Filet mignon is recognized as the steak reduced of beef that’s taken native the finish of the tenderloin, i beg your pardon runs follow me both political parties of the spine, of one of two people a steer or heifer. The mean steer, follow to Wikipedia, will certainly no much more than 500 grams of filet mignon.

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How lot does filet mignon price per pound?

On average, plan on spending almost everywhere from $13 come as much as $25 per pound at your regional grocery save or butcher. The price will rely on the size, if it’s organic, your geographical location and where you acquisition it. Because this reduced of beef is well-known to it is in the most tender part of a cow, it’s often the most desirable, for this reason the inflated cost.

Bone-in filet mignon, i m sorry isn’t a cut that’s found really often, have the right to be lot more, regularly costing up to $80 every 12 to 14 ounces.

For instance, ~ above this thread, one member said he paid about $20 per pound at his regional Wegman’s and also a comparable price at a local butcher located in brand-new Jersey.

At Trader’s Joe, because that example, the median USDA choice premium steak can price anywhere indigenous $13 to $22 every pound. Whole Foods, a comparable grocery store, averages about $20 every pound, according to ours research. claims Costco charges around $13.99 per pound and will refer to it as a tenderloin steak, not filet mignon.

Filet mignon overview

Filet mignon is frequently one to 2 inches thick on average and also can either be offered as-is or wrapped in bacon. Some butchers or grocery store stores may already prep it with the bacon, while others will offer as is.

The median steak will have actually 278 calories, 18 grams the fat, 101 mg of cholesterol and also 28 grams the protein.

Tips come know:

Filet mignon does no contain a the majority of fat since it’s taken into consideration to be really lean, and because of this, you might need to make certain adjustments when food preparation this kind of meat since it can become dry. Filet mignon, because that example, can frequently be sheathe in bacon which have the right to supply the fat, or friend can consider brushing it with olive oil.

High heat is the most common technique when prepping the meat and is frequently served together a cognac cream sauce.

How come grill filet mignon

How can I conserve money?

Consider spring manager specials at neighborhood grocery shop of meat markets. If you’re able to discover this kind of deal, that often way it will either expire that day or the next.

According to Ask The Meat Man, most local butchers will incorporate the weight of the bacon when you acquisition your filet mignon. With the median strip the bacon weighing close to one ounce, this method you’re in reality purchasing 5 ounces of filet mignon if you were to acquisition a “six-ounce filet.” He said not every meat markets do this, but it doesn’t hurt come ask or purchase the bacon separately. He additionally recommends picking up a Porterhouse steak to obtain two prime cuts at once. The tiny piece in ~ the finish on the one side of the “T” form bone is filet mignon, if the various other side is known as the new York strip. If you’re able to find a porterhouse, that can regularly be $1 come $3 per pound cheaper.

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