May brings the begin of 100-degree F (over 38 °C) weather come Phoenix, Arizona. Might is likewise sunnier and drier than most other months.

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This page gives comprehensive information ~ above the usual May temperature, precipitation, sun, humidity, wind and storms for Phoenix.

The temperature and also rainfall numbers right here are historical averages based upon climate data gathered in downtown Phoenix. The rest of the weather measurements are averages at the Phoenix sky Harbor international Airport, situated a few miles south east of the city center.


95 °F May mean high35 °C
69 °F May mean low21 °C

In most years, Phoenix averages a day-to-day maximum temperature for may that"s between 92 and also 98 levels Fahrenheit (33 to 37 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature generally falls in between 66 and 72 °F (19 to 22 °C).

The days in ~ Phoenix warmth up many rapidly during May. Through the end of the month, the temperature has climbed approximately 9 °F (5 °C) over what it to be at the start.

24 days90 °F max. Or more (32 °C)
16 days70 °F min. Or much less (21 °C)

Nearly every job in may warms to over 80 °F (27 °C) in Phoenix. The city averages 7 days this month once the thermometer spikes into the 100s °F (over 38 °C).

The thermometer dips come 60 °F (16 °C) or listed below on an typical 2 nights. However May does no normally get as cold as 50 °F (10 °C).


0.1 in total precipitation2 mm
1 day of rain

Most years, Phoenix gets no precipitation at all in May. Around one in 4 years receives simply 0.1 customs (3 mm) or therefore of rain.


93 % sunshine21 days clear skies

The sun"s rays with the soil in Phoenix throughout 93 percent of daylight hrs on median in May, because that a total of 401 hours in the month. Commonly on 21 job this month the skies is mostly clear, v at many 30 percent cloud cover.

Sunlight in might at Phoenix lasts because that 13 hours and also 54 minute a work on average. The shortest work of the month is the 1st with 13 hours and 32 minute of daylight. By the finish of the month, the days have actually lengthened come 14:13 native sunrise to sunset. This durations can vary through a minute or two from year come year.


22 % May typical humidity

The loved one humidity in Phoenix during May usually peaks at 35 percent in the morning then drops to 13 percent by so late afternoon.

Local Time2 am5 am8 am11 am2 pm5 pm8 pm11 pm
Humidity %2935271814131622


7.0 mph May wind speed average11.3 kph

May is windier than most other month in Phoenix.


0 days rainfall that 0.5 customs (13 mm) or more1 day with thunderstorms in May

May is among the the very least stormy months for Phoenix.

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These weather data are long-term historical averages detailed by the nationwide Climatic Data facility of the unified States. The temperature and also precipitation numbers room 1981-2010 normals while the humidity and thunderstorm statistics are 1961-1990 normals.