When booking a imperial Caribbean cruise, you might be wondering if the is worth spending more money to update to a balcony stateroom.

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Balcony rooms offer more living space, as well as private balcony to enjoy. The course, the comes at secondary cost and many cruisers space curious if that extra an are and fresh air is worth spending more to enjoy.

Here is what to take into consideration when deciding if a balcony cabin ~ above a cruise is precious it.

Trip length


Depending on just how long her cruise is, the decision to acquire a balcony may be an ext important.

On much shorter sailings, whereby the amount of all at once time you have actually on the cruise limited, friend may find a balcony unnecessary because there is not lot to gain it. 

However, if your cruise is 7-nights or longer, that offers significantly much more time come relax and also enjoy the private balcony area, particularly on sea days.

Where will certainly you spend your time


Part the the decision is to determine what your plans room for the cruise and how lot you plan on taking benefit of the room.

Royal Caribbean ships sell an significant amount the activities, areas to dine, and also things to perform onboard the you might not discover much factor to remain in her stateroom, balcony or not. For some cruisers, a cabin is where you sleep, shower, and not lot else.

While absent climbing walls, the casino, water slides and other activities are compelling alternatives for some, various other guests understand they choose to enjoy the weather indigenous the comfort of their balcony. Publication readers often cite having a balcony as a favorite activity.



Cruise specialists will often say depending on the itinerary, a balcony room may be an ext important than on other sailings.

If her cruise sails to Alaska or the Mediterranean, over there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that a balcony is precious spending more.   

Moreover, if her cruise is going on a warmer route, friend are more likely to spend time outdoors and enjoying a balcony, 보다 if your cruise will certainly experience colder weather.

How much much more is a balcony?


No matter the itinerary, weather, or form of cruiser girlfriend are, sometimes it all boils under to price and how much more moving as much as a balcony will cost.

The money you spend on a balcony is maybe money that might be provided for other aspects of a cruise vacation. Money saved on a balcony room deserve to be provided towards other activities, such as a memorable shore excursion.

In addition, cruise experts recognize that occasionally the inflated price that a balcony room might be too lot to justify. Royal Caribbean ships tend to have quite a variety of balcony cabins, so the price to move up might be negligible.

Prices will differ from sailing to sailing, and also every guest has their own concept of what is expensive, therefore it might boil down to an individual budgets.

How to decide


Ultimately, the answer is a issue of personal preference that factors in the four considerations over to formulate an answer.

Someone that been on lot of cruises and wants to book more cruises may look at this conundrum together an possibility to save money because that a future cruise and book an inner stateroom. Plus, lock have currently experienced a balcony cabin in the past.

New cruisers might see a balcony room together a an excellent investment and opportunity to try cruising in perfect environment.

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I constantly advocate speaking through a good travel certified dealer to acquire an idea of not only price options, but additionally to aid you decision on the right stateroom for your family.

Your thoughts

Have friend cruised before and stayed in a balcony room? Is a balcony room constantly a must-book option? Or is it better to spend money on another cruise or amazing excursion rather of a balcony? permit us know in the comments!