SAN DIEGO — The median price of a gallon of petrol in san Diego County climbed 1.9 cent Friday to just under $4.60, making local gas price the highest possible they’ve been because October 2012.

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That news comes one day after the region recorded the largest daily increase due to the fact that Feb. 25 — 2.4 cents.

The brand-new average that $4.596 (for regular, self-serve gas) is about 5 cents an ext than one mainly ago, 20.6 cents greater than one month earlier and $1.45 greater than one year ago, according to AAA and also the Oil Price information Service.

The average cost of gas statewide is greater than what mountain Diego residents are right now paying in ~ the pump: $4.658. The added about three cent this week.

Nationally, gas prices actually decreased on mean this week, though experts note the prices remain rather high. Follow to the experts at GasBuddy, high prices have the right to be attributed to a variety of factors.

As the world bounces earlier from the pandemic and also gets moving again, a rise in need for crude oil has actually outpaced supply, driving price up by the barrel. That cost is then passed ~ above to client at the pump.

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The federal government has restricted opportunities to directly influence the price of gasoline for customers. Chairman Joe Biden has dubbed on OPEC — the administer body for 13 oil-producing nations that administer most the the world’s supply — and Russia to “pump more oil” and also balance out the it is provided for increasing demand.

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Those nations have actually “increased manufacturing at a slower, ‘cautious’ pace instead of doing for this reason on the timetable that Biden would like,” Patrick De Haan, head the petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, says.

As a recent Poynter evaluation highlights, the president can potentially take steps to ramp up production at home, though the clashes with his declared domestic ecological goals and also those the his party. Across the aisle, he encounters criticism native Republicans that say he have to do more increase come America’s output.

Regardless, U.S. Producers can’t necessarily ramp up manufacturing as conveniently as OPEC can, even if they chose to, professionals explain.

“Increasing residential production no a policy decision. That is a exclusive sector response,” James H. Stock, a professor the political economy at Harvard University, said Poynter.

With all that considered, experts aren’t anticipating a significant change soon.

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“With president Biden still mulling over choices to help push gas prices down, us could proceed to see some volatility in oil prices,” GasBuddy’s De Haan said. “I don’t automatically see a large decline or surge comes in the run as much as Thanksgiving, yet U.S. Gasoline need does continue to be strong.”

De Haan included that for this reason far, there’s no clear sign that the high price are significantly curbing the amount of fuel world are buying.

City News company contributed to this report.

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