An infant with an omphalocele. In which the ab organs are moved out into the base of the umbilical cord.

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Omphalocele (um-fal-o-seel) occurs once some that the organs that typically are situated in a baby’s abdomen are driven out into the base of the umbilical cord (see illustration). 

The abdominal muscle cavity itself might be little and underdeveloped since the offal normally consisted of in it emerged outside of it. The organs in the defect may be spanned by a membranous sac, or the sac may rupture before, throughout or after delivery. 

Omphaloceles differ in dimension from very little to "giant." little omphaloceles occur in 1 the end of every 5,000 to 6,000 births. Large or "giant" omphaloceles occur in 1 the end of every 10,000 live births. 

A small omphalocele requires only a small section of the intestine external the body. A giant omphalocele is very big and might involve other organs, such as liver, spleen and also intestines. Giant omphaloceles may have actually a an ext guarded prognosis than small omphaloceles.

Are there associated birth defects?

Up come 50 percent of babies through an omphalocele will have actually an associated anomaly, or bear defect, including: 

Cardiac defects (most frequently seen; found in 19 to 32 percent of cases) Neurological defects skeleton defects Chromosomal defects Urinary tract defects Beckwith-Weidemann syndrome

Omphaloceles connected with various other anomalies also may have actually a much more guarded prognosis. 

What reasons omphaloceles?

Omphaloceles occur more often in mother older 보다 35. We perform not recognize the reason of an omphalocele. We do recognize that during fetal development, the intestines will move outside the body for a time and then move ago in. For some reason, there is a fail or a disruption throughout this period of development, and also the intestines fail come migrate ago into the ab cavity. 

We also know that omphaloceles space not brought about by something the mother ate or did throughout pregnancy.

How walk the diagnosis of omphalocele influence my pregnancy?

If her baby is diagnosed with omphalocele, you most likely will need to undergo part tests to confirm the diagnosis and also check for added abnormalities, and also you will be inquiry to execute special monitoring later in the pregnancy.

Tests and also monitoring include:

Targeted ultrasound: Doctors have the right to confirm the diagnosis that omphalocele by ultrasound.  Amniocentesis: Omphaloceles deserve to be associated with some chromosomal abnormalities (up to 30 percent), so your doctor may offer one amniocentesis.  Fetal echocardiogram: Your physician may additionally recommend one ultrasound of her baby"s heart (fetal echocardiogram).  Regular ultrasounds: If your doctor diagnoses omphalocele, her baby will be monitored closely throughout the pregnancy. Your physician will carry out ultrasounds every 2 come 4 weeks come assess how well her baby is growing and also to inspect the amniotic fluid volume and also fetal well-being.  Fetal activity counting: At about 28 main of gestation, your medical professional will explain how to do day-to-day fetal motion counting.  Non-stress tests: her doctor may schedule non-stress test (a recording of the baby"s heart rate while you space sitting and also pressing a button each time the infant moves) at approximately 32 weeks of gestation.  Biophysical file (BPP): Your physician may also schedule weekly biophysical profiles (BPP). The BPP is an ultrasound that monitors amniotic fluid volume, your baby"s breath movements, and also movements that the extremities. 

Will I have to provide my infant a particular way?

As her due day gets closer, your medical professional will comment on the an approach of distribution with you. The will count upon the dimension of the omphalocele. If the size is rather large, and also especially if the liver is involved, her doctor may prefer to execute a cesarean section to prevent the risk of injury to your baby’s liver. Otherwise, the preferred method of delivery is vaginal.

Labor might be induced or allowed to begin on that is own.

How go omphalocele impact my baby?

Because omphalocele deserve to be connected with various other anomalies, medical professionals will study your baby extensively for any type of other difficulties that would need intervention. Just how well your baby does counts on the presence and also severity the related difficulties and likewise on the dimension of the omphalocele.

Babies with omphalocele need surgery or therapy to the omphalocele sac shortly after birth, so the is ideal if her baby is born in ~ a hospital the can treatment for both you and also your baby. This keeps you together and also avoids the trauma of having actually to transfer your infant to a different hospital after birth.

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How perform you act omphalocele?

When the baby is born, the defect in the abdominal wall usually is covered with a membranous sac. However, if this sac is injured, the abdominal organs might be exposed. Exposed guts leave her baby at danger for infection, and also the exposed organs can lose heat and also fluids. Till surgery, medical professionals will sheathe the bowels with moist, warm, sterile gauze, and they will place the lower half of your baby"s body in a bag to hold moisture and also heat in. If the membrane is intact, place a dry dressing on optimal of the membrane is typically sufficient.

If your baby has actually an omphalocele, the or she will need surgery. Throughout surgery, the physician will put the organs earlier inside her baby"s abdominal muscle cavity. If possible, all of the abdominal muscle organs will be put earlier into the abdominal muscle cavity throughout this first surgery. This is referred to as a "primary closure." If all of the organs do not fit, immediate surgery might not be possible. The setup then would certainly be to permit the sac to be the protective obstacle until the skin grows over it. Surgery would it is in postponed because that 6 month to 1 year, and it would commonly be excellent in stages until last closure. 

Sometimes, as the bowel is moved right into the abdomen, babies v this problem require help breathing.