Legend and also Kelly Clarkson replaced lyrics the some taken into consideration an allusion to day rape. Gone: “Say, what’s in this drink?” New: “It’s her body, and also your choice.”

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John Legend and Kelly Clarkson at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in ras Vegas. They teamed increase to record a modernized version of the vacation classic.Credit...Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For those who have actually deleted the holiday classic “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” from their festive playlist in current years, this one’s because that you.

For his brand-new seasonal album, john Legend teamed up through Kelly Clarkson because that an updated variation of the 75-year-old standard, removing part lyrics the have gained harder for part to stomach in the #MeToo era.

The song, a duet in which the man tries to guide the woman to stay at his place, using the weather as a pretext, was composed by frank Loesser in 1944 and also has been sung by countless pairs end the decades, consisting of Ricardo Montalbán and Esther Williams; Idina Menzel and also Michael Bublé; and also Lady Gaga and also Tony Bennett.

“I need to say no, no, no, sir,” the mrs sings in the original lyrics. The male asks to move in closer. “My sister will certainly be suspicious,” she sings. “Gosh, her lips look delicious,” the answers. “Say, what’s in this drink?” she marvels aloud.

To many contemporary ears, those lyrics, which also have the woman telling the male she needs to leave about 10 times, have been construed as a lead-up to day rape, perhaps aided through drug-spiked booze.

In the reimagined version, Clarkson sings “I’ve gained to go away,” come which Legend responds, “I can speak to you a ride.”

“What will certainly my friends think,” Clarkson sings.

“I think they need to rejoice,” Legend replies.

“If I have one an ext drink?” she continues.

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“It’s her body, and your choice,” he sings.

The new lyrics were composed by Legend and also the comedian Natasha Rothwell of the HBO collection “Insecure.” The album, “A legend Christmas: The luxurious Edition,” will certainly be released on Nov. 8 through Columbia Records.

Last year, the debate over the tune got to a breaking allude — disagreements erupted on social media, and also Fox News and CNN held multiple panels — while number of radio stations pulled the track from the air.

To defenders that the initial lyrics, the conflict was a prime instance of politics correctness and revisionism unable to do amok. A mountain Francisco station that reduce the tune reversed course after determining that most listeners want the song in rotation.

Last December, Susan Loesser, a daughter of candid Loesser, called NBC News the her father would certainly be “furious” that stations would certainly pull the song. “Way prior to #Me Too, I would certainly hear from time come time civilization call the a date rape song,” she said. “I would get annoyed due to the fact that it’s a track my father wrote for him and my mom to song at parties.”

“People provided to speak ‘what’s in this drink’ together a joke,” she go on. “You know, this drink is going straight to mine head so what’s in this drink? back then it didn’t mean you drugged me.”

Legend and Rothwell room not the an initial to modernize the duet’s gender roles, though Legend’s and Clarkson’s popularity can lend their recording more prominence. The singer-songwriter Lydia Liza created her own version of the song, which she performed in 2016 through Josiah Lemanski, that sings the she have the right to leave whenever she likes. “Baby, the cold outside” ended up being “Baby, i’m cool with that.”