Avril Lavigne has gone through 2 not successful marriages yet it is her approach to divorce the is nothing quick of impressive.

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Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley throughout Avril Lavigne birthday Party at facet in Los Angeles, California, unified States. ***Exclusive*** (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic for us Weekly Magazine)

Avril’s first marriage to be to amount 41 command vocalist Deryck Whibley. She met him at a bar when she was simply 17 and made out through him the exact same night. The two officially began dating two years later. In June 2005, Deryck brushed up the singer turn off to Venice on a surprise romantic trip and asked she to get married him. She said yes, and also the two tied the knot on July 15, 2006, in Montecito, California.

The first years that their marital relationship were much more content than Avril can have ever before imagined. The Sk8er Girl claimed in an interview that she to be the “best thing that’s ever before happened” to she husband and ever mutual she’s been helping him stay off that drugs. “We have actually a really good, solid relationship. There’s a lot of trust,” she called Jane magazine a year into marriage.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t expected to be. The Girlfriend singer filed because that divorce on October 9, 2009. Even then, she was passionate to maintain an affectionate bond v her husband. “I am grateful for our time together, and I to be grateful and also blessed for our continuing to be friendship,” she said in a statement.

Avril and also Deryck have been spotted together on multiple occasions post-divorce. In fact, they’ve to be photographed so plenty of times over the years the gossip blogs also tried to spread rumors about a feasible reconciliation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because they have actually a well-functioning friendship doesn’t median that castle on the cusp that reuniting as lovers. It’s possible to evaluate someone simply for the memory or company — a friendship doesn’t have actually to denote a romantic connection.

In 2014, Deryck announced that he was seeking therapy for his alcoholism. Avril exit a statement of support and mentioned that she had actually visited him in his time of need.

I’m proud of that for taking this step. Ns love Deryck really much. He’s family to me. He is a good guy, and I want him to be happy and also healthy and what he did was to let his fans recognize to drink responsibly.

Avril Lavigne top top Kiss 92.5’s Roz & Mocha

Avril’s “stayed closed” come Chad Kroeger and also still works through him professionally

Avril’s marital relationship to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger finished even an ext amicably than her very first marriage. Funnily enough, the night she met Deryck for the very first time was the exact same night she encountered Chad for the an initial time too — i beg your pardon is a simultaneous that only fate could have cook up.

It took almost ten years for Chad and Avril to reconnect with one another and also pursue a romance. Sparks flew uncontrollably once they began working together on Avril’s 5th studio album, Goodbye Lullaby. In fact, your feelings to be so an effective and undeniable that they made decision to get engaged just a month right into their relationship. Your wedding nuptials took ar at a medieval castle ~ above the Mediterranean in the south of France top top July 1, 2013.

No one knows how or why the marriage deteriorated. No one even suspected the their marriage had been top top the rocks till Avril announced your separation ~ above September 2, 2015. Together was the case with Deryck, Avril to be assertive about maintaining a friendship with her husband. “We are still, and also forever will certainly be, the best of friends, and also will constantly care deeply because that each other,” she wrote. She also added that she and also Chad have developed “unforgettable moments” v both your music and marriage.

Avril revealed in February 2019 the she collaborated through Chad top top the production of her sixth studio album, Head above Water. He yielded vocals for the location track and even lent his studio come Avril when she essential to record. More importantly, he was just a continuous “soundboard” for she in the she would simply shoot over new music come him if she want an opinion or if she to be stuck on a details part. The was always encouraging and commended his ex-wife because that her hard work and creativity. “ just cares around me and also wants to see me do well, i beg your pardon is yes, really nice,” she called USA Today.

In the same interview, Avril had actually no qualms reaffirming her friendship through both Deryck and also Chad. She stated that once you marry someone, you nothing just attach yourself to your life —you attach yourself to their interests, friends, and also families. Friend can’t simply dissociate from them by force. Uneven the partnership concluded on exceptionally unpleasant, irreparable grounds, yes sir no factor to rest it off through your exes and also reject the idea that a friendship.

This is particularly interesting comes from an artist who’s known approximately the people for she angsty breakup anthems. You’d mean her come badmouth her former beaus in she songs, however she keeps it clean and instead appreciates she exes for inspiring her sound. It highlights she growth and also subverts the public’s expectations. Just due to the fact that she supplied to scream obscenities at her exes at 17 doesn’t typical she’ll it is in disgruntled her whole life.

space just an excellent people. We had actually marriages, we live together, i knew their families, lock knew mine, we just stayed close and there’s a shared respect.

Avril Lavigne to USA TodayFriendship is the finest gift friend can provide to others

Not all relationships space equal, and some will have nastier endings than others. And ultimately, it’s up to the parties affiliated to determine how they desire to interact with one one more for the rest of your lives. Avril demonstrates the it’s not possible but actually an ext fulfilling come preserve good relations v your exes. Deryck and also Chad can not have been the finest fits together husbands, however they an ext than compensated because that it through long-lasting friendships.

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Avril teaches united state that we should constantly go the extra mile when it concerns dealing through our exes. The awkwardness doesn’t issue as long as you remember what lugged you together in the first place: every other’s company. Obviously, it can be challenging to practice the new dynamic, however as long as the keeps the toxic aspects at bay, you have to never revolve your ago on friendship.