These AK-47s indigenous Combat flip Flops (CFF) are devastating shoes. The company does no lie once they say Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting. They really space awful. I"m around to walk online and order another pair.

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I have actually been wearing my CFF AK47 sandals because that over a year now and I have diligently tried come wear them during about every conceivable activity. (The snapshot above was throughout a fishing expedition on the Illinois River.) lock were devastating on the range, in no small component due come the warm brass roll around and getting in between the arch of mine foot and also the shoe. They were also worse to run an problem course. God aid the stunner bastard who tries come wear castle while law parkour. They room of absolutely no usage if you"ve got a Boerboel mastiff who desires to jog turn off the trail, could make you miss your link if you have to hustle throughout an airport in them and also could quite probably kill you if worn climbing. They are totally useless rucking any type of distance at all (especially in the mud) and evidently scare away each and every kind of fish. Don"t wear lock backpacking in rough terrain and never if angling; they space utterly unsuited because that such endeavors.

Strenuous activity: 1 Combat flip Flops: 0

Inclement weather: 1 Combat upper and lower reversal Flops: 0



On several occasions I"ve worn them out and about the “urban sprawl” that is the vast, booming megalopolis that Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wore them come restaurants, wore them wait in line, wore them cross the street. On 2 occasions i wore them walking and running in traffic. I had no issues at every in restaurants and also strolling about town but the outcomes of my street cross experiments were much less 보다 satisfactory. They"re clearly unsuited for urban escape and evasion and would it is in a definite hindrance throughout MOUT or FIBUA operations. However, lock are great top top the patio that a bar or ~ above the boardwalk, therefore we"ll call it a tie.

Urban operations: 1 Combat upper and lower reversal Flops: 1

My last test involved wearing them throughout yard occupational (no socks). Ns wore lock weed-eating, push-mowing, raking and similar tasks. Their performance such activities was (again) much less than sterling. Mine toes and heels turned eco-friendly (indeed the sandals turned green) and also I wound up with poison ivy on mine left insole and also all over that ankle. Then I reduced my large toe through weedeater cord. They performed so bad while stacking hay bales and digging increase thistles ns actually had to go change into work-related boots. To add insult come injury they provided no protection whatsoever when either Manda or Reptilicus (I couldn"t tell which) slithered the end of the Virginia creeper by the woodpile and also crawled throughout my best foot. Combat upper and lower reversal Flops are awful when doing any labor intensive yard occupational or dodging enormous, vitriol-spewing reptiles.

Yard work: 1 Combat upper and lower reversal Flops: 0


Now, there were two areas in i beg your pardon Combat upper and lower reversal Flops truly excelled. The first is to trust – they sustained everything and also held together regardless of being worn virtually daily, rain or shine, for over a year. The area whereby they really shined though is the of offspring mortification. Though wearing socks with my CFF AK47s to be an ineffective measure, the initiative was no an completely futile one. As it turns out, the truth that i was attract in public completely horrified my assorted children, nieces and also nephews. The embarrassed them such an extent I feel compelled to proceed wearing them the way. In reality I worked very hard to be obvious about it and I still carry out it to today – any kind of self-consciousness i feel is more than compensated because that by the good embarrassment experienced by mine minions.

Bonus embarrassing her spawn and also minions point: Combat flip Flops (+1).

Rugged durability and capacity to withstand punishment and also extended wear point: Combat flip Flops (+1).

Interestingly, camels show up to appreciate them.

Bonus dromedary point: Combat upper and lower reversal Flops (+1).

That pipeline Combat flip Flops in a dead warm at 4:4, so i guess you"ll just need to decide because that yourselves. Prior to you make your decision, let me tell friend a tiny bit about CFF.

It is a vetrepreneurial company formed by 2 army Rangers and a designer with the intentionally of help to develop a no-bullshit sustainable economic situation in Afghanistan. CFF reckons the one means to contribute to stability on the ground over there is through a robust economy and also gainfully employed Afghans. That effort has unable to do sideways for a number of reasons yet should hopefully start again in the near future through the deployment the Expeditionary production Facilities. Is the a quixotic mission? Probably, but that doesn"t do it any less worth supporting. The entire CFF crew is together passionate about their “business not bullets” ethos as they are around helping veterans. To describe them as just patriotic would be to damn them v faint praise.

I love my CFF AK47s and also I wasn"t kidding when I said I was around to to buy my fourth pair – I already have one pair for myself and I"ve purchased one each because that Household-6 and also my spawn. Space they pricey? Yes, certainly, particularly when contrasted to cheap ass Walmart upper and lower reversal flops or other flimsy sandals. Personally ns think they"re precious it, and also certainly no just due to the fact that the lengthy term goal will add to a less Taliban- and drug-centric Afghanistan. Combat upper and lower reversal Flops room a lengthy lasting, well developed lifestyle brand that occur to have actually a great underlying mission.

Even if they are poor for fighting and worse for running.

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Read about Combat flip Flops here. If you decision you want a pair that AK47s that your very own (or the Tuck-Tucks, that"s my next pair), they deserve to be uncovered on the website here. You can learn an ext about their mission and their other products on their Facebook page here.