just how two outright eagles showed up after crash landing. Picture courtesy that Randy Hanzal, Minnesota preservation officer There was a crash landing Sunday in ~ the Duluth global Airport, however it didn’t involve airplanes. Rather, it was 2 bald eagles, which were fighting in midair once they locked talons. In a rarely spectacle the nature, they were unable to disengage in time before crashing to the runway.

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“Apparently, mature eagles will occasionally fight end territories,” Randy Hanzal, a Minnesota conservation officer, said GrindTV in an email. “They will certainly do battle in the air, crashing into each other and also grabbing an intruding eagle with their talons.


photo shows talons intertwined. Picture courtesy that Randy Hanzal, Minnesota conservation officer

“Usually, they will let walk of every other before hitting the ground, however in this case, they had actually the talons so deep imbedded in each various other they may have been unable to allow go.”

Hanzal was the one that was called in to collection the birds and also deliver them come Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Duluth.

“Surprisingly, the two eagles were remarkably calm as I ordered them both and also loaded them right into the back of mine truck,” Hanzal said. “I think they to be still much more intent on win the battle than any concern for me.”

Hanzal didn’t have a container large enough because that the eagles, therefore he put them in the bed the his truck, spanned them through blankets and jackets, and also strapped them down through webbing, follow to a report in the Duluth News Tribune.

“Halfway to the rehabber, there to be a ruckus in the back of the truck,” Hanzal called the News Tribune. “I looked around and saw feathers paris up. One of the eagles jumped out the back, onto my tailgate.”

That eagle flew away, reportedly no worse because that wear. The other eagle smartly hung about to get treated v antibiotics, fluids, and pain medication. Both eagles were expected to recover.

Another wildlife expert told the News Tribune the it is “pretty rare” for fighting eagles come hit the ground choose this.

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“I have never viewed this before,” Hanzal called Grind.


The hurt eagle is supposed to recover. Picture courtesy the Randy Hanzal, Minnesota conservation officer

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