There room all type of recipes out there for potatoes and also casseroles, and potato casseroles. Among the best recipes belongs come Paula Deen v her twice Baked Potato Casserole. One of the best things about this casserole, besides its remarkable taste, is that it’s an excellent to do ahead and also to lug to potlucks. Learn all around this amazing recipe, and a pair of other top recipes, and also more, in this post!

Cheddar and Bacon double Baked Potatoes

One that Paula Deen’s best-known recipes is her twice-baked potatoes. These room so delicious because of their well-off creamy odor paired with salt and cheese. These twice-baked potatoes are fully delicious. I offered them a try the various other night because that dinner and was surprised at exactly how easy they to be to make. Here are the ingredient you will certainly need, in stimulate to make them.

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8 slices cook bacon, crumbled6 huge russet potatoesOlive oilKosher salt4 ounces grated spicy Cheddar 1 cup4 green onions1/2 cup tart cream6 tablespoons unsalted butterFreshly ground black color pepper


To make, simply preheat your oven to 375°F

Place her potatoes ~ above a baking sheet, drizzle v olive oil, then sprinkle with salt, or seasoning salt. Bake her potatoes because that 1 hour or until completely cooked through. I choose to wrap my potatoes in foil once baking or location them right into a baking dish with a lid. Make certain you cover through something so that they don’t revolve out too dry. Once cooked all the method through, remove from oven and turn your range temperature under to 350F.

Allow for your potatoes come cool for a couple of moments. Once cooled sufficient to handle, cut each potato in half, down the center. Next take a small knife, such together a paring knife, and cut a canoe shape out of the facility of every potato. Place potato you cut out into a mixing bowl. Leaving ¼ customs shell roughly the edges of her potato.

In the mixing bowl whereby your discarded potato fillings have actually been placed, mash along with sour cream, butter, green onions, cheese, and finally fold in bacon pieces.

Potato Casserole

Another similar, yet different recipe that is one of Paula Deen’s many loved recipes is she potato casserole. The is a simple recipe that functions well as a main dish or a side dish, relying on your choice. To make this potato casserole you will require the adhering to ingredients.


8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter1 small sliced slim bell pepper1 small sliced slim onionto taste Paula Deen’s home Seasoning1/2 cup tart cream2 cups mashed potatoes1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese4 tool cooked potatoes6 slices cooked fresh bacon


Preheat range to 350°F. In a prepared casserole dish, spread out your mashed potatoes throughout the bottom of your dish. Class in cake cream throughout the height of your potatoes. Layer your sautéed onion and also bell peppers on top of her sour cream. Sprinkle ½ cup of shredded cheese across the top. Place sliced potato in a layer throughout the top, then top with continuing to be cheese. Bake because that 20-30 minutes. Crumble your bacon and sprinkle throughout the top.

Twice baked Potato Casserole

Twice-baked potato casserole has several variations relying on what recipe you are looking at. Most incorporate baked potato that have been mashed and extr items to improve the flavors, such as peppers, green onions, cheese, cake cream, or cream cheese. They room then small again and served.

This Paula Deen double Baked Potato Casserole recipe is a bit different than your typical recipe, and it is soooo good! The complying with recipe is good for a key dish if girlfriend are searching for a an easy dinner, or great as a side dish. Among the services of this recipe is that you can make that ahead and then perform the final baking just prior to you are all set to eat.

This food is also great for potlucks or large gatherings. You can make it front of time and bake it before taking that to your gathering. If girlfriend wrap that in a bath towel or store it in a heat-retaining carrier, this potato casserole makes a exorbitant passing dish.

Paula Deen’s double Baked PotatoCasserole

Paula Deen twice Baked Potato Casserole is make by combining she recipe for twice-baked potatoes and also potato casserole. Once these two room combined, you acquire delicious twice-baked potato casserole. To make this recipe, friend will want to bake fifty percent of your potatoes till they are cooked through, and also the remaining half will get boiled and also turned right into mashed potatoes. Your mashed potatoes will be ready the exact same as the inside of twice-baked potatoes. You will then layer your ready mashed potatoes v slices of baked potatoes, peak it with shredded cheese and bacon and bake. The result is delicious! friend have gained to provide this recipe a try.


8 slices bacon8 large potatoesOlive oilKosher saltSeasoning salt1 ½ cup grated sharp Cheddar4 green onions2/3 cup cake cream6 tablespoons unsalted butterFreshly ground black pepperParsley

Equipment Needed

FoilBaking SprayPotato Masher


To prepare this Paula Deen twice Baked Potato Casserole, monitor the indict below.

Step 1: Bake her Potatoes

Preheat your range to 375°F. To start we room going come prepare half of her potatoes for baking. You have the right to use one of two people a baking dish v a lid or wrap your potatoes personally in foil.

Foil Method: tear your foil into pieces that are just huge enough come cover her potatoes. Spray every sheet with baking spray, drizzle a tiny bit the olive oil on every potato as you space wrapping it, and sprinkle the potato through seasoning salt. Poke a feet in her potato so the it does not explode and wrap securely in foil.

Baking Dish: spray her baking dish through baking spray, place your potatoes into the dish, and also drizzle v olive oil. Sprinkle v seasoning salt. Covering dish v a lid, or foil.

Place right into your oven and bake for at the very least 1 hour, or until potatoes space baked with completely. You deserve to tell if lock are completely cooked by difficult a knife or fork into the center and also making certain it go in easily.

Once your potatoes have actually been cooked with completely, eliminate them native the stove and enable for them to cool. Then slice into pieces about ¼ to ½ customs thick.

Step 2: make Mashed Potatoes

Cut her remaining fifty percent of the potatoes into quarters and place them in a pan. Cover the potato in water, and place over medium-high heat until they begin to boil. Allow for potato to simmer until they are fully cooked through. You have the right to tell once they are finished through inserting a knife or fork into the potato. If they room soft, then they are finished cooking.

Drain the water from her potatoes and include sour cream. Mash them until the potatoes space smooth. Include shredded cheddar cheese, butter, salt, bacon bits, and also pepper to taste. Fold with each other until your ingredients are mixed. You may also fold in some environment-friendly onions if desired. Currently it is time come assemble your casserole.

Step 3: develop Casserole

In a casserole dish, spray the bottom with baking spray. Then start your very first layer, by placing a scoop of mashed potatoes right into the bottom and leveling them out. Next, take it slices of small potatoes and place one layer on top of her potatoes. Sprinkle cheese and parsley on peak of sliced potatoes.

Next, add mashed potatoes again to develop your second layer that mashed potatoes. Then include sliced potatoes. If girlfriend have extr ingredients, you may create more layers. Once you are finished including layers, height with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and also some that your environment-friendly onions.

Bake your assembled casserole in ~ 350°F for 25-30 minutes, simply until the edges begin to turn golden. If friend would favor your cheese a little bit crispier, friend can try turning her broiler on low for a few minutes, till your cheese is excellent to her liking. Be sure to keep a nearby eye top top it, if you select to perform this because it can quickly burn.

Remove from oven, top with remaining green onions, and also serve while hot. Enjoy!


Here space a couple of tips the will aid your casserole revolve out to be amazing!

Make certain potatoes are fully cooked, as soon as you room baking and boiling them. This will stop your last casserole from being undercooked and contain potatoes that are still crunchy. Once you are expecting a nice soft potato, that is not funny to bite into it and discover it’s tho crunchy.

If desired, you could bake the potatoes the you are going to mash, they carry out not have to be boiled. This would certainly streamline the process for you if you have other points you would favor to be doing instead of the town hall the potato so the they carry out not boil over.

The 2nd baking is mostly simply to warm the casserole all the method through, it will certainly not should bake at sight long. The second baking is likewise nice come brown the cheese roughly the edges a little bit. However, be careful not come burn it by baking the casserole as well long.

If friend desire to do this casserole front of time, the is a good idea to bake the potatoes and also create the mashed potatoes, then fully assemble the casserole. I would however recommend that you not bake the a 2nd time till you are all set to offer it.


In The Fridge

After the potatoes have actually been baked, you have the right to store them in the fridge, till the casserole is assembled. Once your casserole has actually been put together completely, that can also be kept in the fridge until you are all set to bake it, or after it has been small completely. That is best if eaten prior to day three, however it may be save in the fridge between three to 5 days. After day three, be certain to check it over an excellent before tasting. If over there is other off, such as the casserole’s color, smell, or looks, don’t eat it. Just pitch it.

In The Freezer

The twice-baked potato casserole may also be frozen if there space too plenty of leftovers. While the consistency may be transformed a little after freezing, Paula Dean’s twice Baked Potato Casserole may be frozen for up to three months. That is however ideal while it is fresh. If girlfriend think there will be too plenty of leftovers, you can always shot making much less than the recipe calls for.


There are numerous different sports of the twice-baked potato casserole recipe. A few of the more common ones space below.

Emeril’s twice Baked Potato CasserolePaula Deen’s double Baked Shrimp Stuffed PotatoesLoaded Twice-Baked Potatoes

Although there are numerous different methods to make a similar casserole, my favorite is Paula Deen’s double Baked Potato Casserole. Friend should give it a shot and let us understand what you think! Also, feel free to add your very own twist come it, if you desire to tweak the recipe and make it your own.


This Paula Deen twice Baked Potato Casserole is a delicious food that provides for a an excellent passing dish at any type of occasion. No issue if it is a summer potluck or Thanksgiving dinner, friend can’t walk wrong once you include this dish in her menu.

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Have you tried this recipe? Comment below and also let us recognize what girlfriend think!

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