Although the ship tuck is among the most typically performed plastic surgical procedure procedures, it’s not without the potential for severe complications. Fortunately, you deserve to ensure a safe experience by being aware of the natural risks and choosing a surgeon who deserve to minimize them. To aid you obtain started, below are some of the most typical tummy tuck symptom that have the right to arise, along with the proactive measures Dr. Rahban bring away to protect against them.

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"I am around a month and also a fifty percent out and I love my stomach. Ns look choose a teen again, lol. Dr. Rahban did such a great job! mine scar is really thin and I"m sure in a pair months i won"t also have one." Liz N.

Unsightly tummy tuck and also belly switch scars

Scarring is a primary concern for the vast majority of our patient – and also with an excellent reason. They want to display off their flat brand-new abdomens proudly after your tummy tucks, without being embarrassed by unsightly or disfiguring scars.

The reality is the scars are an inevitability ~ a tummy tuck, but they don’t need to be serious or particularly visible. Ultimately, the scars that you’re left with room largely affected by the skill of your surgeon, which is why it’s vital to choose carefully. Because that example, Dr. Rahban has mastered a number of precise approaches that routinely an outcome in faint and virtually imperceptible scars because that his patients. An initial of all, he personally closes every one of his incisions to ensure the you emerge from surgical treatment with well-healed scars that don’t detract from her beautiful new abdomen.

Many, if not many plastic surgeons today have actually their surgical technology close the wound. In addition, Dr. Rahban close the door multiple layers—not just the superficial layers. This matters since the deeper layers space those that offer integrity come the wound, staying clear of tension and pull, both of which bring about thick large scars. Moreover, his scars space placed very low, permitting patients to wear short riding underwear or bikini bottoms. Regularly patients complain that their scar is visible over the waist of their jeans, which regrettably cannot be repair after the fact.

All the this gift said, the telltale sign of a negative tummy tuck is one unsightly belly button scar. While the other, horizontal scar can frequently be covered, the belly button is a dead giveaway the a patient had actually a ship tuck. Restoration of the belly switch is the last step of the procedure and is regularly hurried and an after ~ thought. Dr. Rahban has refined his method in order to produce a natural and also desirable belly switch over the years. That takes good pride in how it looks and has made a name for himself based on his results.


Bleeding and also infection

Bleeding and also infection are very rare complications amongst Dr. Rahban’s patients, due to the fact that he does every little thing within his strength to minimization your risk. To begin, he will have you avoid taking any medications that deserve to promote bleeding because that two full weeks before surgery, consisting of aspirin, supplements and also anti-inflammatories. To stop an infection, he’ll have actually you rinse through an antiseptic soap the evening before and also the day of surgery, and also he’ll provide antibiotics during and after your procedure. He’ll also administer you through strict aftercare guidelines that he believes will ensure a smooth and infection-free recovery period.

Wound separation or dehiscence

When wound dehiscence occurs, the edge of your incision pull apart before the area is completely healed, resulting in bleeding, an open wound and other symptoms. In the many severe cases, her underlying organization such as your muscle fascia may also be exposed.

Wound separation is a major tummy tuck complication, but in most instances it is avoidable with suitable post-operative accuse from your surgeon and great surgical technique.

Tissue death

Tissue death, or necrosis, occurs as soon as tissue in the operation area no receive sufficient blood flow. When this complication develops, the tissue transforms dark and gangrenous, inquiry prompt surgical removal. Your threat of suffering tissue death after a ship tuck increases if girlfriend smoke, you in bad health or her surgeon is too aggressive throughout your surgery. To minimization your risk, Dr. Rahban will send you for a thorough pre-operative evaluation and will not run on friend if that feels you space not a great candidate. Additionally, at the moment of her surgery, the delicately handles the tissue and also knows exactly how much to remove in bespeak to minimization unnecessary tension.

Pulmonary embolism

A pulmonary embolism occurs once blood clots build in the lung after surgery. It’s one of the most severe and dangerous tummy tuck complications, and requires prompt medical attention.

Fortunately, there are necessary steps both you and also your surgeon deserve to take to prevent blood clots. Dr. Rahban is very aggressive around prevention. The will location compression stockings on your legs throughout surgery, for this reason blood can flow optimally while you’re in the operating room. In addition, he’ll carry out a blood thinner, dubbed heparin, to more reduce your risk. Plenty of surgeons carry out not carry out this drug, i beg your pardon is recommended by the American Lung Association. And also finally, he’ll have you walk around immediately after surgical treatment to encourage suitable blood circulation throughout your body.

Seroma formation

Seroma formation occurs when liquid accumulates underneath your skin after surgery. This complication commonly develops numerous weeks after her tummy tuck, and looks like a swollen lump or a big cyst that may be sore and also tender to the touch. Once this occurs, the fluid needs to be aspirated as shortly as feasible to certain an optimal heal process.

To avoid seroma development after your tummy tuck, Dr. Rahban will ar drains approximately the incisions to straight fluid away from the area. He’ll additionally advise you to religiously wear a special compression garment he gives you and to protect against exercise because that 6 main in bespeak to allow the tissue planes to completely heal.

Come in because that a Consultation through Dr. Rahban

When Dr. Rahban walk a consultation with a prospective patient, he wants it come be 2 things over all others: thorough and honest. That will uncover out fromyou just what you want from cosmetic surgery. And also he will tell you honestly if you can obtain the an outcome you want, and how he have the right to best assist you carry out so.

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