Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger ended up being engaged in respectable 2012 after simply one month the dating. Kroeger popped the inquiry with a memorably big ring. Although Avril and also Chad to be married for two years, they remain good friends.

Lavigne"s music has actually influenced newer artists favor Rina Sawayama and also Billy Eilish to hip-hop artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Rico Nasty. She"s greatly responsible because that the early-mid thousands pop-punk craze, and that sound has even carried over right into artists choose Taylor Swift, especially on she 2010 album Speak Now.

The singer is indeed an icon, and she had actually a repeatedly successful run, however as time progressed, she speared to move away indigenous the spotlight. Let"s use the time an equipment to uncover out the reality behind her connection with Chad Kroeger.

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Perfect Proposal

The Canadian rockers very first met in February that 2012 once they obtained together come co-write some brand-new tunes. A romantic relationship eventually blossomed ~ spending some time together, and also the artists took pleasure in life as an involved couple. Chad, who was 37 years old, popped the inquiry to 27-year-old Avril in august of the year.

He presented her through a huge 14-carat diamond ring sparkler. Back then, Avril expressed that she was so happy and couldn"t wait to start a life v her man.

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Avril previously dated Brody Jenner, and she was also married come Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley. However, this to be Chad"s an initial time walking under the aisle.

The 2nd Time Avril Wore a Wedding Dress

once Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley in 2006, she shocked the general public by shedding her punk rock clothes and also donning a classic white Vera Wang gown. The singer had a tiny outdoor ceremony with 100 guests and also a reception with red and white themes in a luxury property. Everything about Lavigne"s very first wedding was what people are an alleged to do as soon as they gain married. Then came Chad Kroeger, who let Lavigne take the reins the the unique day.

The Canadian couple hosted your ceremony because that Canada Day, and also Lavigne donned a gothic black gown to enhance the gothic-themed wedding. Around 110 family and also friends attend the Chateau de la Napoule, an expansive middle ages castle close to Cannes.

how Does the music Duo do It Work?

Chad talked v People about his close relationship with Avril and confessed just how now, also though they"re exes, castle still work-related together.

as proof the it, Avril surprised the group at a Nickelback concert in ~ the Greek theater in Los Angeles in 2017. Follow to Billboard, "Lavigne came out and also joined the band on their track Rockstar, sharing a stage with frontman Chad Kroeger two years after finishing their two-year marriage."

They composed their Wedding Song

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger didn"t choose an Ed Sheeran track for their first dance. Instead, their wedding was so distinct that they created a song called If I stated I love You.

Kroeger and also Lavigne space no strangers come duets. The first song the couple wrote together was Let Me Go, a sad track. Their wedding track was simply a bit less sad.

Why Chad Kroeger Went off The Map

Chad Kroeger has actually performed some famous songs as the command singer of the Canadian rock band Nickelback, consisting of Rockstar, Photograph, and also How You remind Me. with the aid of their raspy voice and innate capability to create hit songs, the band had no problem climbing to the height of the music charts throughout their heyday. However soon enough, Kroeger and his crew challenged a backlash as some fans grew weary that Nickelback"s recurring lyrics and careless attitude. As a result, Kroeger"s name has actually mostly been off the news headlines.

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also his 2013 marital relationship to Avril Lavigne, i beg your pardon was conveniently followed by a 2015 split, fail to keep him in the limelight. Since then, she has ongoing to release music that barely renders the top 100 in the charts. Kroeger"s fans turned their backs ~ above him till his band ended up being the laughingstock of Facebook.

Avril Lavigne"s struggle with Lyme Disease

due to the fact that her diagnosis, Lavigne has totally changed she diet and also exercise routine, cutting the end sugar, dairy, and also gluten. She"s additionally doing yoga, meditating, and also trying come swim or to walk every day. Now, the singer is hold on, saying she"s thankful for being able to get rid of such a difficult time. She told alphabet News "I"ve never been much more clear about what I desire in mine life –health, family, love, and happiness."

Lyme disease, caused by a tick bite, kept the artist bedridden for 2 years, top top the brink of death, and also five years away from stage and music. The Canadian singer, who became an international pop-punk star in the 2000s, released the video and tune Head over Water in 2018. A story the in the last 5 years has been among overcoming. The song"s very name and the album come from a tough night if overcoming her significant illness.

She"s law well out of the spotlight, as well as Chad Kroeger. The couple is the life proof that fame doesn"t critical forever, and even the finest rockers have the right to remain an excellent friends after a divorce.

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