Where to Buy 2021 MLB World collection Tickets

All potential MLB teams have actually gone onsale because that World series tickets space are marketed out of challenge value options, unless you"re willing to sign up for season tickets next year.

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Will World series Ticket prices Decrease?

World collection ticket prices are most driven by just how long it"s been since a team has remained in the loss Classic. For groups that have not remained in the World series in a long time, prices will be higher, while teams that have recently been in the World series will have actually cheaper ticket prices. The finest illustration that this to be the Cubs in 2016, when prices went over $6,000, as the Cubs looked for their first World collection title in over 100 years. In addition to that "scarcity" factor, top top the ar performance can also affect how pricestrend end the course of the series. For teams thatdon"t have home-field advantage, 2 losses in gamings 1 and also 2 might lead to a huge drop for prices gamings 3, 4 and 5. Top top the upper and lower reversal side, if theteam hosting gamings 3, 4 and also 5 wins the first two games, prices because that the next three gamings will increase. Potentialclinching gamings will additionally drive prices up forhome teams that have a opportunity to win theWorld collection in former of their home crowd. Whenever examining when come buy, it"s necessary to look at obtainable inventory in the section you"re interested in, quite than looking at easily accessible tickets for the entire event. If there are limited tickets on the secondary market in the section you"re interested in, they"re not most likely to walk down, suspect there"s not any Covid-related surprises, or added variants.

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How much Are 2021 World collection Tickets

Tickets because that the 2021 World series are accessible for the both teams. The Houston Astros have an average list price that $1,293 for their four potential home games while the Atlanta Braves have actually an mean price of $2,063 The cheapest ticket for a game at Truist Park in Atlanta in is over $699 for game 3, if the cheapest ticket in Houston start at just over $400.

(UPDATED 11/1)