"We tried come think of the most ridiculous and also unbelievable sports event that we can think of, and that to be the Cubs to win the world Series."


The Chicago Cubs’ lousy luck created a great gag in Back to the Future part II, onethat screenwriter Bob Gale always loved. Yet now thing’s have actually changed, and that’s OK, he says.

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On Wednesday night, the Cubs winner their an initial World collection title due to the fact that 1908, only one year turn off from the 2015 success Gale and also Back to the Future directorRobert Zemeckis guess in their 1989 time-travelingsequel, certification Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

On Thursday, Gale said The Hollywood Reporter how the Cubs line involved the two filmmakers and also how he feels around a real-life win transforming the silliness of that specific scene.

“We want to come up with something that would certainly motivate Marty to go gain a sports almanac and also think around using the info from his 30-year time-traveling expedition to do money,” started Gale. “So, us tried to think of the most ridiculous and unbelievable sports event that we can think of, and also that to be the Cubs winning the world Series.”

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In the film, Marty, play by Fox, is astounded the Cubs winner the Fall classic in the move of a Miami team, which, in ~ the time, also did no exist. The personality Marty interacts with, play by CharlesFleischer, says he wishes he can go earlier to the begin of theseason and also bet top top the Cubs, as they were a 100-1 shot.

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“Of course this year, they weren’t a 100-1 shot, and also I don’t think lock were even a 100-1 shot last year,” said Gale. “So Bob and I have actually been talking about this since last year, the course, once it looked prefer our prediction might actually come true in the right year. Therefore the question currently is: So, they’ve won, is the joke ever going to be funny again? It’s no an usual event now.”

Zemeckis to be so caught up in themoment that he attended gamings 4 and 5 in Chicago, but did no go come Cleveland, claimed Gale.

As because that being just a year off v his prediction, Gale, a Cardinals fan, since he is indigenous St. Louis, dubbed the situation “pretty astounding.”

“It was mixed emotions becauseI was thinking, if the Cubs lose, human being will still laugh in ~ the joke, and also if the Cubs win, then us made an virtually accurate prediction,” he said. “The best part of that is the it to be a gag the was for this reason memorable, right here we are still talking around it, and that’s gratifying, the Back to the Future way so much to so countless people.”