Few couples embody Bachelor country quite prefer Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. These 2 have had actually some severe drama over the years, consisting of a huge breakup, friend zoning and, eventually, marriage. In fact, it’s kinda shocking lock don’t have actually their own reality show.

That certainly could quiet come. Ashley and Jared just shared happy news: They"re expecting a baby. The couple went ~ above Amazon Live to talk all about Ashley"s pregnancy so far and also their to plan (and names) because that their baby on way. They"ve to be open around their trip to conceive, and also fans and Bachelor nation shared all the love because that their extremely anticipated growing fam.

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With every little thing Ashley and Jared have been v on-camera and also off, it’s simple to forget just how their relationship started—and what has happened to them since. Currently that infant number one is ~ above the way, this couple"s love story is about to get also cuter. So, ICYMI, here’s a complete timeline the Jared and Ashley’s relationship…so far:

2015: Ashley showed up on The Bachelor.

She was competing for chris Soules" heart and, when she made the decently far on the show, it was pretty clear the she and also the farmer were not supposed to be.

2015: Jared showed up on The Bachelorette.

Jared completed for the love the Kaitlyn Bristowe and, for a hot minute, Britt Nilsson. Jared was in the height four yet was ultimately eliminated prior to overnight days began.

Summer 2015: Jared and Ashley met on Bachelor in Paradise.

Ashley was all-in from the start. "I mental walking down the steps in Paradise and seeing him at the bar, and also it to be the weirdest feeling," she claimed in she YouTube series, The Story the Us. "I was simply so gravitated and drawn to him. It to be truly love at very first sight."

Jared, ~ above the various other hand, seemed a small less invest in your relationship, and also the 2 didn’t leaving paradise together a couple, however they retained in touch.

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During a expedition to St. Lucia with other Bachelor Nation couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, Jared realized he still had a thing for Ashley and kissed she in the airport.

Buuut she was dating Kevin at the time. "I had actually been date Kevin, like, the end in the real civilization for two weeks, and also Jared came out about his feelings and also he kissed me in the airport," she claimed on a 2018 illustration of The Ben and Ashley I almost Famous podcast. "It was simply one of those moment of passion, one of those actions—he traction me in, and I kissed the back."

Not lengthy after, 2018: Ashley damaged up v Kevin.

Ashley said on she podcast the she knew she necessary to end things through Kevin. "I was overwhelmed v the think of, "Well, that felt right. That definitely felt right, however that was kind of choose cheating. I can’t think that ns would ever cheat,"" she explained. "It was one kiss a month right into knowing Kevin v somebody the I had been yes, really in love with for two and also a half years."

May 2018: Ashley and also Jared publicly come out as a couple.

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They released the sweetest video on The Story of Us around the timeline of their relationship, and people consequently freaked out.

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