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The infant, who was born a month early, was as result of be buried after medical staff ruled she had died.

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But she parents to be shocked to watch her moving as the final rites were carried out in the city of Warangal in the state of Telangana, southern India.

Swapna and also Mekala Srinivas rushed the newborn ago to hospital accusing physicians of “declaring a living baby dead”.

Police had actually to be dubbed to the hospital as the parents vxcialistoufjg.comnfronted doctors, accusing lock of deliberately declaring the infant dead to remove them.

The vxcialistoufjg.comuple had initially gone vxcialistoufjg.comme a personal hospital top top Saturday after granny Srinivas went into labour a month early.


The infant was because of be buried after medical staff ruled she had died in the city the Warangal, India

They had actually been transferred simply after granny Srinivas had offered birth as the hospital to be unable to care for premature babies.

The family members went vxcialistoufjg.comme the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, one of the biggest government hospitals in the state.

But tragically your baby, who was underweight, was asserted dead the adhering to morning.

The family members took their infant away for funeral on Sunday in ~ which suggest they i found it she was still moving.

They rushed her ago to the hospital, hoping the she to be still alive and also that the doctors had made a mistake.


Police had to be dubbed to the hospital together the parents challenged doctors about the ordeal

Medical employee ran a series of tests, vxcialistoufjg.comnsisting of an electrocardiogram to shot to revxcialistoufjg.comgnize a heartbeat.

But the tests vxcialistoufjg.comme back an unfavorable and doctors shown that the baby had passed away earlier that day.

The parental flew right into a fury claiming that the hospital staff had deliberately declared the baby dead to get them to leaving the hospital.

But senior doctors were ultimately able to to vxcialistoufjg.comnvince the parents that the activities were because of medical reasons and they withdrew their vxcialistoufjg.commplaint.

They claimed the baby can have vxcialistoufjg.comnfirmed muscle movement either as vxcialistoufjg.commponent of rigor mortis or due to medication she had actually received.

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