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Management at electronic devices giant B & H Photo video clip are confronted with a trouble that other companies would certainly kill to have: having actually to relocate your warehouses because business is booming.

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In a letter sent to employee on January 12th, B&H executive Menashe Horowitz announced that the agency had outgrown its warehousing facility at the Brooklyn navy Yard, despite having added a 2nd facility ~ above Evergreen way in Bushwick numerous years ago.

According come Horowitz, the company’s numerous years lengthy search because that a bigger location has actually been unsuccessful and instead will certainly be relocating come a basic of much more than half a million square feet in Florence Township, new Jersey, roughly 40 miles west that Lakewood.

“We worked carefully with brand-new York State government leaders to uncover a brand-new home right here in new York, however unfortunately we were unable to uncover a facility below that came even close to meeting our needs,” composed Horowitz. “As countless others before us have actually discovered, large warehouses space not accessible on the sector in NYC due to the booming actual estate industry here.”

All 335 B&H Brooklyn employees will certainly be available employment at the brand-new facility, which follow to Horowitz is a 90 minute journey from the store’s existing warehouse. The relocate is reserved to take ar in stages during the second fifty percent of 2017 and also Horowitz encouraged employees to think about the possibility of continuing on in ~ the warehouse at its new site.

Workers in ~ B & H join the joined Steelworkers international union in 2015, despite strong opposition from management, report the Forward.

B & H had been negotiating through the union for more than a year ~ above the first contract because that union workers and United Steelworkers spokesperson Wayne Ranick said that he to be both disappointed and surprised to hear about the move.

“We had actually been bargaining in an excellent faith and this come up completely unexpectedly,” said Ranick.

B & H declined an market by the union come negotiate end the move however said the contract negotiations would proceed despite the relocation. Ranick claimed that the union intends come fight the move.

“We’ll do every little thing we deserve to to store representing the ideal interests,” of the workers, said Ranick. That is unsure if united Steelworkers will continue representing B & H employees when the move takes place.

Rabbi David Niederman of the joined Jewish establishments of Williamsburg said that his company would it is in doing whatever in its strength to assist local citizens who are employed in ~ B & H’s Brooklyn warehouses and has currently formed a task placement committee.

A commonwealth lawsuit versus B & H, the charged the company with discriminating against its hispanic workers, providing them under promotions and forcing them to use different restrooms will certainly not be affected by the move, claimed a B & H spokesperson.

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B & H’s lease is set to expire in 2018 and is not being fix up by the Brooklyn marine Yard. Follow to DNA Info, the website will be provided as a movie studio.