Price per unit is a ide many that us an initial learned about in middle school math class: If you can buy a 6-pack of toilet document for $5, or an 18-pack because that $14, i m sorry one is the much better deal?

Of course, comparing homes is a tiny different than comparing multipacks of consumer goods. Knowledge a home’s price per square foot – and also what you have the right to learn from that number – is much an ext complex.

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Let’s take it a look in ~ what price per square foot is and also how to calculate it.

Price every square foot is often included together with other straightforward information on houses for sale, and also can vary even within the same city or neighborhood. Yet what have the right to it call buyers and sellers about a home’s price and value?

Though you can be tempted come draw details conclusions from a offered home’s price per square foot, the reality is that this number doesn’t provide us a totality lot of valuable information ~ above its own.

Home values tend to be similar among comparable homes in ~ the exact same neighborhood. To compare the neighborhood’s typical price every square foot to the house you want to to buy can assist give you an idea of how your prospective residence measures increase to comparable homes in the area. However even then, it have to be viewed as a beginning point for additional investigation.

For example, if you’re considering to buy a house that has a greater price every square foot than its very similar next door neighbor, you can want come ask your real estate agent why the is. It could be the the house you’re spring at has upgrades that the other house doesn’t, or other advantageous features, such as a larger backyard.

There are a many of determinants that go into pricing a home: location, age, condition, variety of rooms, lot of size, upgrades and also renovations and also more. A high price every square foot doesn’t necessarily average that the house is overpriced, while a short price every square foot doesn’t constantly mean the home is a steal.


Let’s look at an example: Catherine and George room next-door neighbors, and they’re both selling their homes. Catherine is selling her 1,500 square foot house for $280,000, when George is selling his 2,000 square foot home for $300,000.

Catherine’s price per square foot is $187. George’s price per square foot is $150. Also though George’s house is much more expensive overall, isn’t his house the much better deal because you’re getting much more space for less money? and also does this typical that Catherine’s house is overpriced?

Consider this: Catherine, understanding she’d be marketing soon, made some updates to her residence to rise its value. George, top top the various other hand, didn’t make any type of improvements come his home, therefore the inner shows a small wear and tear and also several of his home’s key systems, such as the HVAC, will most likely need to be changed in a few years. In this case, Catherine’s home could be the an ext attractive alternative for buyers.

Additionally, also though larger homes frequently cost much more overall than smaller ones in the very same area, larger houses often have actually a lower price per square foot than smaller sized homes. This could account for several of the difference between George’s and Catherine’s prices per square foot. Or, probably Catherine’s home, regardless of being smaller, has an ext bedrooms 보다 George’s home, make it more attractive to buyers.

It’s an overwhelming to tell from price per square foot alone even if it is a residence is relatively priced. However, that doesn’t average that learning a home’s price every square foot is fully useless; it’s simply one of numerous different data points the you’ll use to assist you evaluate even if it is a house makes sense for your budget and needs.

How large Is A Square Foot?

“Square” dimensions are equal to the length times the broad of a space.

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One foot is same to 12 inches. So, if you have a an are that is 12 customs in length and 12 customs in width, that equates to one square foot, or 144 square inches.