HARTFORD, CT (vxcialistoufjg.com) - The Office the the Chief clinical Examiner has determined the reason of fatality for a baby the tested optimistic for COVID-19 in Connecticut as SIDS. 

The 6 1/2 main old baby died in March.

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Authorities thought it was the youngest coronavirus-related fatality in our state.

The Chief clinical Examiner says the fatality has to be certified together Sudden Unexpected fatality in Infancy (SIDS).

The infant did test positive for coronavirus.

Chief medical Examiner Dr. James Gill claims the factor for the baby’s sudden fatality was unsafe sleep in a bassinette with soft bedding.

In the report he added infants might die from unexplained causes like SIDS or from compromised sleep conditions.

The baby was transported come St. Francis Hospital back in March and many tests to be conducted.

Questions and concerns surfaced as soon as branch Lamont announced the newborn’s death 3 month ago. 

Questions linger even if it is a newborn baby from CT died from COVID-19

At the time, health and wellness officials emphasized a final reason of death was not issued.

The baby’s lung tissue was sent out to the CDC for more testing and they confirmed the COVID-19 infection.

The Office the the Chief clinical Examiner claims there’s restricted information on exactly how coronavirus influence infants. 

Governor Lamont"s office decreased to comment. 


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