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Daily traffic, scratches and also marks, and also discoloration indigenous the sunlight can reason your hardwood floors come look a little beat up together the years go on. Because flooring sets the tone because that your totality home and hardwood continues to be a top wish list item amongst buyers year after year, this is no a beloved home function you must let loss into disrepair.

Thankfully, hardwood is favor a cat through multiple resides to live. Sector hardwood floor leader Bona approximates you deserve to refinish your hardwood floors 4 to six times before you need to fully replace them. Since it’s recommended the you refinish every seven to 10 years, you have the right to probably squeeze, in ~ a minimum, 28 years out of her existing hardwood.

Refinishing, however, isn’t as an easy as taking a bucket of top coat and also sloshing it around with a mop. It entails a multi-step procedure to sand, stain, and also finish the floors through a polyurethane coating because that shine and also protection. And it requires technical training for the ideal results.

As you collection out to gain back your flooring come its full beauty (and resale value!) we’ve placed together this budgeting guide on the cost to refinish hardwood floors, including insights native a professional floor refinisher on just how he frequently puts together quotes for the job.

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FAQs: height questions about hardwood refinishing

No 2 refinishing jobs are the same, yet as girlfriend price the end your project, you might be wonder the following:

Refinish or replace: i m sorry is better?

Replacing her floors entirely expenses 2 come 3 times an ext than refinishing them, typically between $6-$12 every square foot. Replacing must only be considered in the occasion of major water damage or wear and also tear over high-traffic areas.

Lance Kenmore, a Kennewick, Oregon-based actual estate agent and also flipper v over two decades of experience, swears through a simple hack as soon as he’s considering instead of damaged hardwood floors in his projects:

“If the damaged flooring is only a few feet, periodically we’ll reduced the hardwood the end of the closets and use the to make repairs in high traffic areas,” Kenmore says. “We’ll look for ‘rescue wood’ in an additional area the the home to make the repairs.” This basic trick has actually saved Kenmore hundreds of dollars top top his floor refinishing jobs over the years.

What room the risks of law this project yourself?

Renting a floor sander from residence Depot costs just $64 a day, and for part homeowners, refinishing floors themselves feel like straightforward weekend project.

But just since a store uses floor sander rentals doesn’t typical anyone should be able to use it, says Praz. “It takes a solid year that apprenticeship to be able to run that maker properly,” the explains.

Plus, through DIY-ing, you run the danger of irreversibly damaging your floors.

“You deserve to easily damage them so they have the right to never it is in fixed,” claims Praz. A novice could quickly leaving a scrape pattern on the floor through the sander, end sand the floor, or improperly fill cracks in the wood.

Kenmore has actually seen homeowners try and fail to refinish floors in their homes as well: “One the the mistakes ns see civilization make is they nothing prep and also clean your walls. They finish up gaining texture combined in v their stain and also finish. The labor to clean increase after the ends up gift the biggest expense,” the explains.

How much value will certainly refinished hardwood floors add to your home?

“In my mind, refinishing floors is a height three item after decluttering and painting,” Kenmore says. And according come the nationwide Association the Realtors 2019 Remodeling influence Survey, 27% the Realtors indicate sellers complete the project before putting a house on the market.

What’s more, sellers can recoup 100% that the refinishing project’s expense at resale, reports NAR, and well-maintained hardwood floors can also assist in the appraisal.

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“if her hardwood flooring is in an excellent shape, sellers will acquire an mediate and boost in the price of one appraisal,” states Kenmore. “Hardwood floors are taken into consideration a superior item end carpet or high-end vinyl planking.”

Sounds favor the price is clear: Refinishing her hardwood floors is precious the time and money, yet you don’t want to danger a DIY mess-up. Rental a pro, create the check, and also enjoy the long-lasting beauty, beauty of the many coveted flooring type an American home can have.