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:I yes, really can't stay:But baby, it's cold outside:I've got to walk away:But baby, it's cold outside:This evening has been:Been hoping that you'd fall in:So very nice:I'll hold your hands, they're similar to ice:My mother will begin to worry:Beautiful, what's her hurry?
:My father will certainly be pacing the floor:Listen come the fireplace roar:So really I'd better scurry:Beautiful, please don't hurry:But maybe simply a half a drink more:Put some documents on while i pour:The neighbors could think:Baby, it's poor out there:Say what's in this drink?:No cabs come be had out there:I wish i knew how:Your eye are like starlight now
:To break this spell:I'll take her hat, her hair watch swell:I must say, no, no, no sir:Mind if I move in closer?:At the very least I'm gonna say that i tried:What's the feeling in hurtin' my pride?:I really can't stay:Oh infant don't organize out:But baby, it's cold outside:I just must go:But baby, it's cold outside

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:The prize is no:But baby, it's cold outside:Your welcome has been:How lucky that you dropped in:So nice and warm:Look the end the window at this dawn:My sister will be suspicious:Gosh, her lips look delicious:My brother will certainly be there at the door:Waves ~ above the tropical shore:My maiden aunts mental is vicious:Gosh, your lips room delicious:But maybe simply a cigarette more:Never such a blizzard before:I've gotta acquire home:But baby, you'd freeze out there:Say lend me a coat:It's as much as your knees the end there:You've really been grand:I thrill when you touch my hand:But don't girlfriend see?:How deserve to you do this thing to me?:There's bound to be speak tomorrow:Think of mine lifelong sorrow:At the very least there will certainly be lot of implied:If you gained pneumonia and died:I yes, really can't stay:Get over that old out:Baby, it's coldBaby, it's cold outside