Ever wonder why the earliest meeting you can publication with a professional is three weeks from today? desire to know how you can obtain seen earlier? review on below.

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Appointment Wait times By City

Before us jump right into why wait times are rising, let’s an initial get a sense of the typical wait times throughout different U.S. Cities and additionally by specialties.

According come a 2017 survey by Merrit Hawkins, ~ above average, that takes approximately 24 job to acquire a new patient physician appointment in 15 that the largest cities in the U.S. It is a whopping 30% increase contrasted to 2014.

What they also found is that the average wait time to check out a physician varies greatly depending on the city.

Among the 15 major cities surveyed, the longest wait time to acquire an appointment is in Boston (52.4 days) if Dallas (14.8 days) has the shortest wait time. Ironically, these major cities historically have the greatest doctor to patience ratios.



Source: https://www.hospitalcouncil.org/sites/main/files/file-attachments/mha2017waittimesurvevy.pdfAppointment Wait times By Specialty

In the very same survey, Merritt Hawkins looked at wait time by specialty. The specialties surveyed included Family Medicine, Cardiology, Obstetrics and also Gynecology, Dermatology, and Orthopedic Surgery. Keep in mind that the wait times provided below are again for 15 of the greatest U.S. Cities. Considering that the physician-population ratio in various other parts that the nation is no as robust, you can imagine the wait times can be significantly longer relying on where you live.

Family Medicine

In household Medicine, the typical wait time because that patients ranges anywhere from 1.7 days to 175 days depending upon the city. Imagine waiting 6 months simply to check out a family medicine doctor! Overall, the typical appointment wait time across the 15 best cities in the united state that were surveyed is 29.3 days.


The mean wait time reported to see a cardiologist is 21.7 days. Wait times selection anywhere native 2.7 days come 107.9 days.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The typical time to check out an OBGYN is 26.4 days. Wait times selection anywhere native 2.8 days come 122.7 days.


Wait time to check out a dermatologist variety from 1.7 days come as lengthy as 165.7 days. The median wait time is 32.3 days.

Orthopedic Surgery

As far as orthopedic patient go, wait time in the 15 significant cities surveyed is much better when compared to other specialties. The shortest mean wait time to view an orthopedic surgery specialist is 1.3 days, when the longest waiting time is 56.3 days. The median wait is 11.4 days.

Why appointment Wait time Are raising Over The Years

Long patience wait time are mainly attributable to 3 variables: a shortage that physicians, the growing population, and boost in accessibility to health insurance.

Shortage of Physicians

According come the combination of American clinical Colleges or AAMC, there is currently a shortage that 21,800 physicians in the USA. The AAMC predicts that the united state will have actually a shortage the 65,000 by 2020 and also 120,000 by 2030.

Electronic clinical Records

Another reason for boosting wait times is the use of electronic medical records. Electronic records cost doctors two hrs of bureaucratic work for every hour they invest with the patient. This not only reduces a physician’s access to view patients, it also compromises quality of care. 33% that the doctors who answer the inspection felt that “electronic records lessened the top quality of treatment given come patients.”

The Growing population Needing wellness Care

Another factor contributing to long wait times is the steady development of the us population, specifically the aging population. 10,000 americans are transforming 65 years old every day. Human being over 65 require three times together much medical attention contrasted to younger adults. This means three time the appointments, tests, procedures, and treatments.

Health Insurance

As much as health and wellness insurance is concerned, an increased accessibility to insurance allowance has also contributed to much longer wait times. The Affordable treatment Act (ACA) expanded health treatment to 20 million of formerly uninsured people, boosting patient burden on physicians.

The affect of longer Patient Appointment wait Times

Longer wait times can reason patients come skip out completely on routine check-ups and an ext which can an outcome in serious long-term health consequences.

Any hold-up in diagnosis and also treatment can pose wellness risks. No to cite the fact that such delays can and also will incur added costs. These costs would have been avoidable if prompt clinical attention to be given.

Tips To gain Your physician Appointment Sooner

Who wants to wait days, weeks, or also months to see a doctor? nobody does. So exactly how do you avoid long patient wait times? below are part tips.

Ask if over there is a new doctor in the group

Your chances of acquiring a schedule v a brand-new doctor in a group will be higher than a medical professional who has been about already.

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Ask if there is a wait list

It can’t hurt to ask the receptionist if over there is a wait list. This likewise communicates come the receptionist the you room serious about wanting or needing to check out a doctor. Doctors, top top average, have 4 open slots in your schedules as result of last minute cancellations and no shows!

Book a schedule online

If the clinic offers online booking portals, use them! However, note that the ease of access on these portals may not be in actual time. Check out Slingshot health which matches patients and providers based upon price and availability!

Be friendly v the receptionist

Last however not least, be friendly! being friendly and building a relationship with the receptionist or nurse may assist you acquire priority in case an meeting time i do not care free.