A baby born v a rare condition that way he must be maintained from direct sunlight has actually been abandoned at a hospital in Turin, Italian media say.

The four-month-old, named Giovannino, has actually harlequin ichthyosis - a genetic condition that reasons thick, dried skin.

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Nurses have been caring because that him due to the fact that his bear in August, yet he might need to leave the hospital in ~ weeks.

It is not clear why the parents cannot be contacted or why they have actually not returned to collect Giovannino.

"I don't recognize what the factor is, the just thing particular is that this child has actually been abandoned," one of the registered nurses looking after him in ~ the Sant'Anna hospital stated on condition of anonymity, Italy's La Stampa newspaper reports.

Staff space taking it in turns to push Giovannino about the hospital corridors, the nurse added. "We every dream that he will certainly soon have a tiny room the his own."

Local authorities room reportedly aware of the situation and also have been trying come track under the parents for a response. Lock are additionally looking at providing a temporary house for Giovannino, but his condition means that he requirements special care, La Stampa adds.

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Giovannino is being kept in a neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital. To help prevent his skin from drying out and cracking, the is maintained from sunlight and treated through moisturiser several times a day.

"He is a cute child who smiles and loves being taken about the ward," the head of the neonatal unit, Daniele Farina, told La Repubblica, adding: "He is happy as soon as someone renders him listen to music."

Within hrs of Giovannino's story do the news ~ above Wednesday, people started contacting the hospital and offering to embrace him - some sent heartfelt letters describing how they wished to welcome him right into their homes.

Authorities in the northern Italian city of Turin stated they were evaluating all requests and looking at the possibility of specialist foster care.

The condition, i beg your pardon is stated to affect just one human in every million, is the result of a faulty gene.

It affects the rate at i beg your pardon the skin regenerates, definition that old dry skin cell either take longer to shed, or new cells space reproduced also quickly, causing a buildup of special skin.

The very rare condition can alter the illustration of face features and cause uncomfortable when relocating the arms and legs.