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will Ferrell, right, in a scene from the film “Elf.” new Line Productions

Zooey Deschanel recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the controversial “Baby, that Cold Outside” scene from the holiday film “Elf.”

The scene

In the scene, Deschanel’s personality Jovie starts singing “Baby, the Cold Outside” while she’s in the shower. Friend the Elf (Will Ferrell) strides right into the room, sits on the sink, and begins come duet with Jovie.

Jovie quickly realizes who is in the bathroom through her, for this reason she stops singing and catches girlfriend in the act.

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The controversy

The scene has been lugged up in social media discussions in current years. It attributes “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” — which has been laced v criticism in recent years — and also includes a minute where girlfriend the Elf is walking in ~ above Jovie in the shower, i beg your pardon is odd and creepy.

But Deschanel isn’t right here for the controversy.


This radio station is banning "Baby, It"s Cold Outside." Here"s why man Legend and Kelly Clarkson space remaking ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ — v updated text

‘Baby, that Cold Outside’ scandal

The Christmas standard “Baby, the Cold Outside” drew up debate in 2018 after listeners supposedly felt the track didn’t occupational well during the #MeToo movement, together I wrote about for the News. Radio stations began to ban the song because of listener complaints.

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