DOG The Bounty Hunter’s late wife Beth Chapman got into an dispute with his daughter Lyssa for no wishing she a Happy mother’s Day.

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Beth had likewise claimed she wasn't invited to she granddaughter’s graduation ceremony, leaving she no selection but to require to social media provided that “Lyssa doesn’t answer calls and has blocked.”

Beth Chapman asserted she was not invited to her granddaughter's graduation ceremonyCredit: Instagram

Here is an ext on the previous feud the Dog's late wife and also his daughter.

Who is Lyssa Chapman? 

Lyssa Chapman, 33, is a previous bail bondswoman and bounty hunter ideal known for showing up on the A&E Network collection Dog The Bounty Hunter

She is the ninth out of Duane "Dog" Chapman's twelve children.

She's known as infant Lyssa to distinguish from she mother and Dog's third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain, or huge Lyssa.


Lyssa Chapman is Dog the Bounty Hunter's ninth daughter, from his third marriageCredit: refer to Caption

She was increased by she father until she was 10, after which she saw live through her mother in a small Alaskan town, Anderson, and also had no contact with she father for 6 years. 

She later worked with him in ~ the family members bail bond company, Da Kine Bail Bonds.

Lyssa no much longer works v her family and didnt' appear on their new show the debuted in 2013.

Lyssa posted screenshot defending it s her after Beth declared she "never" answers she phone callsCredit: Instagram

What happened between her and Beth Chapman?

Lyssa and Beth got into a heated discussion via society media after ~ Beth aired out her frustrations around their relationship.

The feud started as soon as Beth accused Lyssa of not wishing she a happy mummy Day and also not inviting her to her granddaughter’s graduation ceremony. 


Lyssa has actually two childrenHer first daughter, Abbie Mae Chapman, to be born the work after Lyssa's fifteenth birthdayDuring Lyssa's 2nd pregnancy, it was revealed that that Abbie's father to be 24 year old at the moment of conceptionAbbie's dad was arrested because that statutory rapeIn 2009, she married Brahman Bo Galanti and also had one son together, Madalynn elegant GalantiLyssa filed because that divorce indigenous Galanti in February of 2011

What has Lyssa said around it?

Lyssa protected herself ~ above Twitter through posting a screenshot of the message she sent Beth on mom Day, which read, “Happy mom day ns love U grandma.”

Beth defended herself, saying: Maddie texted grandma you did nothing together usual we didn’t recognize when Abbie’s grad was, yes us would have actually been there!

“your not off the hook Lyssa friend Invite her parents regardless ns bet Leigh’s parents we’re invited. We can have been residence in time you determined not to also tell us.”

Lyssa then fired back saying: “I have actually your Mother’s job text and also other unanswered messages to you. I will certainly tell you what I have actually told friend before and also that is – life is short, friend should emphasis on the great things. I’m no going to battle with you ever before again. 

“If your intent was come hurt me or Abbie with lies, nothing worry. Girlfriend didn’t. Ns so excited, happy and proud and there is naught you have the right to do to dull mine or Abbie’s shine. 

“As we both know, you never intended come be residence in Hawaii this week and I’m i m really sorry you feel some kind of way. You want to talk, you acquired my number.”

The Twitter beef was laid to rest after Lyssa’s tweet and it is unsure if the two smoothed points out via text. 

Lyssa and also Beth squashed the Twitter beef eventuallyCredit: Bret Thomsett because that The Sun

When go Beth die and also how? 

Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019 after battling neck cancer for almost two years.

Beth had been taking care of aggressive neck cancer since November the 2017.

She initially entered remission, but the disease eventually infect her lungs.

In 2019, during the filming that their brand-new show, Dog’s most Wanted, yet in June, Beth to be rushed to the hospital and also placed in a median induced coma.

Beth's struggles during her final days to be revealed in heartbreaking scene on the show before her death.

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Who is Lyssa involved to?

In 2016, Lyssa began dating a woman called Leiana Evensen.

She got engaged in December of 2017 throughout a expedition to Seattle, whereby Leiana popped the concern to her.

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The pair is tho in wedding planning setting as they have actually not worked out on a day yet.

Dog the Bounty Hunter"s daughter Lyssa says star deserves to be happy and it"s selfish to referee him for moving on from late wife Beth