gunite or shotcrete pools, room the most expensive swimming pool type. This pools expense most homeowners between $31,000 to $71,666 come install. Concrete pools will certainly last for practically a lifetime and also are customizable.

Concrete pools are high maintenance. To protect against algae and mold from growing in your concrete pool, you’ll need to perform an mountain wash every 3 come 5 years, usually costing in between $290 and $400.

Concrete is additionally susceptible to cracking. Most concrete pools will need replastering every 10 to 15 year to correct any kind of damage. Replastering a concrete pool typically starts roughly $2,500 and can price as much as $13,000.


✓ can last for an ext than 50 years.✓ Shape and size space customizable.✓ Durable.


✗ usually the many expensive pool form to install.✗ needs high amounts of electricity and chemicals to remain clean and also swimmable✗ susceptible to mold and algae✗Has one abrasive surface that can make feet bleed. Children’s soft feet are specifically vulnerable to the stormy surface.✗ High maintenance✗ not compatible through saltwater systems.✗ have the right to take month to install

Cost of Fiberglass pool Installation across the U.S.

The costs noted in this pricing overview are all nationwide averages. The price that a fiberglass pool and its labor expenses will differ on a regional scale. Relying on where friend live, local pool companies and also pool builders may adjust their rates according come the region’s market and also demand because that fiberglass pools.

Cost the DIY Fiberglass pool Installation

Installing a fiberglass swimming pool is not an ideal DIY project. Installing any type of in-ground pool have to be left come a trained professional. This is why: Attempting to operate machinery the you have actually no experience with can lead to costly damages.

To ensure your safety, call a expert pool builder. Working through a professional likewise ensures experienced results on together an expensive invest (as well as a warranty).

FAQ around Fiberglass Pools

1. Exactly how long perform fiberglass pools last?

A fiberglass pool will last roughly 25 years, depending upon its quality and how well it’s maintained. 

2. Exactly how long go it take to install a fiberglass pool?

Depending top top the location and the project’s complexity, fiberglass swimming pool installation generally takes much less than two weeks to complete. 


Fiberglass pools sell the best bang for your buck –– they’re low maintenance, long-lasting, beautiful, and also can aid you save on long-term expenses. For expert results that make your invest worthwhile, hire a experienced pool builder and also skip the DIY pool project.

Want to enhance the area around your pool with lighted pathways and also colorful flower beds? call a professional landscaper near you to help you design and install a be safe or tropical landscape around your brand-new pool.

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On average, building a fiberglass pool costs $47,000, with most homeowners spending between $24,333 and also $70,000.

Your complete spending can fall below or over the typical variety for plenty of reasons, including how large you desire your pool, whereby you plan to develop it, and whether you download attractive features.