LAS las vegas (FOX5) -- The boyfriend of Amari Nicholson" mother, 27-year-old Terrell Rhodes, has been arrested in the boy" disappearance.

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Tayler Nicholson called FOX5 ~ above Tuesday concerning Rhodes, " killed my baby. He simply confessed. I" through Metro now. Will speak v I" done."

Two-year-old Amari Nicholson was reported absent from the Emerald Suites on Paradise roadway on may 5. 

Las Vegas metropolitan Police announced Rhodes" arrest top top Tuesday afternoon. Lt. Richard Meyers claimed the lacking persons situation was now a homicide investigation. 

" the course of the investigation, it became clear that the circumstances were suspicious," Meyers said. " the investigation progressed, it became an extremely clear to united state that Terrell Rhodes was our suspect." 

Meyers said throughout his arrest, Rhodes " to fight through police officers, and also during the course of that fight, was briefly able to retrieve one officer" firearm."

The occurrence was deescalated, Meyers said, and Rhodes to be transported come the Clark ar Detention facility on a murder charge. He" supposed in court on Wednesday morning. 

Meyers stated there will be added charges. 

Las vegas police go not allow media come ask questions. It to be not automatically known if Amari Nicholson" body had been found. 

Terrell Rhodes, the friend of Amari Nicholson" mother, has been arrested for murder in the toddler" disappearance.

Tayler Nicholson appeared to have actually deleted her Facebook page on Tuesday night after making a post about Amari claiming, " never ever knew anything."

" baby is unable to do & is never ever coming home," she wrote. " never knew he walk this he never said anything to me about his involvement. I trusted him and also he betrayed me. He take it my whole people from me ... My kid come before anybody!! I never knew anything."

Meyers urged anyone with details on the case, which continues to be open and active, to contact CrimeStoppers. 


doubt denied bail in loss of 2-year-old Amari Nicholson

The doubt in the loss of a 2-year-old ras Vegas boy will certainly make his very first court appearance Wednesday morning.

More information


male accused in ras Vegas toddler" death had criminal past

The guy accused of killing in the disappearance of Amari Nicholson has actually a criminal past consisting of battery and robbery.


Kristen DeSilva

Content Producer

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(4) comments


GlWd might 12, 2021 7:41am

I agree, i think castle both played a part in this baby" death. No one of this namby pamby psychobabble for these people. They need to be charged and also tried as necessary according to the law.

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jeezlouise might 11, 2021 11:49pm

A monster does injury to a beautiful chaste baby- absolute horror story- He have to get fatality penalty swiftly. That baby didnt hurt anyone.

Report include Reply
AngelicaRich85 may 11, 2021 6:44pm

This was sadly predictable. My concern is: what component did the mommy play in all this? her story is questionable, in my opinion.

Report include Reply
Paris may 11, 2021 9:27pm

I have to agree. I feel so bad for the negative child. The never acquired a chance.

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