We all understand that the Starbucks beverage menu is full of options to meet your caffeine cravings in the morning. But breakfast in ~ Starbucks is an equally important morning ritual for many. Some avoid at Starbucks on the days they are in a rush, if others do it a everyday habit. The Starbucks breakfast menu ranges native breakfast sandwiches, come the renowned egg bites, to bagels and spreads, and the breakfast wraps, i beg your pardon were one of the most renowned food items at Starbucks in beforehand 2020.

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You"re preventing at Starbucks for your morning coffee, and you haven"t consumed breakfast however — simple fix. Yet what on earth should you order? If girlfriend haven"t tried the plethora the food items on the Starbucks menu, choosing between the many choices on the breakfast menu deserve to be a gamble. I beg your pardon items are any good?

We break it under for you in this perform of Starbucks breakfast food selection items, and also we"ve ranked castle too, therefore you can confidently order your morning joe and also your breakfast at the exact same time, in the Starbucks drive-thru. Beginning with the worst, and working our method down to the best, this list will narrow the selections down for you.

The Starbucks sous vide egg bites are fairly the invention. Bite-sized omelets without any of the mess. Sadly though, this newest enhancement to the sous vide egg bite line-up misses the mark totally if girlfriend ask us. When the various other variations boast plenty of flavor, the kale and portabella mushroom sous vide egg bites absence flavor, and are full of chunks instead. The chunks, curtesy the the mushroom and kale, taste quite bland and leave you with a strange aftertaste. It"s not entirely clear what Starbucks is aiming to achieve with this brand-new version that egg bites. Yet if you"re all about these brand-new bites, and you don"t require a lot of flavor, by all means go for it.

The kale and portabella sous vide egg bites room high in protein and also low in trans-fat, therefore they can still it is in a an excellent option because that you if you"re watching your nutritional intake. In that instance though, you would be far better off opting for the Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites (you"ll find it much later on our list). Sacrificing flavor for nutrition (and strange tasting chunks) is not why we go v the Starbucks drive-through on an empty stomach.

The Starbucks breakfast menu boasts six various variations that the classic breakfast sandwich. Take it your choose from various bread options, meat options, and cheese options. The sausage, cheddar and egg sandwich is basically a classic version of a sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich on one English muffin. We had pretty high wishes for this one, however were let under by the bland taste of this sandwich compared to the various other breakfast sandwiches ~ above the menu. 

This sandwich is served with sausage, together the surname implies, and also the flavor of the sausage just doesn"t have enough oomph to admire our taste buds. As soon as you think breakfast sausage, you tend to think salty and also savory seasonings space involved, but unfortunately, the doesn"t seem to be the instance with this one. To include to the disappointment, the cheddar cheese simply isn"t flavorful sufficient to comprise for the disappointing and bland-tasting sausage.

Spare you yourself the disappointment and also choose from one of the other five breakfast sandwich choices on the menu. You deserve to thank united state later.

If you like a good ol" parfait breakfast, you might be tempted to grab a cup that the berry trio parfait come go through your Starbucks beverage of choice. It looks cute v those layers in a clean cup, doesn"t it? This new breakfast cup is made through nonfat vanilla yogurt, combined berries, and granola. Sounds choose a smart and healthy breakfast choice, yet despite the high protein and also low fat content, the berry trio parfait packs a chuck 25 grams the sugar per serving. Now, that simply takes the fun right out of bespeak a healthy and balanced breakfast. 

Considering that the berry trio parfait has enough sugar to give you a street rush, you can have had a Starbucks coco cake popular music instead and taken in much less sugar an initial thing in the morning. If you"re together bummed together we room by this information and also you"re craving a fresh and also berry breakfast option, we recommend you shot the strawberry overnight grains — i beg your pardon we"ll talk around later.

This hot new breakfast sandwich is no ordinary breakfast sandwich. Sure, the comes with sausage, egg, and cheese top top a bun. Yet this time, the sausage is actually a plant-based sausage patty from impossible Foods. It"s no a fully vegan meal, yet the eggs offered in the impossible breakfast sandwich are cage-free. If you are specifically in search of a plant -based sausage breakfast sandwich because that dietary reasons but want come make sure it"s still savory, we have the right to tell you the this one tastes nearly as an excellent as most other breakfast sandwiches with actual sausage.

The sandwich is offered on a fairly crispy ciabatta bun. With its savory and also fatty taste, this Impossible foods patty could practically pass as real meat... Other than it"s not. The texture is certainly different. Looking past that might be worth it because that some, but if you don"t have strict dietary constraints or preferences, us recommend simply going because that the real thing and choosing one of the better-tasting real meat breakfast sandwiches top top the Starbucks breakfast menu.

Avocado toast, anyone? no exactly. A bagel is as simple as that gets for breakfast, and you have the right to pretty lot count ~ above it gift decent everywhere you go. Now, this combo is no exemption — that doesn"t disappoint, yet it also doesn"t have actually us texting our fellow avocado-loving friends either. The sprouted grain bagel is a great choice of bagel to combine with avocado, due to the fact that it"s vegan, made through sprouted wheat and rye, and also is packed complete of healthy and balanced fiber to begin your morning off right. Include the popular Starbucks avocado spread and also you"ve gained yourself a trendy, fancy, avocado toast for breakfast even when you"re in a rush. 

Avocado is nearly it"s own trend. Human being are obsessed with avocado toast as a healthy and balanced meal. Luckily, the avocado spread is made v nothing but avocado, seasonings, and lime juice, and also is actually pretty outstanding for drive-through avocado. This combo is a favorite amongst health-conscious world who still desire to acquire their avo-toast-breaky in a jiffy in the mornings.

Here"s an additional one from Starbucks" breakfast sandwich selection. This sandwich is served on the flaky, buttery croissant bun, just like double-smoked bacon, cheddar & egg sandwich (which we"ll talk about in a minute) — yet this one has actually a an ext sophisticated flavor, brought to friend by the hickory-smoked ham and also Swiss cheese. Still, we would certainly recommend this breakfast sandwich for the an extremely hungry human being who covertly wish they would have actually stopped at McDonald"s because that breakfast instead. 

The roasted ham, Swiss and egg sandwich is a bit too greasy because that our taste, but if you"re into that, climate by all way go ahead. Just wait until you"re at the office come eat this one, since the greasy feeling will give you slippery fingers, and also the flaky bun could cause a large mess in your car. The roasted ham, swiss and egg sandwich should come v a cholesterol warning though, because it contains around 80% that your day-to-day value the cholesterol. Let"s categorize this one together a weekend-treat form of breakfast.

This is just one of the breakfast food selection items the puts Starbucks top top the map together an really breakfast restaurant. Out of all of the breakfast sandwiches ~ above the menu, the double-smoked bacon, cheddar and also egg sandwich is the juiciest. It tastes savory and kind that greasy, but if a fast-food breakfast sandwich is what you"re looking for, look no further. The tasty filling are offered on Starbucks" signature croissant bun, which additionally adds come the wealth of this sandwich. However, if you"re spring to do a health-conscious breakfast choice on her commute, keep scrolling, due to the fact that this isn"t it.

The double-smoked bacon, cheddar and also egg sandwich is a 500-calorie breakfast item, and also reminds us of a much more traditional American rapid food breakfast sandwich. It"s almost surprising the it come from Starbucks. Contrasted to the disappointed sausage, cheddar and also egg sandwich, it has actually 10 time the flavor. Beware of how messy this sandwich is, though. The flaky croissant bun gets all over your lap in the car. And also if you"re no a big, pour it until it is full breakfast type of person, this is most likely going to it is in too much for you.

Vegan overnight oats with quinoa and also chia seeds? authorize us up! Overnight oats have become popular in current years, together with other oat-based foodstuffs as per the oat milk heat of 2020. The oats in this dish from Starbucks space soaked in coconut milk, which offers it a creamy texture and rich flavor. The just caveat right here is the Starbucks added sugar come the grains and strawberry mixture in the strawberry overnight grains. So, as healthy as this nice cup of kindness is, it will take up a sizable portion of her sugar intake for the day. Our tip is to skip the sugary coffee this time, and also opt because that something favor nitro cold brew v this enjoy the meal to make certain you"ve gained yourself a balanced breakfast.

The strawberry overnight grains have actually been a hit through customers, and also for good reason. Together one Reddit user place it, "They"re the only overnight oats I"ve ever before had the taste good." Now, that"s a bold statement that should provide you the nudge to shot these. Just keep in mind that the offer is nice small. So, if you"re starving and have a long day ahead of you, this little cup might not be your finest bet.

Something us are an extremely happy about, is the fact that Starbucks supplies the choice of a great classic key of oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes you simply want come feel prefer a child again, or choose a healthy and balanced adult who renders smart choices, even though you room in the drive-through line at Starbucks. And also Starbucks does oatmeal pretty well if you ask us. The hearty blueberry oatmeal is smooth, creamy, packed complete of fiber, and stewed v water just — no milk or cream choose some restaurants do. The hearty blueberry oatmeal comes with chewy dried fruit, seeds, nuts, and also yummy agave syrup. Our favorite toppings room the new blueberries, though. It"s rare to uncover fresh berry on the Starbucks menu, so this key of oats is among our favorite healthy breakfast alternatives at Starbucks.

This may seem like a boring breakfast to some, however if you like oatmeal in general, this is a an excellent choice because that you. A healthy one, too. Save in mental though, that the hearty blueberry oatmeal sells out quickly, therefore your regional Starbucks may have actually run out of blueberries by the time you gain there.

Although the kale and portabella mushroom sous vide egg bites were a failed effort at a healthier variation of egg bites, this version makes us feeling much far better about the idea that it. Fire-roasted red peppers add robust flavor, when the spinach adds the vegetable offer we"re spring for. The egg white and also roasted red pepper sous vide egg bites space the only sous vide egg bites top top the food selection made with egg-whites and also not entirety eggs, so they space a tiny less rich compared to the others. For the health-conscious who don"t mind that, however, this is a an excellent choice. 

These bites room satisfying enough to do you feel prefer you don"t need to sacrifice flavor because that nutrition. All Starbucks sous vide egg bites have a whipped and velvety structure to them, which could not be for everyone. Yet they taste choose home-made egg muffins there is no the muffin tin, and also we"re right here for it. Offer them a try on your next trip come Starbucks.

If the double-smoked bacon, cheddar and egg sandwich was too much for you, Starbucks has actually a dialed-down version of it because that the health-conscious client who space in a rush. The turkey bacon, cheddar and egg white sandwich features turkey bacon that actually tastes good, cheddar cheese, and also an egg white patty served on a wheat English muffin. If you don"t choose to sacrifice red meat or a flaky bun for the services of feeling far better about her health, this most likely will no be savory sufficient for you. But for the objective that that serves, this sandwich is in reality pretty flavorful and impressive.

Whoever claimed turkey bacon isn"t bacon may want come rethink the statement, due to the fact that some of us choose the turkey bacon, cheddar, and also egg white sandwich over the classic sandwiches. Through 17 grams of protein and also only 5 grams the fat, it"s a sensible selection for breakfast. We stand by this sandwich as one of the couple of good, healthier versions the a breakfast sandwich.

Coming in warm in the height three breakfast item on our list is the well-known spinach, feta and egg white wrap. Yes, it has been well-known for a lengthy while, yet it"s no going anywhere, whenever soon. This distinctive wrap is a cult favorite amongst Starbucks regulars and for one egg-white and veggie wrap, that is actually quite flavorful and juicy. At just 290 calories, the spinach, feta and also egg white wrap packs a nutritional punch v 20 grams that protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber. How"s that for a drive-thru breakfast? The spinach, the feta cheese, and also the tomato all kind a juicy spread inside the the whole-wheat wrap, making the both a healthy and also delicious choice. 

Many people likewise choose this pave for having lunch or also dinner. It"s that versatile. The spinach, feta and egg white plunder is so great that us think anyone deserve to enjoy this flavorful wrap. Give it a chance if girlfriend aren"t a die-hard pan already. You won"t regret it.

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Finally, Starbucks gets it fully right with the egg-bite concept. These room the most flavorful out of all of the sous vide egg bites. Starbucks went all out here and included a brand-new kind of cheese to these — the fancy-sounding Gruyère cheese, in enhancement to the Monterey Jack cheese. Perhaps that"s the mystery sauce. Us were so impressed with these egg bites that we would certainly recommend castle over any type of of the various other egg bites ~ above the menu. 

Trust us, these are a delight contrasted to the bland and chunky kale and also portabella mushroom sous vide egg bites, which practically ruined the concept of sous vide egg bites every together. The bacon and also Gruyère sous vide egg bites, on the various other hand, have actually redeemed the Starbucks sous vide egg bites, and also once you shot them, you"ll view why. The bacon pieces include a quite touch, because they give some texture to one otherwise mushy patty. They"re basically a bacon and also cheese omelet in a bite-sized patty. 

We don"t desire you to miss out on out on this one because it can just come to be your favourite of them every — in fact, it most likely will. The bacon, gouda, and also egg sandwich is number one ~ above this list for a great reason. This well-balanced breakfast sandwich tastes prefer a flavorful, gourmet variation of all of the others on the Starbucks breakfast menu. 

The bacon, gouda, and also egg sandwich is special due to the fact that it functions a Parmesan frittata and flavorful Gouda cheese. Gouda cheese blows cheddar out of the water if you ask us, and also the Parmesan frittata renders this one 5 times much more savory. Plus, the sweet and also savory flavor of the apple-wood acting bacon simply can"t be beat. Pair this one with a pretty latte or cappuccino from the Starbucks beverage menu. The combo will have you feeling choose you stopped at an really sit-down breakfast restaurant on your means to work, in a fraction of the time. Try it and also see because that yourself.