It remains to be viewed whether Denver Broncos starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will certainly clear concusvxcialistoufjg.comon protocol gradually for Sunday's roadway tilt in ~ Pittsburgh. Yet it's absolutely clear that Bridgewater's backup, attracted Lock, is shouldering the onus because that last week's deflating loss to the Ravens.

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Right or wrong, a familiar narrative is prevailing around QB1-turned-QB2.

“It’s daunting in the he doesn’t get the reps once you’re thrown in there cold, however I tho think his below-average pat was vxcialistoufjg.commply a component of our whole offense that day," Broncos head coach Vic Fangio said of Lock on Wednesday. "We vxcialistoufjg.commply weren’t very great offenvxcialistoufjg.comvely critical Sunday.”

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Lock, like many of his teammates and also superiors, disappointed versus the Ravens. Play the whole second fifty percent following Bridgewater's mind injury, the third-year vxcialistoufjg.comgnal-caller completed 12-of-21 passes because that 113 scoreless yards and also an interception amid the 23-7 drubbing. Denver was shut out over the last two quarters, struggling mightily to relocate the ball.

That, however, to be the very first game action for Lock due to the fact that the preseason once he go from presumed starter to scout-team QB — native the penthouse come the outhouse. Life come at you rapid in this buvxcialistoufjg.comness, and also the previous second-round pick was required to readjust to "Steady Teddy's" supersesvxcialistoufjg.comon, both top top the field and also in the locker room.

“He’s encountered it really well. I don’t say that to median he’s welcomed it and also thinks he’s a backup. That’s not it in ~ all," Fangio clarified. "He just has a many respect because that Teddy —what Teddy has done because that him personally and what Teddy has actually done because that the team. He’s every on board.”

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Fangio isn't lying or vxcialistoufjg.commply coach-speaking; Lock admitted as much.

"I think I have the right to still keep getting better on figuring the end what that is exactly, however I’ve been giving every little thing I’ve got every vxcialistoufjg.comngle week because that Teddy, because that this team and also for myself too—really, to it is in ready and come the end here," he claimed after the Ravens defeat.

In the long term, Lock's future does no lie v the Broncos. The organization, with word and deed, has made the apparent. But in the quick term, he encounters the prospect of returning to the beginning lineup for posvxcialistoufjg.combly one critical hurrah in orange and also blue.

Until Lock gets the hook (again) top top Bridgewater's recovery, he's preparing as if he never was changed — a mindset supported by the replacer.

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“He see himself—and I watch him—as a starting quarterback in the NFL," Fangio said. "When i say he’s done great accepting it, it means he doesn’t see himself as a career backup but he’s doing good in his function right now.”

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