This is story of mine daughter Gillian, who has a number of facility medical conditions, consisting of Anopthalmia, Microcephaly, and also Agenesis the the corpus Callosum.

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Gillian’s Story

My husband and I had actually been married because that 10 years and had do the efforts for three years to gain pregnant. The third cycle that infertility treatments lastly took and also we found out we were pregnant v twins. Sadly, at 5 weeks gestation we shed one, yet the various other baby was so passionate to be born, that I had to walk on bed remainder from 21 weeks.

So eager was this infant to arrive the arrive indeed she did in ~ 34 weeks, through C-section, weighing 4 pounds 14 ounces. A large baby for 6 weeks early! she pediatrician and also a neurologist were on hand for her an initial exam. The an initial thing lock noticed to be an abnormal left eye socket, not recognized if she to be without an eye or had a microeye. Later it to be learned the she walk indeed have actually only one eye, termed Anopthalmia. Since she is premature, she is moved to the NICU.

As new parents, 6 weeks earlier than expected, we had not decided on a name for her. For 3 days, she was simply baby woman D. Us prayed and also reviewed our surname list and finally believed God offered her the surname Gillian. She was not permitted to be in the room v us as she to be so small. ~ above the 3rd night, she started having breath problems and also was moved to an additional hospital v a much more advanced NICU. Mine doctor had actually not exit me indigenous the hospital yet; however, the didn’t stop me native discharging myself as soon as i heard my infant was leaving.


And turn off we checked out a journey of four weeks in the NICU. Gillian was actually only in the NICU as a feeder/grower, gift premature, despite she was the largest preemie there. During this month, countless specialist and also doctors were referred to as in to poke and prod our baby, and many conditions, diagnoses and also speculations were made. However, all we heard to be our baby would certainly most likely not live previous six month to a year.

Primary on the list of concerns were Microcephaly (a tiny brain), Agenesis that the body Callosum (the component of mind connecting the 2 hemispheres was missing), Hemifacial Microsomia (part of her face and also structure was smaller sized than the rest), and, she to be literally born with half a brain. Us were said these conditions were rare, that all of them would cause seizures sooner 보다 later, and Gillian would be severely developmentally delayed. Lock tried come diagnosis her with numerous syndromes yet she simply did not fit into any kind of one syndrome in particular.

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She was so beautiful to us. A wonder to us. One enigma to them. Gillian continued to astound experts renowned in their fields, gaining many an ext diagnoses consisting of needing a feeding tube at period four, and a trach and also vent at period nine. She did indeed begin having seizures and also began the trip of many medications and treatments, even now proceeding to have seizures every day. We were continually told, she will not live past period five, then age 12, and then not v adolescence. However, this people, in all their expertise, did not count top top the tenacity of our tiny girl, or the power of our God.

A Happy Life

Our mantra quickly came to be that we will certainly not permit Gillian’s challenges to impede her having actually a happy, fulfilled life. We go places essentially every day. Gillian goes to school, goes to movies with friends and family, attends church practically every Sunday, enjoys ar involvement and volunteer activities, bakes and also has tastes the everything, and even walk bowling and also swimming! She has remained in all kinds of therapies such together horseback riding, entertain therapy, and even gets 2 massages a week. She has actually been come Prom as well as been in beauty pageants where she to be crowned a princess. As a family, we have actually been to Walt Disney people three times and also Disneyland twice. At age one, she saw Vegas with her parents and aunt and also uncle. This Girl is a mover and a shaker!

Today, in 2018, Gillian is 18 year old, a small in high school. She does no walk or talk, however she coos in her own way, and is among the happiest, contents persons girlfriend will ever meet! Her smile lights up any room she enters. She is loved and also prayed for by human being we don’t even know across the world. Gillian is our miracle child. Ours hearts are made fuller with every new day the Lord offers us!

Kimberly is a stay residence Mom, daily scheduling appointments, therapies and activities for her daughter. She has actually been married come Gillian’s father, Steven, for 29 years, and is grateful for the satisfied of staying home. Through a Bachelors and also Masters in society Work, 15 years of suffer as a Hospital Pediatric social Worker, Kimberly trust God to be preparing she for this precise ‘job’ of caring for her daughter through special needs. When not assisting the 24/7 registered nurses who treatment for Gillian, Kimberly enjoys movies, reading, researching the Bible, scrapbooking as soon as there is time, and also Girl’s Night out regularly!