ABC News spoke specifically with Tom Rawlings, manager of Georgia"s department of Family and also Children Services, who said they have people "waiting in line to provide that kid with a forever home."

The infant girl who was found abandoned in a plastic grocery store bag in Georgia earlier this month is now "laughing" and "smiling," and may soon uncover a forever home, according to Tom Rawlings, the manager of Georgia"s department of Family and also Children Services.

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"We have people waiting in line to administer that kid with a forever home," Rawlings said in an to exclude, interview through "vxcialistoufjg.comod Morning America."

'I wanted to give her comfort': Deputy recounts dramatic night he rescued newborn baby girl left in plastic bag

(MORE: significant body camera video shows minute newborn girl was uncovered alive in plastic grocery bag)

Forsyth ar Sheriff"s Office
Body camera video clip captured the moment an abandoned newborn girl was found alive within a plastic grocery store bag in Georgia.
The unidentified infant, who has been offered the name India, was uncovered on June 6 in a plastic grocery bag along the side of a road in Forsyth County. Authorities exit gut-wrenching bodycam clip of she rescue the pulled in ~ the heartstrings that viewers across the country.

"In child protective solutions we attend to a lot of tragedy, that course, however it’s vxcialistoufjg.comod to have a miracle," Rawlings said of infant India"s survival. "And this truly is a miracle."

"I’ve to be working child protective services for almost 20 years now, this is just one of the most exciting, wonderful miracles I’ve watched in my life," the added.

This picture released through the Forsyth ar Sheriff"s Office mirrors a newborn infant girl found alive in a plastic bag in a wooded area in Cumming, Ga., by Forsyth county deputies Thursday, June 6, 2019. She was taken to a hospital and is noted in stable condition.
While Rawlings stated he couldn"t disclose too much about where India is now as result of confidentiality reasons, that personally checks up ~ above her.

"I know the child"s being fine cared for, i have been sort checking up on it," that said.

"Baby India is act great, her health and wellness is vxcialistoufjg.comod, and also miraculously, considering what she went through, she is doing therefore well," the added. "We"re hope of food that us can uncover perhaps who did this however we’re also hoping us can get her in a house that will certainly be her forever residence as quickly as us can."

Rawlings included that his agency has received thousands of calls and also social media messages from human being interested in adopting India, despite he added there is already a waiting perform of about 200 families looking to adopt babies in Georgia alone.

Sheriff Ron Freeman of the Forsyth ar Sheriff"s Office speaks at a press conference regarding an infant that was discovered in Georgia, June 7, 2019.
(MORE: 'I wanted to offer her comfort': Deputy recounts dramatic night he rescued newborn infant girl left in plastic bag)
While regulation enforcement has been eager to find out more about the baby"s identity, Rawlings said that "so far, we haven"t discovered a parental or a loved one yet."

Body camera video captured the minute an abandoned newborn girl was uncovered alive inside a plastic grocery bag in Georgia.
Rawlings included that he really hopes India"s story can assist "raise awareness the the fact that there space many children out over there who require homes" and also encourage family members to look into cultivating or adopting.

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"Everybody loves babies, however there room plenty that 6-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 15-year-olds who simply need a forever family members just together much," he added.