Shark strike statistics space every ocean swimmer’s worst nightmare. We’ve all checked out the movies and know how bad these assaults can be, yet what room the chances of enduring a shark attack?

To aid you recognize that, we’ve compiled every the must-know info, consisting of where the attacks occur most, our effect on sharks, and also what you deserve to do to prevent an attack.

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So, let’s dive best in (pun intended).

Little well-known Shark strike Statistics

In 2020, the Florida Museum taped 57 unprovoked shark attacks and also 39 provoked ones.Since 2013, 2020 was the deadliest year because that shark attacks.If friend visit the beach, you have a 1 in 11.5 million possibility of a shark attack.While sharks death six human beings a year top top average, we kill over 100 million sharks.61% of attacks are ~ above surfers and also other boarding sportspeople.In the critical decade, California has had actually 1.8 shark assaults per year.Between 1960–2020, 2015 observed the highest number of recorded shark strikes — 98.Florida shark strikes are the greatest at 28% of the global total.

Shark assault Stats

Most that us have actually seen Jaws. That spreads are afraid even amongst the bravest people. However experiencing a shark strike is not as likely as you could think.

1. 2020 to be the deadliest Year because that Shark assaults Since 2013 v 13 Deaths.

(Source: Florida Museum of herbal History)

Surprisingly, the unprovoked attacks in 2020 were only 57, through the normal yearly mean being approximately 80.There were 39 provoked attacks in 2020. “Provoked” here method that the human being initiated call with the shark.The 33 staying incidents fell into categories choose unsolved and doubtful. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, police and medical professionals couldn’t offer as lot input in reports.

While the opportunities are meager, you need to be wondering who’s most most likely to include to the shark bite statistics?

2. 61% of attacks Are ~ above Surfers and also Other Boarding sports People.

(Source: Florida Museum of organic History)

Coming in second with 26% are swimmers and also waddlers.There’s a enormous gap here, with just 4% of snorkelers and free-divers enduring an attack.Surprisingly, just 4% of strikes are ~ above scuba divers.

Worldwide shark assault statistics by year give some pretty interesting information about how and when sharks attack.

3. In between 1960–2020, 2015 observed the highest Recorded Shark assaults — 98.

(Source: Florida Museum of organic History)

Shark attacks more than doubled in the 20 years in between 1980–1999. They go from 226 to 500 unprovoked attacks.

The US has remained the number one spot because that shark strikes since 2011.


US Shark attack Statistics

The US also has the highest variety of annual shark attacks. And also one state is responsible for the most.

4. Florida Shark strike Statistics room the highest — 28% the the worldwide Total.

(Source: The Mercury News)

33 out of the complete 57 unprovoked assaults happened in the us alone, with 16 in Florida.Coming in second are the Cocoa coast shark assault statistics, with 3 shark assaults in 2020.

But the state isn’t alone. Right here are some California shark attack statistics.

5. In the critical Decade, California Has had 1.8 Shark assaults per Year.

(Source: California Academy the Science)

Shark attacks in California room most common in September and October.San Diego has the highest variety of shark assaults between 1926–2021, v 20 unprovoked attacks.

But let’s check an area surrounded by water. Here are some Hawaii shark assault statistics.

6. Between 1995–2021, Maui had actually 40 Nonfatal Bites and also 5 fatal Shark Attacks.

(Source: Maui News)

This put Maui at the height of the Hawaiian islands with shark attacks. In the same period, Oahu had just above 20 nonfatal bites.Hawaii Island is 3rd with 15 nonfatal bites in between 1995–2021.Makena Point in Maui has the highest number of shark sightings in Hawaii.

For all the surfers dreaming of walk abroad, here’s wherein you have to pay attention.

Shark attack Statistics Worldwide

While the US has the many shark assaults worldwide, that’s because of its thin size and also coastline. However it doesn’t average it’s the just risky country.

7. In 2020, Australia had the Second-Most Unprovoked attacks —18.

(Source: Florida Museum of herbal History)

New southern Wales to be hit the worst with eighth bites. Two of these to be fatal.Queensland had actually only three attacks, however two were fatal.From there, the numbers decrease dramatically. Fiji, new Zealand, new Caledonia, and also Thailand are places that just experienced one unprovoked attack.

Let’s have a look in ~ the shark attack statistics from southern Africa.

8. South Africa Is residence to among the deadliest Beaches Worldwide.

(Source: Owlcation)

Between 2007–2017, seven fatal attacks occurred at this one point out in south Africa. Many were bites from Bull sharks due to the fact that they can swim in shallow water. Plus, the area is notorious for its sandbanks that go much into the ocean.According come shark assault statistics in 2021, between 1905–2021, the western Cape had actually 55 unprovoked attacks. Growing up here, I recognize that our surfers’ worst nightmare is conference a good White confront to face and being stuck.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the western Cape has actually so numerous white sharks, yes a high fatality toll. The Great White is well known for killing its victims. By now, you could think it’s all around location, however does the shark types matter, too?


Shark assault Statistics by Species

There are millions of sharks globally, and also surprisingly, most aren’t dangerous come us. Yet the ones the are have the right to be fierce. For this reason let’s have actually a much better look in ~ the difference in species and shark attack statistics.

9. The great White Is the most dangerous Shark, through 52 Deaths.

(Source: Florida Museum of organic History)

Great White shark attack statistics present the species is responsible because that 290 nonfatal attacks.The bite pressure of the an excellent White is double as solid as a lion’s. That as lot as one ton per square inch.

While this varieties is fierce, it’s no alone. Let’s look at some other sharks.

10. Tiger Shark strike Statistics show It’s the second Deadliest.

(Souce: NY Post)

Third top top the list is the Bull shark attack statistics. They present that the varieties caused 25 deaths and 92 unprovoked attacks.One that the not-so-well-known sharks comes in fourth. Blue shark assault statistics report that the species has killed four people and attacked nine.

After all of this, it can surprise you to discover out how countless sharks we death each year.

They aren’t as cute as playthings for dogs choose the Frisco Summer funny Plush Shark Dog Toy. However that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about what happens to them.

Shark death Statistics

As monstrous as we portray sharks, we’re our very own worst enemy and also a lot bigger threat to sharks.

11. Sharks death Six humans a Year on Average, and also We kill Over 100 Million Sharks.

(Source: USA Today)

Bull and also Hammerhead shark assault statistics present populations have actually decreased by 99%.

As you have the right to see, human beings are overfishing this defenseless animals.

12. 8,000 lots of Shark Fins are Shipped to Restaurants Every Year.

(Source: protect against Shark Finning)

The many frustrating part is that this delicacy has no taste in ~ all. It’s simply a symbol of wealth, costing around $100 a bowl.Since 1972, Tiger shark populations have reduced by 97%.

We might have sharkless waters nice soon. And also we’re talking about a sea biology that’s been about for 100 million years.


Shark assault Statistics compared to other Deaths

To display you how little your opportunities of a shark strike are, let’s explore how much much more deadly day-to-day tasks can be.

13.You Only have actually a 1 in 11.5 Million opportunity of a Shark Attack.

(Source: Florida Museum of natural History)

We all know how bad the flu can be, but did you know there’s a 1 in 63 possibility of dice from it?

But that’s not all. Let’s have a look at much more comparisons through shark assault statistics.

14. One in 84 human being Die in car Accidents.

(Source: Florida Museum of herbal History)

Besides, you have actually a 1 in 79,746 opportunity of a lightning strike death you.A train accident could happen in a 1 in 156,169 chance.There’s over an 11 million in 1 opportunity of a shark attack you. In contrast, fireworks kill 1 in 340,733.

You have actually a higher chance of dice from obtaining into your vehicle with a bunch of fireworks or gift hit by a train all in one day, than from a shark attack. Yet let’s watch what you have the right to do to ensure it’ll never ever happen.

How To protect against US Shark attacks in 2021

Here’s what you can do to save your opportunities of coming challenge to face with a shark together low as possible:

Don’t swim in ~ night or once visibility is bad.Avoid heavily fished locations or areas near a fishing boat.Always swim with someone, don’t go out by yourself.Don’t wear glowing jewelry.If you carry out encounter a shark, move in a upright position.If the shark is close enough, try punching the in the nose.

Wrap Up

Shark strike statistics have the right to be scary also to the bravest beachgoers. Yet you deserve to see exactly how slim your possibilities of enduring a shark assault truly are.

There’s only a 1 in 11.5 million opportunity of gift attacked by a shark in your lifetime.

So, don’t stress and anxiety too much around it.

The ocean is just one of the most amazing treats ~ above the planet. It is why we all need to work together in keeping it clean and livable for its inhabitants and us.


Why perform sharks assault surfers?

Sharks nothing hunt for person flesh. Plus, we’re nowhere close to fat enough, no matter just how much quick food we eat. Seals have really fatty meat, for this reason they’re the number one shark dinner target. Unfortunately, the shape of a board with limbs hanging off the next looks really similar come a seal.

Where do most shark attacks happen?

Shark strikes usually take place within 100 feet the shore. That’s whereby their major sources that food are. Yet some attacks happen the end in the deep waters through divers and smaller boats. Still, you’re more likely to come into contact with a Bull shark close to shore.

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How plenty of shark attacks per year?

In 2020, there to be 129 shark strikes in total. This consists of human, boat, and also unconfirmed attacks. But, if we’re just looking at human being fatalities, the mean from a shark attack is around six every year. In 2020, shark strike statistics display that the unprovoked assaults were 59 and also the provoked — 39.