Check the end what other royal infant names us think could be in the British imperial Family's future — or any kind of family welcoming a new prince or princess into their homes.

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35 best Royal infant Names for Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle


It’s official: Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle invited a baby girl — Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor to be born ~ above June 4 in Santa Barbara, California.

Lilibet is actually the household nickname for she Majesty the Queen, and also we, the course, recognize where the brand-new baby"s center name come from. While we didn"t specifically pick Lilibet as one of our imperial baby name predictions, us did heavily take into consideration Elizabeth and Diana.

Check out what various other royal baby names we think could be in the British imperial Family"s future — or any kind of family welcome a brand-new prince or princess into their homes.



The name Caroline in the royal family dates back to the beforehand 1700s. Princess Caroline of great Britain to be the 4th child and third daughter the King George II of an excellent Britain and also his wife Caroline that Ansbach. It’s equally about as American together it gets for anyone that likes Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” and also enjoys shouting the “good times never ever seemed therefore good” text while closing down a bar. Why is it always the last track of the night?

In the U.S., 2017 was the name’s ideal year yet in current years, ranking No. 55 top top the U.S. Social security Administration"s list of registered baby names. In England, it remained in the peak 20 in the 1950s and also "60s, however it’s been on the decline since the early on 1990s, follow to the country’s Office for national Statistics.

So, that could really well be making a significant comeback. Various other versions we love incorporate Carolina and also Coraline.



Another distant cousin that Prince Harry’s, Lady Amelia Windsor, carries this renowned name. One English fashion model, the 23-year-old is taken into consideration to be one of the most beautiful members the the royal family members currently.

This name has only ongoing to flourish in popularity, v 2017 being its most popular year yet in the U.S., ranked together No. 8. It’s additionally been in the top 10 infant girl surname in England due to the fact that the mid-2000s.



It doesn’t obtain much an ext regal 보다 naming the baby after the existing Queen (and, the course, her predecessor).

The name has actually stayed solid in the optimal 15 baby names because that the last twenty years in the U.S. And it’s no surprise that it’s remained in the optimal 50 in England since the early 1900s. Plus, the nicknames here are endless. Beth, Liz, Eliza, Libby, Bessie, Betty — it truly goes on and also on. And the name Ella to be the No. 9 surname in England in 2017.



Victoria inherited the throne once she was 18 after ~ her 3 elder brother had currently died, and also she reigned because that 63.5 year (from 1837 to 1901) — the longest of any of she predecessors. This fairly fittingly came to be known as the victorian era, a time for significant expansion the the brothers Empire too as social influence throughout Europe. So, a strong name indeed.

It has continued to stay solid in the optimal 30 infant names because that the last 20 years in the U.S. It ranked No. 19 in 2017, and can it is in shortened for all kinds the nicknames, including Tori, Vicky or also Ria. In England, it’s been back on the optimal 100 list because 2010.



Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, is Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. As soon as she to be born, she was 6th in line to the throne. She’s been most known for her charity programs and engagements in support of the Queen, travel throughout the U.K. And also overseas. Any kind of royal babe transferring the very same name would certainly surely monitor in this princess’ footsteps as a philanthropist.

Ranked No. 120 in 2017 top top the U.S. Baby name list, this name is quiet going strong, also though it lower from that is No. 36 ranking in 2000. In England, it got knocked off the height 100 list in 2010, but could quickly make a comeback. Other popular versions the the name incorporate Alexandria, Alejandra or merely Alex.

Fun fact: This is likewise one that the Queen’s center names. Her complete name after every is Elizabeth Alexandra mar Mountbatten-Windsor.



Alice is a lovely name that has actually lots of ties come the imperial family. The second daughter the Queen Victoria and also Prince Albert was called Alice, and also Princess Alice of Battenburg to be the great-granddaughter the Queen Victoria and also the mommy in-law the Queen Elizabeth II, that lived indigenous 1885 to 1969. The many recent imperial to have the name, however, to be Princess Alice, Duchess the Gloucester, who was an aunt by marriage to Queen Elizabeth II and died at the age of 93 in 2004.

Last year, the name had actually its most famous year in the U.S., ranking at No. 70, while it currently ranks in the optimal 20 in England.



Emma that Normandy was a queen consort that England, Denmark and Norway in between the year 985 and also 1052. Daughter of Richard I, duke of Normandy, Emma was a central figure throughout early 11th century English politics, making that a strong female name, particularly in England.

And let’s no forget to cite that it’s additionally THE most renowned baby girl’s surname in the U.S., ranking in ~ No. 1 in 2017, when it’s likewise in the optimal 100 in England.



Of course, Prince Harry’s mother, Diana, will constantly be mental for she philanthropic efforts and also tragic at an early stage death. And also honoring her would be an extremely meaningful to any type of future baby girl.

If a imperial did so, it would likely lug the surname back, which has not remained in the peak 100 infant names list in one of two people the U.S. Or the U.K. For some time now. It currently ranks No. 230 in the U.S.



The so late sister the Queen Elizabeth II was thought of together being a bit much more fun-loving 보다 her an ext reserved enlarge sister. Hmmm, sounds like Prince Harry. She was often considered a more controversial member the the imperial family, especially after getting an adverse publicity for she divorce in 1978.

Ranked No. 132 in the U.S. In 2017, this name has actually stayed in the height 200 names because 2000, while it hasn’t remained in the peak 100 in England since the 1960s.



In the middle Ages, Eleanor to be the surname of three queens of England and several royal princesses, not to point out several other noteworthy royal figures throughout Europe indigenous the 1100s come the 1500s.

While the surname fizzled out in the royal human being in the 1500s — probably being changed by the similar-sounding Elizabeth — that is now the No. 17 girl’s surname in England, and also it’s the No. 35 name in the U.S. Nora is one more version that’s even much more popular in the U.S., hold the No. 28 spot.



While over there is no imperial Minnie (that we understand of), newest generation that royals are well-known to support gender equality, which method they could opt to go through a name the pays homage to one of England’s most renowned suffragettes. Minnie Baldock co-founded London’s first branch the the Women’s Social and also Political Union.

It would likewise mean naming a royal baby girl after among the many American personalities of every time: miss out on Minnie Mouse. While popular in history, this name has not been in either country’s peak name lists because that at least 50 year — so what far better time than the present to lug it back?



Another renowned British suffragette, Lydia Becker was likewise an amateur scientist, interested in biology and astronomy. Yet perhaps she’s most known for her journalism an abilities after founding and publishing the Women’s Suffrage Journal between 1870 and 1890.

This name has likewise been bouncing on and off the peak 100 infant girl name lists in both the U.S. And England because that the past decade. A new royal baby girl would surely make it a struggle again though.



Mavis Tate to be a politician and campaigner because that women’s civil liberties in the early on 1900s. Meghan Markle echoes comparable views, officially heralding herself a feminist top top the british monarchy’s website.

As such, this name has the perfect combo of traditional and unique the just can make the cut for a royal baby. And doing so would really give new life to this name, i m sorry hasn’t been on England’s peak 100 names list due to the fact that 1950. It right now ranks No. 806 in the U.S.



Popular novelist, Alice Mona Caird (who went by Mona) is another strong female in brother history, as result of her controversial feminist essays in the late 19th century. She was especially known for maintaining her self-reliance after marital relationship — additionally a priority because that the newly married Meghan Markle.

The surname Mona likewise has social significance indigenous da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” painting; however, that hasn’t to be a struggle on either country’s top baby name list because that decades.



The popularity of Olivia in both the U.S. And England renders it a strong, albeit unoriginal, contender.

It"s at this time ranked No. 1 for infant girl names in England and No. 2 in the U.S.



The surname Hannah has actually lots that ties to British fame. Hanna Winbolt, another advocate for women’s suffrage, was among the 4 honored in the naming of Suffragette Square, Stockport in March. And Hannah Cockroft is a well-known British wheelchair racer who currently holds several human being records in sprint distances in she classification. (She’s likewise met Queen Elizabeth II.)

It’s additionally popular amongst baby girl names, ranking in the optimal 60 in England and the peak 35 in the U.S.



A rather unusual name choice that would pay homage to background is Cicely. Cicely Corbett Fisher was yet an additional British activist, who was most well-known for speaking out against child labor.

The name is no on either baby surname list in the U.S. Or England, which renders it quite unique. Plus, the alternative of Cecily is equally together pretty and interesting.

Royal Baby boy Names

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive because that a photo contact with your newborn son in St George's room at Windsor castle in Windsor, England, on might 8, 2019.

Of course, we desire to talk around the imperial baby boy names, too. After all, can a third baby be in the future for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Or what around the rest of the imperial family?



Frederick is a well-known name throughout the British royal family"s history. Prince Harry’s 2nd cousin, mr Frederick Windsor is at this time 48th in heat to the british throne. However Frederick, Prince of Wales, that lived native 1707 till 1751 was following in heat to the throne together the eldest child of King George II and also Caroline that Ansbach, and also was the father of King George III.

This name has constantly made the peak 1,000 infant names list in the U.S., and it to be ranked as No. 494 in 2017. In England, the was an extremely popular in ~ the rotate of the 20th century, however left the top 100 list until making the comeback in 2005.



While this name doesn’t have much background in the british royal family members (apart indigenous the female variation of Alexandra), who have the right to forget Alexander the Great, the old Greek king that lived from 356 BC come 323 BC?

And the surname is simply as popular as ever, ranking No. 13 in the U.S. Critical year and ranking in the peak 25 in England.



Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, fight it out of Edinburgh, is now 97. So, what much better way to pay tribute come this regal number than by specify name a baby after him?

While the name is to decrease in popularity, ranked No. 425 in the U.S. In 2017, it got to No. 255 in 2000 and continues to it is in a solid contender in the top 1,000 list of names. In England, that hasn’t to be on the peak 100 list because the mid-1990s, yet who’s to say that won’t it is in soon?



Prince Albert the Saxe-Coburg and also Gotha was the husband (and very first cousin) the Queen Victoria, and also the two had actually nine children. When he at first felt a bit powerless alongside his regal wife, he was one of the very first royals to become known for supporting public causes, including educational reform and also the abolition of enslavement worldwide. His fatality at period 42 left Victoria so ravaged that she wore black the remainder of her life.

The surname is shedding traction in popularity, falling native the No. 282 spot in 2000 come No. 430 last year in the U.S. But that doesn’t average an Al or Albie won’t be right here in the close to future, especially since it’s right now in the optimal 60 names for guys in England.


This rather regal-sounding name dates earlier to Prince Leopold, battle each other of Albany, that was the eighth child and also youngest kid of Queen Victoria and also Prince Albert. The young prince suffered from haemophilia, which led to his fatality at age 30.

The officially name has not remained in the peak 1,000 baby names together of late. However, if the pair goes the nickname route, the surname Leo ranked No. 61 in the U.S. In 2017, followed by other comparable names, Leon at No. 245 and Leonel in ~ No. 363. And in England, Leo has remained in the height 10 for the past couple years now.



Awww, Arthur. The surname dates ago to the middle ages days of King Arthur’s Court and the legend that the romanticized king drew a knife from an old stone. If the British royal family cases to be lower from him, the much more recent Prince Arthur, battle each other of Connaught and Strathearn, is another royal that brought an excellent pride to the family. He was the third son that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and also is most known for his military role as the Governor basic of Canada, in i m sorry he play a prevalent function during human being War I.

Yes, it"s much less likely that Meghan and also Harry will pick this name for an additional baby since Archie is technically a nickname for Arthur, but it"s so classic that we still wanted to encompass it ~ above the list. It’s holding solid as the No. 244 baby surname for American guys in 2017, and also since 2008, it’s to be on a stable incline in England, make its way into the height 20 perform in recent years. Perhaps, that’s because it’s additionally one the the center names provided to both Prince Charles and Prince Williams.



Naming a new babe after ~ this future king would certainly make sense. However, the is also associated v Prince Harry’s niece, Charlotte, the feminine kind of the name.

It"s a solid name throughout the board, ranking No. 49 in 2017 top top the U.S. List and also in the top 80 names for guys in England.



Prince man of the united kingdom was the 5th son born to King George V and Queen Mary. His battle with epilepsy brought about his death at period 13 in 1919. His illness was likewise kept secret from the public eye, and he was also sent far from the family members to receive much better care. This seclusion received criticism native the general public, with many believing it come be evidence of the imperial family’s “cold” nature.

The surname ranked No. 27 in the U.S. In 2017, however it has veered turn off the top 100 perform in England because 2010.



Princess Margaret’s boy was offered the surname David, the same name as the patron saint that Wales.

The biblical definition of David has made it a well-known one because that centuries, and also today is no different. In the U.S., the name ranked No. 23 in 2017, and also in England, it stays in the peak 50.



Jack is an additional name the doesn’t have as lot royal clout, yet it was originally acquired from the surname John. Plus, Princess Eugenie simply married a Jack, officially bringing the name into the imperial mix (albeit with marriage). Because of that, it’s less likely the the pair will choose this name. It additionally has serious history in American culture, particularly as the surname of renowned authors such together Jack London and Jack Kerouac.

Plus, it’s been one of the peak baby surname in England because that the previous decade, ranking No. 5 in 2017. In the U.S., it’s been in the optimal 50 because that the past 20 years, currently ranking No. 35.



The patron saint of Ireland, Patrick was likewise one the the seven names offered to Edward VIII. (We would have included Edward ~ above the list, yet one the Prince Harry’s uncles currently has the name, making the a really unlikely selection for either Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle or Prince William and Princess Kate.) Edward VIII was the eldest boy of King George V and also Queen Mary, yet he famously returned his location of king come his younger brother, George VI, the dad of Queen Elizabeth II, for this reason he could marry a divorcee.

This name seems to be decreasing in popularity, ranking No. 171 in the U.S. In 2017, down from No. 68 in 2000. The name additionally fell turn off the height 100 list in England roughly 2005.



Ernest was one of the countless names given to George V. His full name was George Frederick Ernest Albert. George offered in the imperial Navy prior to unexpectedly ending up being next in line to Queen Victoria’s throne after ~ his elder brother died in 1892. His passion for the armed forces is comparable to the of Harry’s, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle named any kind of future young after him.

That said, the name Ernest is not particularly popular in one of two people the U.S. Or England, although it is officially ranked in the top 1,000 American baby boy names, simply barely in ~ No. 967.



Another one of Edward VIII’s seven names, Christian is an apparent biblical name, literally an interpretation “follower of Christ.” However, the nickname, Chris, becomes even an ext approachable.

Ranked No. 52 in the U.S., the surname is not at this time in the top 100 perform in England. However, who’s come say it won’t it is in soon?



While there’s no a recognized royal in the family’s background to be named Oliver, this name could really well do the cut for its classic sound and also crazy popularity in both England and in the U.S.

In 2017, it ranked No. 1 in England and No. 9 in the U.S.



While Oliver ranked No. 1 in England critical year, the surname Liam might be a strong contender because it ranked No. 1 in the U.S. In 2017. That said, it’s not as famous in England, stability ranking closer come No. 90 in current years.



Royal names often have heavy ties to biblical names; however, young name is one name from the holy bible that hasn’t been produced king status. The Hebrew name way “rest” and “comfort,” i m sorry is an extremely fitting because that the biblical figure who was favored to develop the renowned ark that made it through the an excellent flood.

Royal or not, this name has likewise made a serious comeback recently, ranking No. 2 top top the U.S. List and No. 4 top top the English perform in 2017.



Similar to Noah, this biblical name was never ever a royal one per se, but it’s to be made brand-new again across the globe.

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It right now ranks No. 10 in the U.S., after ~ holding the No. 1 spot indigenous 2000 come 2012. In England, Jacob right now ranks No. 6.