This will always be among the very first questions any kind of pool shopper will certainly ask as soon as researching their fiberglass pool options.

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We"ve answer this question thousands the times over the years, and these days, hundreds of prospective swimming pool buyers will certainly ask us for quotes or estimates annually -- and also many folks will certainly raise the concern in the first couple of of minutes of our conversations.

We obtain it.

Price matters (it"s not the only consideration, yet it is nice important). Price regularly dictates what type of pool, and any swimming pool options and accessories, you can get. You require to build an early budget and also plan for any type of long-term property costs, and also that"s true for any kind of pool, at any kind of size, in any type of configuration you might want.

It"s hard to answer this concern right off the bat, because swimming pools have so many variables and options it"s regularly tough to recognize the price until you"ve figured out exactly what friend want, and also have had skilled professionals assess her yard to figure out if it can need any special philosophies or non-standard environment work.

At flow Pools, we strive to educate every prospective buyer, also if the leads you towards a different kind of pool. I"ll execute my level ideal to offer some realistic price ranges, based on real-world installation and also accessory expenses right currently (in 2021).

Please keep in mind that all prices, whether because that fiberglass pool installations, accessories, or noþeles else, are just estimates based on the average fiberglass pool task in 2021. Price can and also often execute vary drastically based on the product(s) you choose, whereby you live, your chosen installer, and many various other factors.

How lot does a fiberglass pool cost?


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Just the shell

Some customers just want a fiberglass pool shell.

Installing a fiberglass pool will involves numerous other costs. However, some human being out there desire to do every little thing themselves, which has tendency to average buying and installing every solitary component on your own.

We don"t commonly recommend the do-it-yourself approach, even if you"re one experienced building and construction professional. There are plenty of variables come consider, and also a botched DIY installation deserve to easily reason far more trouble and also long-term prices than it"ll save upfront.

Please keep in mind these price arrays don"t incorporate shipping the covering or any kind of accessories.

A small pool covering (less than 26 feet long): $10,000–$19,000.

A tool shell (between 27 and 34 feet long): $13,000–$20,000.

A large shell (35 feet or longer): $15,000–$27,000.

Basic install

A an easy installation typically includes:

ShellShippingPump/filter systemExcavationBackfillFilling the pool with water

Most straightforward pool packagesdon"t include other options or patio work.

Typical prices for a basic install can variety from $40,000 come $90,000. This is a pretty big range, however there are a pretty wide variety of potential swimming pool shells you can install, and different sizes and also shapes come with their very own considerations, nevertheless of any add-ons you might want.

Prices have actually risen in 2021 as result of multiple factors, such together a surging of new demand stemming native the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, and supply chain disruptions that have created material shortages and price spikes in plenty of of the essential contents needed because that manufacturing and installing a fiberglass pool.

Basic download plus concrete

Most pool installations include including a concrete patio approximately the leaf of the pool.


Most concrete patios take up between 400 and also 800 square feet of space around a swimming pool, with larger pools typically requiring much more of a patio.

With concrete patio, a typical fiberglass swimming pool installation will expense between: $65,000 and also $90,000.

Turnkey installations

A turnkey fiberglass swimming pool installation includes everything we"ve already covered -- the shell, the patio, and straightforward accessories -- however will also includefencing and also electrical costs.

A usual turnkey price range for flow Pools customers in 2021 is between $75,000 and also $100,000.

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Want come see about how lot that price will be through all your favorite pool accessories?

Useour Design and also Price Toolto walk through your options and approximate price!

Prices for various other options

Automatic pool coversusually cost $12,000–$15,000.

Salt chorine generatorsusually expense $1,700–$2,200.

Pool protection covers cost$2,500–$3,800 in most cases.

Most heat pumps expense $4,500 to $7,000, not consisting of the expenses for electrical hookup.

Most pool dealers fee $2,300–$3,500 to tile a fiberglass swimming swimming pool on the waterline/perimeter.

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Retaining walls have the right to get an extremely expensive. Depending on the size, they have the right to obviously differ a large degree. Many walls cost between $5,000 and also $15,000, but larger and much more elaborate retaining walls sometimes price upwards of$30,000

The price of pool water featurescan vary drastically, particularly when it comes to custom waterfalls.