How have the right to the fast food drive-thru the ranks together the slowest, year ~ year, repetitively score greatest in customer service? The answer come this paradox is simple: because it"s Chick-fil-A. Every year, QSR magazine and a research companion conduct a comprehensive, clinical survey of people"s drive-thru experiences. The 2021 examine is warm off the digital press, and also Chick-fil-A"s drive-thru has retained the spot in ~ No. 1 for customer service, follow to QSR.

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An online survey inquiry 1,003 respondents to categorize your drive-thru endure at the top 10 quick food chains in America. To be it very friendly, pleasant, average, lackadaisical, or rude? Chick-fil-A"s results were important impressive, v 85.7% that those surveyed speak the drive-thru in ~ the fried chicken chain was very friendly or pleasant. (We deserve to hear all the Chick-fil-A employees saying "my pleasure" native here.) Nobody who took the survey claimed they encountered a lackadaisical or rude employee at Chick-fil-A. Carl"s Jr./Hardees had he next highest possible customer satisfaction score at the drive-thru, v 79.2% of respondent describing a really friendly or pleasant experience. The fast food outfit the really needs to increase its drive-thru game is Wendy"s, according to QSR. It score the lowest with 44.1% in the pleasant-to-very trusted range, and Wendy"s had actually the greatest "lackadaisical" score amongst the height 10 in ~ 26.5%.

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The super-friendly employees at Chick-fil-A show up to be consisting of for notoriously lengthy drive-thru times. QSR"s 2021 drive-thru rate study confirmed the Chick-fil-A drive-thru had actually the slowest time amongst the fast food height 10, in ~ 9 minutes, 1 second. The 2nd slowest chain was considerably faster 보다 that; Starbucks" drive-thru wait time clocked in in ~ 6 minutes, 49 seconds. The drive-thru the really put the "fast" in quick food in 2021 to be Taco Bell: 4 minutes, 28 seconds.

Chick-fil-A wouldn"t speak to business Insider around its slow-moving drive-thrus, yet the chain couldn"t have been surprised. Chick-fil-A has ranked critical in drive-thru speed four years in a row, per Nation"s Restaurant News. "They deliver friendly experience every time, and have a cult following," said Lisa valve Kesteren, CEO of SeeLevel, the firm that partnered through QSR because that its 2020 study. "Customers room willing to wait in line for much longer."

That "much longer" applies not only as soon as comparing Chick-fil-A to other chains, but also one year to the next. Per organization Insider, Chick-fil-A"s industry-lagging time in 2020 to be 8 minutes, 9 seconds — almost a minute faster than this year. In 2019, Chick-fil-A was still last however moved customers with its drive-thru in ~ a relatively brisk 5 minutes, 23 seconds.

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Chick-fil-A"s are so crazy-busy, they can not be able to do lot to improve the lengthy drive-thru times. The median Chick-fil-A ar makes 4 times as much money in a year as a usual Starbucks (via QSR).