Update April 2019: The customer Product security Commission has actually RECALLED all Rock N Plays due to the fact that of infant deaths! If you have actually one already, please protect against using it.

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This come on the heels earlier this month of the government’s ahead warning to stop use of the product by 3 months the age, or as shortly as an infant exhibits rollover capabilities. 10 deaths have actually been attributed come this product because 2015! 

We first warned our reader of this product earlier in 2016—here is an archive of our work and also research:

Last Updated: might 21, 2021
7:06 pm. First Published: June 6, 2016. 
Fisher-Price rock ‘n pat sleeper: miracle soother . . . Or danger crutch? The Fisher Price absent ‘n pat sleeper is dangerous, in our opinion. In this article, we will certainly lay the end the instance for why friend shouldn’t usage an inclined sleep product choose this.

But first, a little of history—and how Fisher Price rock ‘n play sleeper gained so popular.

The Fisher Price rock ‘n play sleeper is the ever-popular lean sleeper, thanks in part to truth TV. Many recently, the absent ‘n beat starred ~ above TLC’s new reality display OutDaughtered. A recent episode featured their 5 baby girls resting in a heat of—you guessed it—Fisher Price rock ‘n play sleepers:

As a an outcome of this and other publicity, this Fisher Price sleeper is reaching cult status—women room whispering about it in the aisles of infant stores, calling the a “miracle worker” that allows babies to sleep. And the Fisher Price absent ‘N beat occupies many of the best-seller perform in Amazon’s “bouncer” category.

At the very same time, numerous pediatricians have taken to blogs to denounce the bouncer, calling the dangerous, a feasible risk for SIDS amongst other maladies. Many seriously, according to a November 2018 short article in the Wall Street Journal, lean sleepers like the rock ‘N Play have actually been implicated in 30 deaths and 700 injuries since 2005.

So what exactly is the Fisher Price rock ‘n beat sleeper? and also why is the controversial?

The Fisher-Price absent ‘n play sleeper’s pitch: “great because that overnight sleep”?

The Fisher-Price rock ‘n pat sleeper debuted in 2009 and is billed together an “inclined sleeper.” Baby is placed inside the sleeper, which has actually deep side wall surfaces to store a infant snug. Fisher-Price touts the sleeper together “great for overnight sleep” (on the box) and also “the inclined seat helps infant sleep all night long” (on FP’s net site).

The instructions because that the absent ‘n pat sleeper list a 25 lb. Weight limit. The average (50% percentile) boy reaches 25 lbs. About 21 months of age. Because that girls, the same number is 23 months.

The popular of this product has actually lead Fisher-Price to relax 36 various versions of the rock ‘n Play. While the basic Rock ‘n Play has a soothing vibration feature, it should be manually rocked. Fisher-Price addressed the by adding a version referred to as “Auto rock ‘n Play“—an auto-rocking function with 2 speeds. Over there is additionally a “deluxe” variation of this sleeper with plusher padding and an additional toy. Most of the other versions the the absent N beat sleeper space variations in color and padding. The retail price for this product is between $50-$95.

There’s an also a version of the absent ‘n Play that is smartphone-enabled (SmartConnect). You deserve to remotely create the rocking, vibrations or other attributes via your smartphone.

Full disclosure: we did write around the Fisher Price rock ‘N play in the latest variation of our book, infant Bargains. While we did not perform a full review the the product, us did keep in mind our readers typically liked it.

So what’s every the fuss about? The Fisher Price absent ‘n Play’s secret sauce is the cocooned sleep space. Babies (especially newborns) love it—and that’s whereby the conflict begins.

Controversy: walk the Fisher Price rock ‘n Play reason SIDS? flat heads? negative sleep habits?

Kansas City doctor Natasha Burgert wrote great blog article on this subject, detailing the myriad of concerns around the Fisher Price rock ‘n pat sleeper. (We understand Dr. Burgert v our co-author, Dr. Ari Brown the the baby 411 series—Dr. Brown thinks very of Dr. Burgert).

Dr. Burgert’s involves can be summed up as three key points:

1. The rock n’ pat Sleeper is no a safe ar for overnight or unobserved child sleep. 

The problem: The American Academy the Pediatrics proposal a firm sleep surface ar with no soft padding or bedding items. This is to lower the chance of suddenly Infant fatality Syndrome (SIDS).

On the score, the Fisher Price rock ‘n pat fails—it is no a flat surface (but a curved, sling seat). And also Fisher Price touts the padding (infant head support, human body padding) because that this sleeper. The problem: padding can shift, bring about the baby to gain caught in between the padding and also the side of the sleeper. In fact, Fisher-Price even notes this threat for SIDS in your instructions:

Yet at the same time, Fisher-Price touts this sleeper for overnight sleep:


So you can see the obvious conflict: how deserve to you usage the Fisher Price rock ‘n pat sleeper because that overnight sleep once you as a parental as claimed to watch for infants obtaining stuck between the pad and also the side of the product? and isn’t a “plush body insert and also head support” the comes v the deluxe version of this sleeper the very definition of soft bedding come avoid?

Yes, Fisher Price notes the the rock ‘n Play has “breathable mesh” sides—but the body assistance pillows and headrest one of two people cover the sides or can quickly shift.

The risk right here is not theoretical, as this 2018 report native a mom of a six-month old child stated:

My 6 month old kid was put down because that a nap in the Fisher Price rock n Play. Throughout the time that his nap, he rolled over in the absent N Play and also silently died.

My son was a beautiful, healthy and balanced baby and also only died because of the absent N Play and the false sense of protection they administer with your false and also UNSAFE cases of the rock N play being offered for for sure sleep. The only place for safe sleep for an infant is a level surface. This fatality trap requirements to be recalled and also labeled as a oversaw PLAY PRODUCT therefore no other family members has to shed their child prefer I have.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns against using inclined sleepers. The Wall Street Journal writes:

The AAP says any kind of inclined sleeper deserve to make that more challenging for an child to breathe—either due to the fact that of the position of the head or a baby’s confront getting pushed against the fabric. It says straps don’t aid this problem and also could strangle one infant.

The newspaper notes that Canada has actually banned inclined sleepers that have actually over a 7-degree angle—much less than 30-degree angle built-in to the inclined sleepers sold in the US.

It is feasible that security regulators could warn parents the they have to discontinue the usage of sleepers like the Fisher Price absent ‘n Play once a baby rolls over. The problem: it’s impossible to predict once that would certainly happen.

2. Flat head syndrome and also other deformities.

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The Fisher Price absent ‘n Play has actually been implicated in situations of level head syndrome or plagiocephaly. Since folks usage this product for months, babies sleep in the same place night ~ night. And because infants can’t easily move your heads or bodies around in this sleeper, two problems can result: flat head syndrome and torticollis, or a twisted neck.

These complaints have been watched both anecdotally in Amazon reviews and formally in complaints come the Consumer commodities Safety Commission. Here is one indigenous April 2016: