Gillian Anderson deserve an Emmy for she portrayal of previous British prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a season the “The Crown.”
Powered by lot of wins because that “The Crown” and also “The Queen’s Gambit,” streaming large Netflix reclaimed the height spot amongst all TV communication on the 73rd Emmy Awards presented Sunday.

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The Los Gatos-based firm swamped the competition with a full of 44 trophies.

The fourth season the its royal family drama “The Crown” winner 11 awards, including ideal drama series. “The Queen’s Gambit,” certification Anya Taylor-Joy together a young chessmaster v addiction worries in the 1960s, likewise won 11 awards, including best restricted or anthology series.

Netflix tied a record for many Emmy wins because that a single platform collection by CBS in 1974. The wins pushed Netflix fine ahead that second-place HBO, i beg your pardon finished with 19 trophies, down from its platform-leading complete of 30 in 2020.



this is the complete list that 2021 Emmy winners

Find out the winners that this year Emmys appropriate here. We’ll be updating the perform live throughout the show.

The tally because that the WarnerMedia-owned premium cable network consisted of programs released on that streaming business HBO Max. The HBO Max hit “Hacks” — about a infant boomer las vegas hotel comic who hires a millennial writer — earn wins for comedy writing and also directing, if its star Jean smart walked off v a trophy for lead actress in a comedy series.

HBO additionally scored lot of wins v its limited series “Mare that Easttown,” including a lead actress trophy for Kate Winslet for she performance as a grieving police detective. Supporting actors Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson got honors for their roles.


Jean smart accepts the award for lead actress in a comedy collection for “Hacks” in ~ the 73rd Emmy Awards.
The top awards to be presented in a ceremony hosted at the event Deck in ~ L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles and telecast top top CBS. The creative Arts Emmy Awards winners contained in the totals were presented ~ above Sept. 11 and also 12.

Newer entrants come the streaming landscape made gains as well, as Apple TV+, the subscription business operated by Cupertino-based tech behemoth Apple, saw its win full rise come 10, up from a solitary win in 2020, many thanks to that is breakout comedy hit “Ted Lasso.” The feel-good show around a relentlessly confident American university football coach acquisition over a brothers soccer organization team won 7 awards after catching 20 nominations.

Overall, online video platforms accounting for an ext than fifty percent of the awards presented this year, further solidifying their status as the top edge that creativity based on the voting by television Academy members.

The Emmy Awards have actually helped construct the stature the Netflix and also others, as they have successfully used the honors together a marketing tool to acquire awareness and ultimately subscribers.

“Ted Lasso” was recognized as best comedy series, while Jason Sudeikis earn wins as lead gibbs in a comedy collection and Hannah Waddingham and also Brett Goldstein took the sustaining actor categories.


Hannah Waddingham accepts the award for finest supporting actress in a comedy series for “Ted Lasso” at the 73rd Emmy Awards.
Disney + likewise saw that win full rise come 14, increase from eight in 2020. The Walt Disney Co. Unit acquired a boost from that is “Star Wars” franchise series “The Mandalorian” scoring a complete of seven trophies and the Marvel Universe show “WandaVision” capturing another three. The streamer’s presentation that the Broadway quit “Hamilton,” won an Emmy for finest pre-recorded selection special.

Missing indigenous the brigade the streaming winners to be Amazon’s Prime video and Disney’s Hulu, both the which to be shut out.

Broadcast and cable networks, which have actually seen streaming rivals siphon off viewers of scripted program in current years, were when again one afterthought at the Emmy Awards.

NBC led the networks through eight trophies, every for that perennial multi-Emmy winner “Saturday Night Live.” The sketch range show has actually won 81 Emmys over its 46-year run, the many of any program in history.

ABC had actually three wins, followed by Fox, which had actually two. CBS to be shut out.

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VH1, the ViacomCBS own channel, had the most wins of any ad-supported cable network with 5 wins, all for “RuPaul’s traction Race,” which earned its 4th consecutive victory for fact competition show.