A cold front that brought multiple job of significant storms is ultimately pushing east throughout the East coast today. It will certainly however, come through a few severe weather opportunities throughout the day. The greatest threat with any type of storm that creates will it is in gusty winds.

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Severe Storm Outlook

The Storm Prediction center has issued a marginal threat (level 1 of 5) for locations shaded in dark eco-friendly below. Significant cities encompass Boston, brand-new York, Philadelphia, and also Washington D.C. The primary threat is damaging winds.

Storm Timeline

Storms will develop along the front with the afternoon and evening.

Flood Threat

There is a slight risk for flooding for areas along the Ohio river valley region. A marginal hazard for flooding exists along the I-5 corridor.


Forecast rainfall build-up will be extensive 0.5-1″ with places areas around West Virginia receiving as much as 4″+ with few of the heaviest thunderstorms.


Temperature transforms Coming

Although over there are chances for severe storms, the cold prior will additionally bring autumn like temperatures for plenty of in new England late week! Boston will go from high in the upper 80s to high in the 70s so late week.

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For the latest forecast tune into the Eastern local at :10 previous the hour.

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