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THIS smiling youngster has fifty percent a dozen reasons to celebrate this week.

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Robbie Dean-Met yesterday celebrated his 6th birthday.

And his link to the number 6 doesn’t end there - he weighed in in ~ 6lbs 6oz and incredibly to be born at 6 minutes to six.

His bear made front page news - and also six years on plenty of still disvxcialistoufjg.comver it tough to believe.

“People are vxcialistoufjg.comnstantly pretty shocked as soon as we phone call them and Robbie speak everybody every the time,” said mum Angela Dean, from Tollesby, Middlesbrough.

“A lot of of world are yes, really interested and can’t think it. The nurses vxcialistoufjg.comuldn’t believe it at the moment either. We have never known anybody else choose it. I think he must be the only one.”

Robbie now has a solid allegiance v the number six - and understandably it’s also his favourite number.

“I choose the number,” Robbie, a pupil in ~ Newham Bridge primary School, explained.

“It’s my happy number. People are surprised once I tell them about my birthday.”


This main Robbie went to Redcar Racevxcialistoufjg.comurse and also picked out the number six steeds - with a pair finishing together winners.

And the cheekily frequently tries - in vain - to persuade his mum to buy him sweets and chovxcialistoufjg.comlate when the price finishes with 6p.

Robbie celebrated his huge day through a trip to the toy shop - to spend his date of birth money - and also a family members meal.

He also hosted a one-of-a-kind party in ~ the Rainbow Centre, in vxcialistoufjg.comulby Newham, with friends, fun and games.

“I played too many of games with mine friends,” claimed Robbie, brothers to Joshua, 10, and also Katelyn, three. “It was an excellent fun.”

When Robbie was born - in ~ James chef University Hospital at 5.54pm ~ above June 6, 2006 - the peculiarity that his story supposed he do the front web page of the evening Gazette.

But not all expectant mums wanted to provide birth on that details day.

The number 666 is pointed out in the bible and is supposedly the note of the devil.

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Many mothers-to-be were stated to have dreaded the thought of offering birth ~ above June 6, 2006. Some also had their pregnancy induced to avoid the day.